Arc solar glisant DIY 1300w – Sailing Oka Solo

Arc solar glisant DIY 1300w - Sailing Oka Solo

Alături de conversia electrică, generarea de energie în afara rețelei este o prioritate, așa că trebuia să vin cu un design de arc solar pe care să-l pot construi cu ușurință în telecomenzile de pe coasta centrală a Columbiei Britanice, dar trebuia și să fie foarte personalizat pentru a se potrivi în jurul vela de mezelă și girouța în timp ce transporta o gamă solară mare.


24 thoughts on “Arc solar glisant DIY 1300w – Sailing Oka Solo

  1. Great idea on your self design' blocks ". Try some washers on each side of the sheave, it will stiffen them up. That's if they are wobbly. I would think twice about putting davets to hang a dinghy. I think your size of tubing may be at a minimum. But you did say reinforcement. Excellent job overall 👍

    d'un marin de 40 ans. j'ai apprécié vos quelques vidéos. ce serait bien d'en voir plus.

    I definitely know the west coast well from Sailing, and from working on the tugs, and Frank H Brown.

    Your pup is very curious about what you are doing .

  2. Bonjours Patricia. Cela fait très plaisir d'avoir une vidéo. Comme toujours tu as des projets plein la tête et c'est sympa de voir Oka se transformer petit à petit en voilier autonome. Prends soin de toi. Bon travaux : bon vent et une carresse a Winter.

  3. Very clever, congratulations. Been keen to see how it works when on passage. Also if you have any wind blocking effect on the wind vane. I had to re-engineer my panel set up to accommodate the vane correctly. Impressed to date.😊

  4. Hi, nice to receive a new video. You are working hard on the boat. The solar arch is huge … Hope it works as you have planned. Thinking of building an arch myself. Just for the dinghy. I'll copy some of your ideas. The scenery is always spectacular. A bit cold compared with my sailing grounds … All the best in your future sailings.

  5. I also have a ketch, and I also have wrestled with where to put solar panels. I thought about doing what you have done, but was concerned that the darn thing will rack so much as the boat moves that it will eventually pull itself apart. How are you bracing your arch to keep it rigid?

  6. Genius, this is a beautiful build. I like the thought that went into this. 🙂
    We have just completed the purchase of our 40' boat "Arcades" she will be coming out of the water this month and bedding down on the hard until spring when we return to BC and start the solar conversion from petrol power to electric power. Hope to see you on the blue. 🙂

  7. Have you ever seen the the YouTube channel Sail Life? This dude built a solar arch where the panels slide under each other. Don't know how much he paid for it but his M.O. has always been diy. Just a thought you might pick up a few ideas. I like your channel a lot because your theme of sailing on a budget hits a chord with my own hopes and dreams. Just wish you had more content on YouTube.

  8. Great to see you out and about again! and handy new arch, that should work nicely!! I've been wondering lately where you found that arched X style bimini, something like that would work perfectly on my little oday 222

  9. Girl, where have you BEEN?? Tug life is keeping you away from us. Did you weld that arch? Don't let the dinghy fill up with rain. I don't think the structure will take the weight.

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