TUR CU BARCA! Nava noastră de expediție în Arctic! (Partea 2/5)

TUR CU BARCA!  Nava noastră de expediție în Arctic!  (Partea 2/5)

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29 thoughts on “TUR CU BARCA! Nava noastră de expediție în Arctic! (Partea 2/5)

  1. Wow!! I would never thought that you guys would have ended up in Norwegian waters!!🤯 Hope you all enjoyed the cold weather😁 Hi from a long time subscriber with saltwater in her vains and an ancestor of Aamundsen💕

  2. Gesh, looks like an exciting venture unlike one you have filmed. Curious how much melting is going on n that part of the world…safe sailing. North Carolina -USA

  3. Great shoutout to gun loving Americans 😄 I’m American & very much NOT a gun lover! Love watching your adventures ✌🏻♥️

  4. Riles, that's one freaky thumbnail. Pants in a partial thong is more seductive. We already love you guys, it's the others you have to convince. Riley, that thumbnail makes you look like Jack Nicholson in "one flew over the cuckoo nest", no wait,….. I meant his other movie, "9 and 1/2 weeks".

  5. The only people who don’t make mistakes are the ones that don’t try. I would bet the red “T-Handle” on the anchor rig is the brake release for the winch drum, and that turning the handle counter-clockwise will release the brake and allow the chain to be raised or lowered.

  6. As a norwegian i could tell it was norway right away when you guys had jackets on 😂 dont forget to enjoi a " Freia melkesjokolade " best chocolate in the world!🤩

  7. Wow. I remember riding up on this vessel when it was frozen in the ice during the winter of 2006. She's an amazing vessel and I'm so appreciative to see it through your eyes. Thank you!

  8. Aweeee dont worry elayna i would have thought the anchor comes in by doing the same thing you thought! Dont worry girl your not dumb, your a d o r a b l e 💕

  9. dudes, its a big handle to control the release of you anchor chain !
    years ago I whinged about you dropping your "hook" using the motor and not free falling the anchor/chain using the taper clutch on the windlass.
    You'll see. Loves 2 u's

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