Jurnalul căpitanului FINAL: Sosire la Azore (10/10)

Jurnalul căpitanului FINAL: Sosire la Azore (10/10)

Ziua 10: Ziua Ariival a jurnalului căpitanului REAL de la Traversarea Atlanticului din 2022 a vasului cu pânze „Aequus”, un Bavaria de 60’. Povestea adevărată, citită de autor: Căpitanul James Evenson. Acesta se intitulează: Sosire la Azore Sprijină aceste videoclipuri devenind un Patron și obține acces la streamuri live NUMAI pentru Patron, apeluri Zoom, marfă, grup WhatsApp și multe altele! Faceți clic pe acest link pentru a afla mai multe: https://www.patreon.com/svzingaro -❤️- Cumpărați-ne o BERE: https://www.paypal.me/svzingaro Tricouri: https://www.bonfire. com/store/zingaro -👇- Site: https://sailingzingaro.com/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/svzingaro Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/sailingzingaro/ -👨‍👩‍ 👦‍👦- OC Tenders: https://octenders.co.nz/ Spectra Watermakers: https://www.spectrawatermakers.com Ochelari de soare Turt: https://turtsunglasses.com Kraken Structures: https://www.facebook. com/SeaMonsterStrong -🎶- Lonely Cherades – Andres Cantu Autumn Skies – Roots and Recognition Fireside Advice – American Legion Jam at Dawn – Andres Cantu


34 thoughts on “Jurnalul căpitanului FINAL: Sosire la Azore (10/10)

  1. Hi James,
    Glad you made it. That seemed fast 10 days. I imagine it seemed much longer on the vessel itself, especially with a crew of 5 or 6. Figured mother nature would throw you a little trouble at the end with the water in the boat. 3 hours and you'll be there.
    It was awesome sailing virtually with you. I thank you my friend.

  2. So dude think after this series. I'm bloody glad it was a verbal log you filmed for last little while.
    I fucken read it wrong after a few smoky hours and was well pleased you weren't doing some weird toilet porn.
    Get some brick dampener or old inner tube, I always keep it on boat. Great for shoving around lip of leaky hatches. I've even used it as a patch and glassed it over, not it intended purpose

  3. another great 'log'
    I like seeing the 'stowaway' running the camera
    'hey James, little did he know what awaited him when he got on the boat
    'good man J. – God bless you, your boat and your crews

  4. James, those black fingers are from dipping the handle of the pen too deep in the ink bottle. Just dip the nib, not the handle, and you won't spread an inky mess all over your hands and everything you touch. It is agonizing to see you dip the pen to the bottom of the bottle and bring up and grasp an inked up handle. This log format was fun…. Marlin Spike Steve says keep it up.

  5. That harbor wall got hammered by a storm a few years ago so much so that it broke the concrete break water into peaces. I can't wait to get back out on the water again! Looks like I'm going to get a catamaran just like the one that Peter is having designed for him right now. That cat is cool!

  6. wow James good trip in the last video tell that guy in the red shirt that his vagina is showing is all the kid did was ask him what he looked forward to when you get on land and he just acted like a real c**t

  7. Yes, most people can't wait to get back on land. A few can't wait to get back to sea.
    I missed McDonald's Big Mac, even tho I never go to McDs. And in the tropics, crunchy food.
    Now I would take microwave popcorn.

  8. I hear you, I remember the first time I was out for 13 days as soon as I saw civilization I wanted to turn around but I was almost out of water. When I stepped foot on dry land within a minute I about puked. Why oh why did I sell my boat

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