YACHT Preia Galoane DE APA | Căpitanul a stricat petrecerea | ZONA BARCĂ

YACHT Preia Galoane DE APA |  Căpitanul a stricat petrecerea |  ZONA BARCĂ

Haulover Inlet, cea mai periculoasă intrare din SUA. Aici veți găsi o varietate de videoclipuri care arată cele mai tari bărci lovind valuri grele prin infamul Haulover Inlet. __________ Conținut necenzurat în Patreon https://www.patreon.com/boatzone __________ Sunteți interesat să vă promovați afacerea cu noi? Trimiteți-ne întrebările dvs. sau vizitați site-ul nostru http://www.boatzone.us __________ Urmărește-ne: Boat Zone Miami: https://bit.ly/BoatZoneMiami Miami Boat Life https://www.youtube.com/c/MiamiBoatLife Instagram: https://bit.ly/BoatZoneInstagram Facebook: https://bit.ly/BoatZoneFacebook2 TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@boat.zone __________ Nu uitați să dați like, distribuire, comentare, și abonați-vă. De asemenea, sunați la clopoțelul de notificări pentru a fi anunțat despre toate videoclipurile mele viitoare. Multumesc pentru vizionare! Toate drepturile rezervate | Orice utilizare neautorizată a acestui conținut, inclusiv capturi de ecran ale acestui videoclip, descărcare sau repostare, este interzisă prin drepturi de autor. #hauloverinlet #boatzone #hauloverboats


45 thoughts on “YACHT Preia Galoane DE APA | Căpitanul a stricat petrecerea | ZONA BARCĂ

  1. Don't they require a boat license to operate boats? Especially, with an enormous yacht. They really should. Some of these operators are a real danger to life and property. One the other hand, some of the captains are excellent and you can tell that they have had training and take it seriously.

  2. Please note at 1:00 in you clearly see something that could be very dangerous if the bow line was longer it could be sucked into your prop killing propulsion hence stalling your boat in unfavorable tidal conditions. Also make sure to either place your fenders below or tie them down securely.

  3. Passenger – "Wow, it's really rough out here."
    Captain – "Nothing to worry about. . .she's 62-feet and we're in the flybridge."
    Passenger – "How did we end up in the flybridge swimming pool?"

  4. I think a lot of boaters down there lack good common sense! Not a single damn person wearing a life vest either in such conditions, especially kids, is just plain stupid. The boat you want to identify is called a Ball Buster Special…

  5. So is the whole point of these people doing this, just to get the boat and themselves thrown around, in the hope of appearing on YouTube? Do they not go anywhere? Just over the bar and back?

  6. Did you see the AMAR boat listing to starboard? He took on a lot of water. I just hope he has some really good high volume bilge pumps. A boating safety course might be a good idea too. The dolphin was beautiful 🤩

  7. i / we Build the Staat USA US ARMY Submarines i know Franky goes to Hollywood ha ha ha ha ha my Adress is Street name : Frank Alle – – – in Staat USA can you find this. Hier Darcho J. There is my Kay for the Space Ships.

  8. I am still a little vague on the women that hold their hands up and wave it around like they are riding a bull or in a rap video. Maybe I am just to old but it just looks so silly. But I do get a kick out of watching people do it just before they go flying. Hey look at me, I am riding on an expensive boat…lol. Maybe pay a bit more attention to the seas and ALWAYS keep one hand on the boat at all times. It is sad to see people get hurt acting silly. Bet they only do that once. 12:30 is a great example of a smart and beautiful woman who waves like a normal person while keeping one hand on the boat. Now SHE is a keeper.

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