Ceva ce mi-a ratat în 6 ani de navigație – Ep. 322 RAN Sailing

Ceva ce mi-a ratat în 6 ani de navigație - Ep.  322 RAN Sailing

Alăturați-vă echipajului RAN Sailing ~ pentru streamuri live, conținut exclusiv și multe altele https://www.patreon.com/ransailing Am lucrat din greu la ferma Sun Hill pentru a pregăti hambarul pentru construirea bărcii și acum suntem aproape pregătiți a începe. Johan trece prin procesul de a transforma fișierele digitale ale ambarcațiunii în realitate. Suntem o familie suedeză care a navigat prin lume din 2016 în timp ce împărtășim aventurile aici pe YouTube. Barca și casa noastră este un Najad 440 din 1988. Postăm un nou episod în fiecare vineri, așa că asigurați-vă că vă abonați și apăsați clopoțelul pentru a fi primii care află când există un nou episod! CONECTAȚI-VĂ CU NOI – Site: http://ransailing.se – Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ransailing – Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ransailing PRODUSE ȘI CAMERA: https:// www.amazon.com/shop/ransailing Am colectat unele dintre produsele pe care le folosim în viața noastră de croazieră și realizarea de videoclipuri în magazinul nostru Amazon. Dacă cumpărați oricare dintre articolele din magazinul nostru, primim un mic „ka-ching” în pisicuța noastră de croazieră (fără costuri suplimentare pentru dvs.). Mulțumesc mult și mulțumesc programului Amazon Influencer. Credite muzicale: http://www.epidemicsound.com Love, Malin, Johan & Vera


31 thoughts on “Ceva ce mi-a ratat în 6 ani de navigație – Ep. 322 RAN Sailing

  1. Its seems the parts you would be able to run thru the CNC are almost endless … I bet you would get great use out of it. The yeti one in your video seems like a great balance between good quality results and not break the bank … added bonus of being fairly portable

  2. Hello everyone! Scam accounts have tried to impersonate us in the comment section, answering comments with a fake account. We have reported these attempts, but sometimes we need help getting them all in time. So sorry for this! It is a general problem on Youtube; we've also seen this on other channels. So please be careful if someone contacts you through Telegram or the comment section here on YouTube.
    Take care!
    /Johan, Malin & Vera

  3. Usually find in steel at least that we get the steel firm to cut profiles in house and deliver them, the time and machinery and lack of expertise is not worth doing in house, just a commercial observation. Great video really looking forward to seeing this unfold some rough castings would be great at some point.

  4. "… You know, that company producing those handy self-moving mobile scaffolds, the swedish one …!" – " Ah, You mean Volvo!" – "Yeah, that's the one". 😄😅😂
    Nice seeing You not wasting any time but stepping right into that somewhat extensive project of building Your own boat – a logical decision, for dedicated cruising people, while it's still ranging way beyond any means the usual hobby boat tinkerer has to his hands.
    Building the workshop/building place on Your premises is a task often neglected. Your barn-shop, windproof and windowed so nicely is a very good start. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Be careful if you go the printer method. The printers do not always produce the size that is the file due to printer misfeeds and tolerances in the gearing. CNC might be better.

  6. Can't wait to see the CNC in action! I just made a round end table with side panels and drawer. Could not have done it without the precise cuts from the CNC. You guys are awesome. Looking forward to the build.

  7. Nice windows with a view! Three useful tools: A scaffold, a 4-wheeled dolly, and maybe a boom vang (4:1 block and tackle) to lift that heavy stuff more easily. After all, this is a sailing channel, and your new boat build uses a method needing such things. It's not a CNC stage, but oak cargo palettes framed together make a really tough workbench. Mine is on wheels, too, so I can move it (and the entire toolbox) anywhere in the garage.

  8. The size of those windows is certainly impressive. But I wonder how something that weighs so much can be supported by just a wood frame. I think the cinder blocks are going to add some stability but am glad you can still close the doors to protect the glass during a storm.

  9. This is just awe inspiring – such a huge project. It's enough just to renovate a barn, but you are doing that just for fun before you even start! I know what you mean about building stuff, my wife and I are 90% through rebuilding our house and it has been both the most stressful and the most satisfying thing we have ever done – I just wish it could have been a boat! Greetings from a cold, damp UK!

  10. I was just contacted on telegram as I was a winner. Played along waiting for an ask for my bank account or something. Got tired of waiting. Thanks for the warning.

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