Sail Life – Trăiește la ancora în ploaie ⚓️⛵️🌧

Sail Life - Trăiește la ancora în ploaie ⚓️⛵️🌧

Rămânem blocați în ploaie în timp ce așteptăm ca o fereastră de vreme să continue spre sud. *** Link-uri *** Site-ul Sail Life: Sail Life pe Patreon: Sail Life pe Instagram: saillife_/ Sail Life pe Facebook: Sail Life pe Twitter:


32 thoughts on “Sail Life – Trăiește la ancora în ploaie ⚓️⛵️🌧

  1. What an amazing team you both are! A perfect blend of technical DIY and Story telling. Was just in Porto and Lisbon last week, Ava is going to Love the unbelievable history and there are plenty of old ruins for Mads to admire.

  2. You'll still be using way less energy on the boat than in an average home. Does your washing machine heat the water? If so how many KW is that and can the generator run that directly through your boats wiring or does the generator charge the batteries and everything is wired to the Inverter?

  3. Been following from the beginning. Can't remember what your thoughts are on wind power and if you plan on installing a wind generator to supplement your power needs. ❤️⛵️

  4. Great video and I agree…living on a relatively small boat, some creature comforts make it more enjoyable. And my goodness, you are so organized, well done.

  5. Great content. I first found you while researching my sailboat power upgrade. That hooked me. Your excellent engineering and terrific videos are a weekly “must see” YouTube.

    I went for a big (5kW) alternator/Wakespeed with more storage/dual inverters instead of the genset. Your experience with the REC BMS almost convinced me to go home made LFP batteries. Big solar is next (year). 🤞

    Do you share your VRM? For us geeks/local cruisers/future cruisers, it would be very informative.

    BTW, Ava was more right than the editor’s “*East Indies” correction. Columbus “discovered” the West Indies in 1492 and the Spanish/French fleet at the Battle of the Rande (Vigo Bay) was protecting the silver fleet which sailed from the West Indies…just sayin😁

  6. Ava reminded me of my lessons when I taught 5th grade and one year I told the kids that Magellan came in first place in a spear catching contest during the his voyage. Love your videos!!

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