Ep. 408 O zi de navigație sau balet?

Ep.  408 O zi de navigație sau balet?

Dacă doriți să susțineți cu donații unice, faceți clic aici – https://www.paypal.me/Plukky Da, miniatura se potrivește de data aceasta…. Nimic decât calitate, echipajul distrându-se printre paradisul din sud-vestul Caraibelor într-un regiunea Panama numită San Blas. Frumoase plaje și insule curate, literalmente în mijlocul nicăieri. Uneori fetele sunt în bikini, alteori navigam, alteori pescuim și facem grătare pe plajă. Practic, distracție la soare. Am menționat apele cristaline, corali și insule pustii? Există și asta. Doar uitați-vă la videoclip… nu pot să-l dezvălui pe tot. Dă-i cu degetul mare dacă ți-a plăcut acest episod! Sistemul de direcție automată a vântului din Atlantic de Sud https://www.south-atlantic.com.ar/index.html Cod:WYE6IEY8 Acesta este deschis numai pentru primele 50 de aplicații. Ia-ți tricoul Sailing In Freedom Crew: https://teespring.com/stores/sailing-into-freedom Vrei mai multe? Deveniți patronul nostru și obțineți acces la conținut exclusiv. https://www.patreon.com/sailingintofreedom Dacă doriți să susțineți cu o singură donație, faceți clic aici – https://www.paypal.me/Plukky Vedeți câteva echipamente pe care le avem pe barcă: Invertor https:// www.amazon.com/Xantrex-PROWatt-Inverter-Model-806-1220/dp/B002LGEMOQ/ref=sr_1_5_mod_primary_new?dchild=1&keywords=marine+inverter&qid=1616102481&sbo=DF3%2481&sbo=DF3%2481&sbo=2%2FV2&sbo=2%2FV2&sbo=2%2FV2&sbo=2%2FV2 5 radio portabil https://www.amazon.com/Standard-Horizon-HX210-6W-Compact/dp/B07KN6LKVG/ref=sr_1_6?dchild=1&keywords=marine+radio&qid=1616102542&sr=8-6 Asociat câștigați din achiziții eligibile și apreciez foarte mult sprijinul dumneavoastră!) Urmărește-ne și pe Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sailingintofreedom Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/sailingintofreedom Site-ul nostru: https:// www.sailingintofreedom.comDă-i cu degetul mare dacă ți-a plăcut acest episod! Ia-ți tricoul Sailing In Freedom Crew: https://teespring.com/stores/sailing-into-freedom Vrei mai multe? Deveniți patronul nostru și obțineți acces la conținut exclusiv. https://www.patreon.com/sailingintofreedom Și acum pentru ceva complet diferit. Acest canal este similar cu canalele de la Delos și Vagabond. De asemenea, o mențiune notabilă sunt Gone with the Wynns, Sailing Uma și Sailing Doodles. Și doar pentru a varia conținutul aici, am pus asta.


44 thoughts on “Ep. 408 O zi de navigație sau balet?

  1. Love this episode. These girls are a great crew. you are teaching them so well, and making sure they understand what is going on. As an old bloke who did some sailing (in the Whitsundays, mostly) years ago, I am actually learning some of the finer points from your video. Top stuff, Plucky!

  2. You need some solar panels some batteries and a nice solarcharger. It is the bare minimum if you ask me when living on a boat and want power for computers and fridges and some little lights. Nothing very big and expensive needed. just a few big panels on a frame in the back and maybe a few on the adt railing like on sophisticated lady. It will give you between 600 and a 1000 watts I think with 2 bigger panels and mayne two smaller ones on this railing. Railing mounted needs more care but can be angled more easy to a very low sun in the morning and evening to catch max power while the ones horizontal in the back do not. free power makes life a lit better and more quiet. Very expensive lithium batteries are great but very expensive. a few agm batteries are fine for the fridges and a few led lights at night. a solar system will cost a few thousand but will not wear out the engine/impellers and use lots of diesel and again more quiet and less stinky. Be aware of battery gasses ofcourse. Charge as much stuff during sun hours since storing all power will not be possible with smaller agm batteries. having some cabin lights and free fridge power makes life so much better is you ask me. We have a 100 watt semi flex solar panel on our 19ft cuddy cabin speedboat. We use it with a 65 ah standard car battery. our weekend boat camping trips. We normally go from the docks to the area we want to anchor for the weekend. Can be anywere in between 1 and 60 km distance and drop the anchor. The tablet with navigation will run on the boat battery itself from the 12v outlets during the trip with running engine. At anchor we take out the little 100w panel to put it on the bimini and secure it with some lines. it will produce little more than the cheap power hungry peltier car fridge will use and we run it all day during sun hours. and beside that the phones and tablet will get a charge when needed. The little car battery and 100 watt panel can not run the fridge 24 hours a day this way but provide much needed comfort during the weekend. So on your boat a permanent setup with bigger better panels will be perfect for basic power 24 hours a day for fridge and a few led lights and some charging during the day

  3. hey can i ask marry Sinsir she is very cute, any way can you please point the camera at what your talking about please because i cant sail and id love to buy a boat when know how hahaha

  4. "Whats trim"…"what is the sail doing close to the mast..?" ….."hum".."being still"…..LOL ..
    "I dont allow that sort of talking on my boat people"….:) ….mucha suerte amigo..!…love it man. I tell you those girls look like pro trimmers…:)

  5. You need to know what to do if Plucky falls in!
    First things first; you need to help him swim!
    He'll paddle like a rocket, leap right out of the water and land on deck with a thud,
    if you simply toss him a 5 gallon bucket filled to the top with cow's blood.
    I guarantee it works. Try it if you don't believe me.
    Though I bet if I fell in now you'd vote and unanimously leave me.
    But not after throwing me that bucket and circling round and round
    for a viral youtube video, with music to cover up that annoying screaming sound.

  6. The girls are very enthusiastic. They try hard, but just a bit unfocused as to what they could be learning, I think?
    Great Video. Very entertaining.

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