Prima dată navighează pe un program | Pasul 327

Prima dată navighează pe un program |  Pasul 327

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22 thoughts on “Prima dată navighează pe un program | Pasul 327

  1. I meant to comment on the last video about the generator and a very good practice after shutdown is to pull on the cord until you have resistance which closes both valves. That keeps the very saturated sea air from entering the cylinder which creates rust. It’s not as important if you’re running it regularly but if it’s going to be a few days between starts, it’ll make a difference. You probably know this already so I’ll keep quiet.

  2. Thank you for swimming! So many sailing vloggers used to do lots of underwater snorkelling, and then it became less common in videos. It seems like such a good way to exercise when spending so much time floating on water!

  3. Hey pirate's… Ummmmm. Maya, I'm a single hand sailor. The boat is in Sardegna. Tell those two to come down. You can jump ship and we can sail around with two boats. Yes this is my pirating for a crew member…. 💙⚓💙

  4. It's kind of funny when you mentioned your generator usage.. where I live we get a lot of power outages and I convinced my wife we should get a new inverter generator that lasts longer than our regular one. Well, haven't had a chance to use it other than turning it on to make sure it starts good and everything over the last couple years, lol.

  5. It’s interesting to hear that there is a big difference between sailing on the Ocean vs sailing in the Mediterranean Sea. It changes my view of ancient history.
    You girls look really fit. Rope climbing is not for weaklings.

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