Scoate-ne din acest loc frumos | S07E21

Scoate-ne din acest loc frumos |  S07E21

Mulțumim lui Kamikoto pentru sponsorizarea acestui videoclip! Obțineți o reducere suplimentară de 50 USD la orice achiziție cu codul ATTICUS în timpul reducerii de Vinerea Neagră. Accesați pentru a obține reducerea exclusivă! Insula Mallorca este, fără îndoială, una dintre cele mai frumoase insule din toată Marea Mediterană, dar, după cum se dovedește, nu suntem singurii care știm despre ea. Cu o coastă scurtă de ancoraje cu o protecție foarte bună și tezaure de bărci cu pânze care umplu fiecare colț, Mallorca poate fi atât incredibil de uluitoare, cât și total frustrantă. Acum suntem în drum spre Mallorca, ceea ce ar trebui să ne ia aproximativ două zile. Dar aceasta nu va fi prima dată când vizităm această insulă bipolară. Acum zece ani, Desiree și cu mine ne-am cunoscut în timp ce lucram la super iahturi, iar Mallorca este locul unde ne-am îndrăgostit prima dată. Registrul bebelușului: Informații despre Baby Shower:

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34 thoughts on “Scoate-ne din acest loc frumos | S07E21

  1. Man, what a gorgeous spot. And this has been a fun, well-rounded episode. It's almost as if we are right there. I wouldn't give Mallorca the time of day, but now it has a lot of appeal. Desirae, please allow me to say, you are such a doll!

  2. In a crowded anchorage, I used a heavy kettle weight. It weighed about thirty pounds. Actually it was a kettle weight bought second hand at a flea market–and I lash it to the chain rode using a spliced loop as a Prussick loop, and to that loop end I soft-or hard shackle the kellet. The reduces the scope needed, not a small thing in a crowded place.

  3. Rolly anchorages are a real bane of monohulls–but there is a cheap fix. I use hammocks, mesh ones that never sweat and never get stinky or mouldy. Once you are used to them, you get the deepest sleep–and they are great on passages when heeled. I fitted eye-bolts between bulkheads–and clipped the hammocks in place between them. No lee cloths or bunk boards required–they are self-gimballing. Once you get used to the sag, the elevated feet are GREAT and you will sleep like logs. The old sailing ship crews used nothing else.

  4. ignoring all the fab sailing and editing…the highlight for me was your sensei knife ad…easily the best among all the sailing channels I have seen! And this is one smart marketing push by this company…

  5. Beautiful! I loved seeing the photos of your early relationship. So sweet! The beautiful baby girl must be coming very soon since this was shot in September. Best of luck, best of health and positive everything sent your way. ❤

  6. Got a new iPhone this week. It has e-sims. You pick where you are on an app – I’m using Airalo. Then you can can down load a sim without having to have a physical SIM card. Airalo seems to be the most popular as it has the most countries and fair pricing. As I said – just got it and haven’t used it yet.

  7. I watch about 15+ sailing channels, but you two fall in my top 3 channels that I look for new videos daily.
    Thank you for the significant input and even though my kids are 30 and 33, I am looking forward to your newest crew member arriving in the next few weeks.

  8. Another amazing video 🥰 G'day from Australia. Hey guys, a suggestion, maybe an idea for sleeping when you're rolling around is install some hooks in the main cabin & sleep in hammocks. It might be a better sleep. What do you think? 😴 🦘🐨🇦🇺

  9. This episode was filmed in September?! I thought I was following you guys in real time! I'm guessing you guys are actually in Malta by now with the baby being born eh?

  10. Hi Jordan, Love the videos. Thanks. And best wishes for your journey as a new parent. You should probably check into alopecia caused by Heavy Metal Exposure or Radiation Exposure . Your hair loss pattern is consistent with either of these events. The hair loss may be a signal of a greater threat to your health. Not trying to intrude into your personal affairs. I have seen something similar before. Best Wishes to you, Desiree and your soon to be new crew member. S/V Celestial. { Currently at McCotter's Marina in Little Washington, NC }

  11. It's good to keep an eye on the charter boats or any boat that anchors carelessly. Watch to see if the crew goes ashore, as sometimes they don't come back for a few days regardless of the weather! I know this can be a problem in a LOT of anchorages around the world, so I have made up my mind to avoid them by only cruising in the Antarctic! I wonder why nobody's thought of that before!

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