Navigarea într-o ZONA de compresie

Navigarea într-o ZONA de compresie

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32 thoughts on “Navigarea într-o ZONA de compresie

  1. I've been watching your adventures for awhile and enjoy them thoroughly! Usually in the background, but notice your Icom IC M32A is not reading satellite Lat/Long coordinates. If it is not getting you satellite positioning you are not going to have DSC (Digital Select Calling) for emergencies. Care about the safety of your family. Safe travels and best regards

  2. That was a great video, I particularly liked when Ashley was talking while on night watch and just listening to all of the noises the boat makes while at sea. It is amazing all of the creaks and bangs and such. We don’t usually get that much background noise, would love to hear a video of just what it actually sounds like.

  3. I watch every single video and I want to say how grateful I am to be part of your journey. I wonder how it is to be alone at night in the middle of the ocean, Ashley, and whether i could do it. You are so brave, and I hope that you will continue to share your stories and inspire us.

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