Ep 26. Explorarea Port Stephens, practicarea ancorelor maritime și navigația plină de spirit!

Ep 26. Explorarea Port Stephens, practicarea ancorelor maritime și navigația plină de spirit!

Călătorim spre nord cu „Trim”, un navigator Welsford de 14 ft, pentru a experimenta navigarea din cap spre mare, pentru a căuta potențiale locații de raid de grup și a exersa cu noua noastră ancoră pe mare. În ziua 1 ancoram în frumosul Fame Cove pentru a scăpa de vânt peste noapte și găsim niște plaje minunate în poala noastră din jumătatea vestică în ziua a 2-a. Asociația de croazieră din Dinghy: https://www.dinghycruising.org.uk/ 00.00 Blooper 00.32 Introducere 04.17 Out to Sea 07.22 Jimmy’s beach 13.01 Fame Cove 16.40 Sea Anchor Practice 23.24 The Breeze chiar începe!


22 thoughts on “Ep 26. Explorarea Port Stephens, practicarea ancorelor maritime și navigația plină de spirit!

  1. Lemon Tree Passage boat ramp is a good launching ramp carpark and facilities for a start point. 3 boats wide and nice angle to the water jetty and sheltered from the nor-easter for retrieval

  2. That was the most informative video much appreciated! Some spirited sailing and a great look around Port Stephens and Nelson Bay. Found it fascinating thanks.

  3. Hey Josh, quick question what are the inner shrouds on Trim? It looks like there are inner and outer shrouds? Does Trim have a steel centreplate? I think that is something that Kalliope would benefit from instead of carrying around a giant bag of sand!

  4. What a nice boat man… I love it 💕
    I would get me one but I need to have a boat to be my home, so I got myself a 50 year old Albin Vega 27'. Prepping her for a 30 year global fishing trip! 🎣⛵😁

  5. Great video and location, I took my little Careel for a cruise there 5 years ago out of Halifax Park but next time I would use the Soldiers Point Ramp like you did, looking forward to the open day next Sunday.

  6. Hi Josh just got back from Lake Mac and saw your trip. A 'spicey' sail indeed and great drone footage. I think that Heros cove looks very appealing for a Raid, cheers Paul

  7. Thanks Josh for another great video; Port Stephens is one of my favourite NSW cruising areas. I was interested in your experiment with the sea-anchor. I have carried one on Huckleberry (my converted Finn) but haven't tried it yet. I wonder if the trip line is necessary with a dinghy. The famous cruising couple, Lin and Larry Pardey, used a cargo parachute sea anchor on their cruising yacht and never used a trip line, which they believed could get fouled in the rode. Without a trip line you would pull the boat up to the sea anchor rather than reverse.

  8. Great video! If there's one channel I envy the most in terms of the waters you get to explore it's this one. Always a lovely lunchtime watch!! Nice to see you joined the DCA!!!

  9. Very nice Josh, great footage of your spirited sail. Does the sea anchor mean you are preparing for something more adventurous?
    One thing I'm less keen on. I see you are now wear an inflatable life jacket rather than a bouyancy aid. I don't think that is your best option. Have you ever tried swimming in a life jacket? I can assure you that once in the grip of a life jacket you are essentially a passive victim awaiting rescue. Ok on a multi handed yacht, but not so suitable single handed in a dinghy.
    Of course you may have tried and tested this and come to your own conclusion. Which is of course entirely up to you. My experience of training in them for the offshore gas industry mean I wouldn't wear one instead of a bouyancy aid.
    Your choice, my tuppence h'penny.

    Best wishes

  10. Nice video, keep it up! I’d wonder if it would be worth redesigning your main sheet system as the double block in the middle of the boom tilts over due to the forces acting on each sheave being different, so over time it might wear out the cheek of the block. Maybe a second boom hanger could be added slightly aft of the existing one, then you could put a single pulley on each hanger, then each block will be correctly aligned?

  11. Hi Josh, We have sailed Port stephens a couple of times, usually launch at Lemon Tree passage. Good ramp and pontoon, sometimes a bit of side current. and has not been too busy when we launched there. You can go out to the North even though it says it is shallow, we made it OK at not very high tide in our Sunmaid which draws 450mm with keel up. Otherwise the run down to Tilligherry ck and out via Taylors beach is good even for big yachts. We mostly anchored at Salamander bay, Taylors beach, or where you were at Fame cove. Around the corner at Mallabula is a park with toilets and a dirt launch ramp, not sure of depth, we anchored further along near the houses and it was shallow for a ways out. If you run a raid at Port S I am in. Cheers Phil

  12. Assume the sea anchor is aptly named and using one anywhere near where there might be other craft is a no no ? (Like floating lines etc in the water might not end well…)

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