100 de mile magice: navigați pe cele mai faimoase insule din Australia

100 de mile magice: navigați pe cele mai faimoase insule din Australia

Mergem pe bijuteria Australiei, Whitsundays, cu Insula Hamilton în fruntea listei. Alăturați-vă nouă pentru drumeții, un dezastru cu barca, furtuni electrice și o… ei bine… situație de rahat…. 💩 ⛵ Dacă vă bucurați de călătorie, ne-ar plăcea să vă invităm la Patreon fam-bam pentru actualizări în timp real și videoclipuri suplimentare din culise! Avem și cei mai tari oameni în grupul nostru privat de Facebook 🙂 https://www.patreon.com/kristinastravels 🇦🇺 Urmărește seria noastră completă din Australia de la început: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfZuf6hkg2xFmpTPd2Gy0tTZA_0PqmQUN 🇬🇷 Urmărește seria noastră completă Grecia aici: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLfZuf6hkg2xFGRB8Rf5dzDM5TM_7mIttG ⛵ Cumpără-ne o bere și trimite-ne puțină dragoste! 🥹👉 https://www.paypal.com/donate/?business=VC9WJGE9RXW86&no_recurring=0&item_name=Mulțumesc+pentru+sprijin+direct+pentru+a+%26+păstrarea+acest+canal+YouTube+alive%21+% 3F%3F%E2%9D%A4%EF%B8%8F¤cy_code=AUD 🤓 Videoclipuri realizate de Kristina, cu căpitanul John 🧑‍✈️ www.instagram.com/costalos www.instagram.com/johnptilley ❤️ Nu uitați sa ne dai like pe Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/kristinastravelsYT POVESTEA NOASTRĂ: Bolnavi de blocajele covid din Melbourne, Australia, John și Kristina au achiziționat un Jeanneau Sun Odyssey de 50 de metri cu doar câteva săptămâni de experiență de navigație. Ei au pornit în iunie 2021 și explorează Marea Barieră de Corali, ca parte a seriei lor australiane de navigație, cu vise de a naviga într-o zi în lume. #stil de viață #dayinthelife


33 thoughts on “100 de mile magice: navigați pe cele mai faimoase insule din Australia

  1. Thanks for the great video. I visited Hamilton Island quite a few times in the early days when they had much more moderate marina fees. Not sure it's in their long term interests to gouge every visitor but I guess there is more demand for berths as time goes on. They used to have a dolphin pool so I'm glad that has gone.

  2. Those were some incredibly beautiful storms, although I am sure you and John were both just hoping no lightning strikes to your mast. Looking forward to the videos ow that the warm weather has arrived. Safe travels!

  3. Hey Kristina what can I say, but another ace video. Sure loved to see Hamilton Island, just for the rich hey & then onto Whitehaven beach & then around the corner to anchor for the night & that darned bird that left its calling card everywhere, who would have thought that one bird could do so much damage. Good to have company with you on this part of your trip as you head south.Kristina I have to ask how far south are you coming & then what? KJust thought that I would ask as you have been been both , so much enjoying what you are doing & getting better at boat handling everyday. I just hang out for your new video's so many thanks for brightening my every week. Safe travels & look forward to Sth Molle Is on next video, Cheers

  4. Question: It seems as though nobody ever cruises the West coast of Australia. Why? Is the East coast so good? The West coast so bad? Both? The attractive proximity of the East coast to New Zealand and French Polynesia?

  5. I have visited Hamilton a number of times staying overnight in the Marina. Whilst the marina fee is high you are actually a resident guest of the resort so in your case 4 people @ $145 a night is quite cheap. The concierge help in docking and tying up is first class. Fresh food close by and a good selection of wines in the IGA. I would not knock it at all. I have also stayed in the resort in the Whitsunday apartments. 13th floor with truely spectacular views and it was not overly expensive. A great place and definitely worth it for an overnight if on a boat up that way. Best cheap experience is sunset drinks at One Tree Hill BYO. Best expensive experience is helicopter ride out to reef world for lunch and a snorkel on the outer reef.

  6. Awesome content…. Brings back so many memories from 2001 to 2003 cruising through the islands on HMAS Tobruk…. Not sure all the boats liked when we anchored of Whitehaven and 100 or so sailors go ashore to play sports on the beach for 6 hours…. Fun times

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