Halfway Building The Temporary Hull Frames – Ep. 327 RAN Sailing

Halfway Building The Temporary Hull Frames - Ep.  327 RAN Sailing

Alăturați-vă echipajului RAN Sailing ~ pentru streamuri live, conținut exclusiv și mai mult https://www.patreon.com/ransailing Lucrarea cu cadrele temporare a carenei continuă și Johan găsește o soluție pentru a face munca să meargă mai repede. Implică ceva muncă, dar se dovedește grozav 🙂 Suntem o familie suedeză care a navigat prin lume din 2016 în timp ce împărtășim aventurile aici pe YouTube. Recent am cumpărat o fermă în sudul Suediei, unde am început să construim următoarea noastră barcă de la zero. Va fi o barcă cu pânze de 50 de picioare, construită din lemn. Postăm un episod nou în fiecare vineri, așa că asigurați-vă că vă abonați și apăsați clopoțelul pentru a fi primul care află când există un nou episod! CONECTAȚI-VĂ CU NOI – Site: http://ransailing.se – Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/ransailing – Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ransailing PRODUSE ȘI CAMERA: https:// www.amazon.com/shop/ransailing Am adunat unele dintre produsele pe care le folosim în viața noastră de croazieră și realizarea de videoclipuri în magazinul nostru Amazon. Dacă cumpărați oricare dintre articolele din magazinul nostru, primim un mic „ka-ching” în pisicuța noastră de croazieră (fără costuri suplimentare pentru dvs.). Mulțumesc mult și mulțumesc programului Amazon Influencer. Credite muzicale: http://www.epidemicsound.com Love, Malin, Johan & Vera


42 thoughts on “Halfway Building The Temporary Hull Frames – Ep. 327 RAN Sailing

  1. Not sure if my ideas will help or not, but, here they are. First, contact Leo at his channel, Sampson Boat Co. He uses a computer program that has all of the steps and what order they need to be accomplished in a flow chart format. Maybe this would help you with timelines? Second. Weld a fine thread nut on an “L” bracket and attach it to the bottom of the support legs of each frame. Then using a fine thread bolt, fine adjustments to height and side to side level could be easily done.

  2. Johan has this well under control. It is going to be fascinating to see your weekly progress leading to the boat of your dreams being lowered into the water. I'm looking forward to each episode.

  3. You are able to keep your followers entertained even with the most repetitive jobs. I truly love watching your channel ! You have a tremendous understanding of wood and wind. Thank you for what you do ! ❤

  4. I'm absolutely loving this – to be honest even more than your sailing videos which I have watched for years. I really enjoy watching somebody who knows what thedy are doing build a boat. 🙂

  5. I watched "Building Nyala" strip plank and glass timelapse recently, they used a steel strongback to roll the hull outside before turning the hull over with a crane onto a cradle.

  6. I have a recommendation for staying warm in the boat shop; 'Infrared heating panels'. Check them out. I think that they would be perfect for you. They heat you, not the building. Cheers !!

  7. I have been following you for years, since you left Sweden for the first time, that cold journey down through the canals… I love your videos, but please, you do not need to add music to the video: too repetitive, too loud. It spoils the fun. If we want to listen to music, there are channels for that. Keep up the good work.

  8. Very impressive! What crossed my mind while watching is that the Wright brothers must have had similar challenges and a similar workshop, but no modern tools.

  9. I thought it was funny how you tried to justify/excuse that it took longer to make these frames. This is a sailing blog! Whenever does a job, concerning a sailboat, takes as long as on thinks at the beginning? You are doing good!

  10. Fantastic work and awesome craftsmanship ❤👍 Really amazing what you are doing and you have my full respect ✊ Thanks for sharing and Merry Christmas to you guy’s

  11. Make the frame to fit one or serveral dolly’s instead, then you can hoist the hull get the dolly under it and roll it out. Otherwise you will have issues with the frame moving when working on it and perhaps even wheels that have a flat spot or seezed
    Great job 👍

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