DIY CU GARANȚIE?//Does DIY Install Void Warranty-Episodul 103

DIY CU GARANȚIE?//Does DIY Install Void Warranty-Episodul 103

DIY înseamnă anularea garanției? Cum mențineți o garanție Yanmar? Răspundem la întrebările tale legate de garanție săptămâna aceasta! Nu uitați să vă abonați și să apăsați clopoțelul pentru mai mult conținut ca acesta! Vrei să ne sprijini? Iată câteva moduri în care puteți: 🛍DAUNTLESS GEAR: Apreciați, urmăriți și distribuiți! 👍FACEBOOK: 🫶INSTAGRAM: NU UITAȚI DĂ LIKE, ABONAȚI-VĂ ȘI CLICK ACEL CLOPEL🔔 Dacă vă simțiți generos ne puteți susține și noi aici: ⛵️ALĂTURĂ-TE ECHIPULUI pe Patreon (abonament): 🫙Pune un bacșiș în borcanul TIP JAR (donație o dată): Consultați site-ul nostru: ___________________________ Muzică în acest videoclip: ____________________________


45 thoughts on “DIY CU GARANȚIE?//Does DIY Install Void Warranty-Episodul 103

  1. It's quite likely that one of the problems Yanmar is facing is the computer chip shortage. If that's the case, the problem isn't really with Yanmor. But there should be a Plan B which doesn't involve starting the engine with a screwdriver …

  2. NEW = never ever works, Yanmar may not sell you a spare but if you use the Bosch no. to find a used one it could be cloned so you could have one ready to go as a spare, even if you bought a dud they can be repaired relatively easily.

  3. Instead of a screwdriver to jump the starter coil why not get one of those hand jump cables with a button, saves on sparks in the e/r (not always a good thing) and arcing the terminals, might serve to have as an emergency secondary way to start if it ever happened again!? and with the start relay contacts within the ecu i'd say it will!

  4. Can't fault you for going with the Yanmar conventional power system arrangements. One side is working fine so technically your glass is half full. Tell me where to meet you so you can beat me up.

  5. I know it’s new but internal relays are a bad deal I would be tempted to do a external relay it’s serviceable and cheap any Chrysler owner will know what I mean internal relays are trash

  6. Nexus Offshore Adventures had an issue with one of their engine’s ECM – Colin of Parlez Revival tore the engine apart testing everything – turned out to be a loose terminal at the fuse for the power cable going to ECM. ECM was fine, it just wasn’t getting the voltage it required due to the loose terminal. Might need some blue Loktite on threads of those terminal bolts.

  7. Sucks sometimes. I started to read the comments and realized how many people are me. I have lost count of the times something similar has happened across many technologies. I take comfort from knowing that I was able to find the root cause when others missed it. I'm sure you will get to the bottom of this and years from now look back and smile. Oh, and check all the grounds! Always with the grounds.

  8. I'm curious. Why 2 expensive complicated INBOARD engines as compared to 2 transom mounted OUTBOARD of 100 to 150 hp each. Wouldn't that be way simpler and less expensive?

  9. So they copy data from the old computer module to the new module. Then the new module exhibits the same behavior as the old module.. Is that a good summary of the situation? I am betting that this is a software bug that is being copied from one module to the next along with the data.

  10. With the chip shortage we are seeing a lot more board failures on out industrial controls with a lot more stringent trace spacing and component control. Component failures have gone up by a factory of 150-200x what it was pre pandemic. It’s just components tolerances aren’t what they should be. Things pass QC that shouldn’t.

  11. Classic symptom of a poor power or ground to the ECU. Test for battery voltage at the ECU powers and grounds. Sounds like when the ECU grounds the starter relay the supply voltage drops below minimum required. That tech should know how to test this problem. Many times a scanner will let you see the fault but a multimeter is the best way to verify. You can also try pulling on each wire and feel for a rubbery feeling that would indicate a bad crimp.

  12. At this point i would have gone to the ECM Fuse point and checked the connection that the Screws were tight. lol just saying 🙂 . Not sure why the tech did not take the other one from the engine that's running to prove that the unit is at fault?? and not something else.

  13. Stupid that it would be harder to work on a car engine than your boat engine yet 1400 USD for two oil changes? 100 bucks plus parts to get the car done.

  14. Remove all power leads and clean also clean all earths on the boat I have had this before with those types of engine set ups retired auto sparky good luck check it all again check for a bad crimp connector or faulty solder joints

  15. Thank you for the awesome content.
    Colin from Parlay recently had a very similar situation, after extensive diagnosis, turned out to a loose connection on mains feed from power supply. Also, could be a bad earth, can give systems of flat battery.

  16. Instead of "that internal Relay is not a servicable Part" from Yanmar and needing Month for a new Unit to only swap the whole ECU.
    It might be time to get a good Electronic Repairservice in the States together who can troubleshoot that Units on the Component Level? A internal electromagnetic Relai and even a Solid State Relay or FET failure on this Board is an verry Easy fix for someone with the knowwlege and a soldering iron^^

    and also.. you showed you can hotwire the engine to crank it over ther should be a failsafe mode to run it somehow… but surely if you build in a ECU who monitors engine hours and other stuff to me "programmed" and "Monitored" you give up a lot of freedom to use your stuff as you owne it^^
    Ask the Famres with the John Deere Machines about how this feels.
    And they dont sink in the middle of the ocean and die with your whole familiy just because you want to monitor the whole lifespan of an engine to bound you to our factory service dealers…^^

  17. Everything I’m hearing about these new electronic diesels suggests that they are really not a good idea for cruising sailors. I’ve heard of the Volvo Penta MDI (ECU) issues and now the Yanmar equivalent ☹️ Glad I’ve got a old analogue 4JH4-TE……..😀

  18. You guys check all the grounds that go into the CPU yet, one may be in wrong location and is getting interference and or intermittent short in the wire it’s self , 🍻🍻🍻🍻 I know you’ll figure it out just wanted to help😎🤘⛵️ those are badass engines!

  19. Check out Nexus Offshore Adventures Youtube Channel. VLOG "Engine Failure – Parlay to the Rescue" from a few days ago. colin swapped out the ECU on a similar engine loking for a problem. It did not look difficult. If the engine still has a problem it may well be a loose terminal in the loom.

  20. As usually happens with an OEM, they thrive on control and have little faith in empowering their dealers. The end result is the dealer works hard to provide a service and is let down by an anal OEM. Next step is the OEM will send you a survey wanting to see how your dealer has performed but it will be a cold day in hell before you get a survey rating the OEM's competencies hahaa!!

  21. I suggest that everyone learn what Right to Repair is and what it means. The manufacturers are spending a lot of money paying off legislators to prevent right to repair laws from being enacted. The manufacturers what a closed system where you can ONLY use them for service. They have a monopoly and can keep prices very high and force you to buy new when it is out of warranty. There will come a day when nothing can be replaced by the user as it will all require the manufacturer to program the part to work in the system. Even things like thermostats have computers that need to be programmed (my brother is a mechanic on high german cars). Imagine what happens if there is a slight bit of corrosion on a connector and the voltage sometimes goes out of requirements and stops the engine. I have seen this on cars. Anyway good luck on these computerized engines. Just imagine being in the middle of the pacific and this happens with the computer (oh, this crap happens way more then you want to know).

  22. Ja well , no fine…… , You bought the engine , but it belong to Yanmar , the Dear John problem ….. you only own so many Kg of metal , the motor still belong to Yanmar. What if this happen when you are in a bad storm in the middle of the nowhere , sail is gone and you have to point or you capsize (phone their service rep ? ) ,,,, F this- where you pay and they own it……..

  23. In the automotive industry, many ECU's are declared defective but are in fact not the problem. Majority of faults are in the power and ground circuits and how they are tested. Just using a test light or volt meter does not give the full indication that the circuit is good( shows voltage but not amperage potential) Use a headlight bulb as a testlight works in a pinch as it requires about 10 amps to light and will be dim if the circuit cannot handle this amperage ( loose connection, poor ground contact etc) .

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