Navigați 200 de mile marine și ASTA se întâmplă… – Ep 113

Navigați 200 de mile marine și ASTA se întâmplă... - Ep 113

Ne îmbarcăm într-un pasaj de 200 de mile marine care navighează din Insulele Feroe până în Scoția, când un echipament vital de la bord ne cedează. Navigăm prin apele Atlanticului de Nord aripă pe aripă pe o velă rulantă, înainte de a ancora în Stornoway, unde Travis lucrează la generatorul nostru portabil. VIDEO NOI ÎN FIECARE VINERI! Vă rugăm să vă abonați și să distribuiți videoclipurile noastre – fiecare sprijin este foarte apreciat, ne continuă călătoria și conținutul să vină! MÂNERELE NOASTRE DE TROLIU – The Flipper by Easysea – Folosiți codul nostru de cupon: JIBSEA10 pentru o reducere de 5%! o achiziție efectuată prin link-ul de mai jos ajută la sprijinirea călătoriei noastre fără costuri suplimentare pentru dvs. 🙂 APARATORUL NOSTRU – SeaWaterPro AC Double Membrane – o achiziție efectuată prin linkul de mai jos ajută la susține călătoria noastră fără costuri suplimentare VIZITĂȚI MAGAZINUL NOSTRU DE SWAG – arătați-vă sprijinul față de canalul nostru dând niște lucruri interesante 😎 DACĂ DORIȚI SĂ SUSȚINEȚI CĂLĂTORIA NOASTRA – primiți actualizări exclusive și filmări bonus ALTE MODALITĂȚI DE A NE SPRINI – pentru a contribui o singură dată pentru a ne susține călătoria și pentru a canaliza PayPal: https:/ / Interac E-Transfer: VREI MAI MULT? Urmărește-ne AICI https:/ / #sailing #sailingscotland #scotland


25 thoughts on “Navigați 200 de mile marine și ASTA se întâmplă… – Ep 113

  1. Carb is stuck open. The fuel has turned to goo. If you have carb cleaner, start and spray into the carb and once it cleans out, it will run. If you have fuel additive, that works too. Be patient.

  2. From someone who has been dealing with small engines for over 20 years, if you start putting K-100 in your fuel 2 or 4 stroke you will stop having carb issues, you will not believe how good this stuff works!!!!!!!

  3. Well, as you have already discovered, it is absolutely your carb that causing problems. I know you have been through it repeatedly and those small carbs can be a complete pain in the back side. Either the float is not floating up to push the pin in the hole to stop the flow of fuel or the tip of the pin may have some debris on it or it may have a nick on it preventing a good seal. Make sure the float isn't cracked and full of fuel. Inspect the tip of the pin VERY closely. I know some like to use Sea Foam, but I prefer B-12. In some cases such as my big Stihl weed eater, it's best to just buy another carb. That's the only carb I've not been able to fix. Good luck, I know it's aggravating. OH, and never use gas with ethanol in those small engines. Not unless you really like crap breaking down at the worst possible time. lol.

  4. This is the first time I have been on your channel and I can tell I like your vessel already BECAUSE the helm is covered…We all understand sailing is traveling from port to port in order to do repairs when you arrive. But sailing with the ability to stay our of the weather is an important thing in my mind. Carry on….

  5. It is always something to ruin the adventure- when the back up plan goes to sh*t.
    Faroe Islands sure is a kool place- thanks for bringing us along with you, Steph & Travis.
    May your journey south be filled with less clusterfness for you both.
    Stay well my friends. Warm temps and clear waters of the Exuma's are looking pretty
    good right about now- just say'n.

  6. The gas left in that carb has turned to sludge and clogged every passage and has probably stuck the carb open. Often the gas with ethanol in it is very bad for the carb parts.
    You can fix it or get it fixed but it might be better in the long run to just replace it.
    Another excellent video in every way and can't wait for the next one!

  7. I was laughing when I saw the generator you purchased, because I bought the same one. Other than the black smoke and fuel leaking, I have the same no start problem. I have gone through it, I have fuel into the carb, and spark to the plug and it will not start. The first two times I ran it, started on first pull, the third time, nothing. It is frustrating.

  8. If it is dumping fuel, check the carb float. Try smacking the carbs fuel bowl. That may un-stick a stuck float. I have a generator that I have for hurricanes and every spring/fall, I put just enough fuel in it to run for about 15 minutes and let the engine run until its fuel tank is empty. I have been doing this for the last 23 years with it and each time it starts up on the second pull. OK, every 2 years I also change the oil.

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