NAVIGARE într-una dintre cele mai sărace țări

NAVIGARE într-una dintre cele mai sărace țări

Urmăriți videoclipuri din Madagascar de la început!


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21 thoughts on “NAVIGARE într-una dintre cele mai sărace țări

  1. The majority of people in Madagascar live in extreme poverty. Currently, 75% of the population of Madagascar lives on less than $1.90 per day. Rates of poverty are high throughout the country, but they are worst in rural areas which is where we predominantly sail. Yet, the people are peaceful, quiet and shy. If they don't have a job, they will create one. If they don't have food, they will fish, forage or farm. It is remarkable country with remarkable people!

  2. Ashley is just so great at communicating with the natives, no matter where you go. It’s amazing to watch & watching their faces when they realize she understands them. She never stops until she does either. You both are such special people.

  3. the deeper part of my heart has been filled watching such an amazing dream come true to a young couple … I sure hope your two beautiful children grow up proud of you for providing the world as they playground…. God bless you all as well as your journey

  4. Do you worry about word spreading as you travel (guarantee someone's got cell phones) that your boat is giving out goods, possibly getting to the point where if you're not willing to give, they will just take?

  5. Ben and Ashley, I received a message from your platform telling me to communicate with you on Telegram as I was selected as a winner (one of 4) for a Xmas present! Went on telegram, it looked real, your site, photos etc! Then the person said for the prize I need to select Fed ex or other carrier for $109 to $170 for delivery! Just wanted to let you know to keep an eye out

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