25.000 USD UNIC!! Barcă cu pânze Ericson 36C de vânzare – EP116 #sailboattour #sailboatforsale

25.000 USD UNIC!!  Barcă cu pânze Ericson 36C de vânzare - EP116 #sailboattour #sailboatforsale

Ne-a plăcut foarte mult asta! Este o barcă cu pânze Ericson 36C (c este pentru croazieră) din 1977 de vânzare, proiectată de Bruce King. Bruce King știe să proiecteze o barcă rapidă și frumoasă, iar această barcă cu pânze albastră de vânzare nu face excepție. Luați această barcă în largul țărm și navigați în apă albastră sau pur și simplu păstrați-o ca o barcă de coastă pentru a vă bucura cu un grup mare de prieteni apropiați… se vor bucura de cabina uriașă!! ====== CAPT Q MERCH ===== https://www.etsy.com/shop/CaptainQYachtHunter ============== Sprijină-ne ======= ======= Vă place ceea ce facem și vreți să vă ajutați?? Deveniți sponsor Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/captainqyachthunter ============== Conectează-te cu noi ============== https:/ /www.instagram.com/captainqyachthunter/ https://www.facebook.com/captainqyachthunter ============== Interesat sa cumperi?? ===== Contact: Peter telefon: +1.253-736-3502 =====segmente======= 00:00-03:17 Introducere și context 03:18-5:29 Hull 05:30 -10:37 Cabină și comenzi 10:38-13:57 Puntea din față 13:58-18:50 Cabină principală, Bucătărie, motor 18:51-22:28 Cabină pupa, Nav, Cap 22:29-24:12 V- dană 24:13-26:36 Încheiere


35 thoughts on “25.000 USD UNIC!! Barcă cu pânze Ericson 36C de vânzare – EP116 #sailboattour #sailboatforsale

  1. This is everything that I ever wanted in a boat. Perfect. Just so sorry I'm not able to move forward to her. Thank you for showing her. I know she won't last long. One thing what condition is the fuel tank's in.

  2. I don't mean to be intrusive but she has my attention!! I would like more information. What's her draft and is there any viewing of her or a sister boat if that is correct in asking of her or them under way or sail. Sorry if my terminology is incorrect. I'm very excited and interested. Anywhere else I could get information?

  3. We've seen many nice boats, but this one is the special one for me, and it's the first episode I watched over and over again. If I would live in the USA, I'll buy it

  4. I bet this boat is already sold. It certainly looks like a great boat at a very reasonable price. I was quite surprised at size and comfort of the cockpit and belowdecks. If I was in the market, I would be all over this boat.

  5. I love my Westsail 32, but would kill for that cockpit. Mine is kind of small with no coaming. Not sure what having that wheel gives you over a tiller however. Seems to add complexity and not give you any extra space. That is a lot of boat for $25k.

    Question: how would you use that emergency rudder? Would the backstay not get in the way?

  6. Buying a boat is relatively easy compared to finding a place to dock your boat.

    Maybe a bit off topic but tips on what too look for in a marina or permanent mooring would be welcome.

    Given your experience this could be a great public service and hopefully a viral video.

  7. I love this boat Capt Q. I often think of sailing from Boston Harbor to Rockland, Maine in something like this. This boat also looks like a much larger version of a Stone Horse 23!

  8. Beautiful!
    I agree, function would follow form here. A floating work of art, and at a price that puts it closer to reality than fantasy.
    One problem, I don't have enough friends to fill the cockpit (or would they come with it??)!

  9. That cockpit is awesome! I also like that Dutchman system. Great for single-handing. It seems to be a lot less complicated compared to lazy-jacks. What are your thoughts on this system?

  10. Beautiful and very intriguing! I wonder how she handles; I want to sail her! She is very beamy for her length which is why I would love to take her for a sail just to experience her nature. Her owner should be applauded for her incredible condition. Great find and thank you for sharing!

  11. Sure 5 minutes after you showed this vlog, it was gone…
    I don't even know how to sail, and I'd buy it!!!

    Sad the Hundreds of sailing vessels destroyed in the storm that Hit Ft. Myers, you will see a bunch either, for sale, or for parts, come from Ian.
    Betting your industry is in shambles down there.
    Lucky for you, also,,, probably lots of new insurance money looking for boats!!

  12. The old saw goes: "The two happiest days of my life were the day I acquired my boat and the day I sold it." If you have too much time on your hands, buy a boat. Your days, hours, and minutes will be filled to the last second!

  13. I've had the pleasure of sailing on this boat. Let me tell you, it is ALL THAT! Her fine captain entertained many guests in that spacious and comfortable cockpit, gracing Narragansett Bay with her powerful cutter rig, The sheets are easy to handle, and the helm is light and responsive as she drives to windward. It is such a handsomely crafted vessel and so well cared for, I told the skipper it was a museum class boat, a description Cap'n Q used also.

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