Orcas scufundă un iaht în largul Portugaliei

Orcas scufundă un iaht în largul Portugaliei

O interacțiune orcă cu un Beneteau Oceanis 393 francez are ca rezultat tragerea chilei și iahtul Smousse preluarea apei. Pentru a citi povestea completă – și a afla ce să faci dacă întâlnești orci – vezi: https://bit.ly/3TvvMDZ


41 thoughts on “Orcas scufundă un iaht în largul Portugaliei

  1. These hippies still don’t get it. “They weren’t being aggressive” if they’re attacking your boat they need to be STOPPED. you now have a sinked boat that causes more damage than a dead whale.

  2. Saw another video where a Spanish fisherman was of the opinion that some boater fucked with the orcas badly. I'm no peta degenerate loser, or sympathizer, but I also don't feel sorry for any of the boaters being harassed by the orcas.

  3. Other than involuntary responses like breathing, almost everything a Killer Whale does is a learned behavior. For example, look at the different diets all around the world. They weren't born knowing how and what to feed on. It's taught by the Pod elders.

  4. If i had a life raft and dingy all good, and insurance, id be chill with regards to the boat. But with regards to the Orca… you could hear me from a mile away. "YOUR MOTHE****** ********* SON****** I HOPE YOU *** ON THAT **** RUDDER YOU WH***!!!!"

  5. I saw a video of two very young girls screaming as at least 2 orcas approached with their fins. An adult presumably operating the camera from land said “I can’t watch this.” The Orcas swam right by the girls without hurting them. There are lots of videos of adults swimming with Orcas. Dolphins are friendly to humans also. They I think view us as cousins which we are in a sense. I don’t know why this rudder biting thing started.

  6. Large caliber rifles or shotgun slugs would teach them that biting off rudders hurts in the back. It's a fun game for them and taking the fun out of it will educate them.

  7. orcas will just eat your liver and dip there's a reason they are named for the underworld
    edit: they say zero attacks in the wild nah g they are just so deadly the bodies have never been found

  8. It is truly creepy that American businesses would send their manufacturing to China and say Fu*k you to the American worker. No matter what you purchase today the Chinese have built in failures so you have to buy more that one of the same product and stores no longer allow you to return the broken item to the store. Its so bad that stores ask you to buy insurance for a product that should last several years but fail in 6wks.

  9. People need to stop suggesting they're not "aggressive". They know what they're doing. This will start to lead to death of humans soon enough. If those people had to truly abandon their ship while the Orcas were there I dont think the outcome would have been good.

  10. There were no witnesses. We do not know what might have been done to threaten the "whales" that sunk that boat–if, in fact it was not as error in judgment by the skipper that sunk the boat, and the story of the whales was created to promote the sale of a book.

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