Adaugă-l pe listă! Peste 25 de oase frânte, un rinichi SFIRUT etc etc… totul se rupe! – Ep 116

Adaugă-l pe listă!  Peste 25 de oase frânte, un rinichi SFIRUT etc etc... totul se rupe!  - Ep 116

Explorăm coasta de sud a Angliei de la Cornwall la Dorset. Facem un tur al Muntelui Sf. Mihail înainte de a ne îndrepta spre populara stațiune Salcombe, unde întâlnim o defecțiune a echipamentului bărcii. Depanăm și reparăm șlițul înainte de a pleca spre Weymouth, unde Travis găsește un skatepark BMX și se scufundă puțin prea repede și cade. VIDEO NOI ÎN FIECARE VINERI! Vă rugăm să vă abonați și să distribuiți videoclipurile noastre – fiecare sprijin este foarte apreciat, ne continuă călătoria și conținutul să vină! MÂNERELE NOASTRE DE TROLIU – The Flipper by Easysea – Folosiți codul nostru de cupon: JIBSEA10 pentru o reducere de 5%! o achiziție efectuată prin link-ul de mai jos ajută să ne susținem călătoria fără costuri suplimentare pentru dvs. 🙂 APARATORUL NOSTRU – SeaWaterPro AC Double Membrane – o achiziție efectuată prin linkul de mai jos ajută la susține-ne călătoria fără costuri suplimentare VIZITĂȚI MAGAZINUL NOSTRU DE SWAG – arătați-vă sprijinul pentru canalul nostru cu lucruri interesante 😎 DACĂ DORIȚI SĂ SUSTINEȚI CĂLĂTORIA NOASTRA – primiți actualizări exclusive și filmări bonus ALTE MODALITĂȚI DE A NE SPRIJINĂ – pentru a face o contribuție unică pentru a ne susține călătoria și a canaliza PayPal: https:/ / Interac E-Transfer: VREI MAI MULT? Urmărește-ne AICI https:/ / #sailing #england #boatlife #bmxer #tinyliving


30 thoughts on “Adaugă-l pe listă! Peste 25 de oase frânte, un rinichi SFIRUT etc etc… totul se rupe! – Ep 116

  1. Did you go to the injury clinic in Weymouth near the town centre/ seafront I had a fall and had fracture at the top of the humerus into the ball joint. If you call 111 (free also have web site ) they can help and arrange to get you seen. the injury unit is free.

  2. That's all good and all, but can she get you emergency care all on her own? I've watched you do some stuff in not so convenient locations… Also just because nothing has broken in 6 months it still corrodes. It's call preventative maintenance, tons of channels, where all they do is sail, then don't understand why everything is breaking.

  3. Damn brother, you need to get that looked at. I'm a longtime RN and have had my own share of injuries. Joints take a long time to heel so you're going to have to take it easy for awhile. I tore my medial collateral ligament and my medial meniscus in my right knee. Had stem cell treatment in August and I'm still wearing a brace. The brace is the only thing allowing me to still work. I was off for six months. Trying to avoid surgery. At least I'm back on my boat. Trying to do some upgrades to get out there asap. I wish you a speedy recovery.

  4. I think I'd find something else to do instead of that bike! Hope the shoulder heals ok.
    That coast is very pretty with tons of things to do there. And thats why its so popular! Good fix on your windlass. I'd try to find a spare on that solinoid switch. The same fix might not work the next time!
    Just another good video!

  5. replace that limit breaker it tripped and welded open thats why it worked when you banged on it. something in that circuit caused it to trip. could be a one off but check what you can visually.

  6. Jealous as always! Curious, when the vessel is at anchor and both of you go to shore, do you use any type of anchor alarm app syncing to your phone to get an alert if the boat breaks anchor while you're ashore?

  7. Stay safe, stay strong, and get well soon! 🟥🍁🟥 Thank you for taking us on another fantastic tour. Great video work and editing, so good.
    BTW, at 12:20, fixing your breaker – the term is PERCUSSION ENGINEERING: knowing the right amount of banging on something to get it working again 🔨🪘🥁

  8. Really enjoyed your video, glad you are having fun in my area, good luck with the shoulder, if you need any medical help, it is most likely free. Hope you have a great time, best wishes to you both. Paul ☺

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