Ploaie, vele de noapte și magie subacvatică WHS105

Ploaie, vele de noapte și magie subacvatică WHS105

Magazin de produse: Dacă doriți să mă susțineți, verificați contul meu Patreon (mulțumesc mult patreon.!!) Dacă doriți să faceți o donație o singură dată, PayPal-ul meu este: Pentru actualizări regulate de fotografii și viață de plimbare, consultați pagina mea de Instagram: @boatlizard Sunt un marinar solo de 28 de ani la care lucrez circumnavigarea mea. Barca mea este un sloop lung de 27 de picioare numit Gecko. Urmărește-mă în călătoria mea în timp ce învăț despre navigația cu vreme grea, încercările de a fi singur și aventurile mele în paradis. Urmăriți blogul meu bi-săptămânal pe: Vă mulțumim pentru vizionare și pentru abonare! Sunteți cei mai buni!


37 thoughts on “Ploaie, vele de noapte și magie subacvatică WHS105

  1. 💐 Wow… that was an awesome video, great to see you are doing well ! Always looking forward to seeing your next Wet and Wild Adventures videos! May the Goddess protect You and watch over You,⭐ and Blessed Be Sister. Jeremy, Hickory, North Carolina, USA☕😎✌🎄

  2. You are amazing and fearless Holly, a true inspiration. I've just donated through PP and have joined your patreon group. Happy and Safe Sailing and Happy Holidays. I wish I could catch up with you during your circumnavigation.

  3. I am amazed at how you deal with difficult situations with such stride. I’m not talking about just this video but many others. You have helped me to try and be calm

  4. We found your channel via friends and as are setting off on our own sailing journey. You are an inspiration. Often we say, well, if Holly can do it, so can we/I! My question to you, what is that black top you have on? I like the way it fits and I’d love to order my own while I still have access to Amazon. LOL You are fandamntastic!!

  5. Hi Holly, you remind me so much of my daughter as she has same adventurous spirit and drive as you. I want to encourage her to set sail after college and I would like to prep and give her my boat to do so. What video would you suggest for her to watch so she can see what the lifestyle is all about. Remember she is a college student 😜

  6. Thanks Holly, it was cool hanging with you in the "hermitage"! I really want to get there someday, it looks very peaceful and rather exhilarating sometimes to say the least. Peace to you and have fun.

  7. "Who made the passes directly against the wind?" Thank for the lol. Your self-steering boat moment was wonderful. I'm sorry you don't have any 2 1/2 gallon ziplocks so you could use your laptop in the rain. I really admire how you have grown with your experiences.

  8. Very competent sailor you are. Fine place to refit. Notes on med kits: dry amoxicillin can be found at animal care stores, keep a wide variety onboard like; betadine, mercurochrome and anything else you can discuss with your doctor or medic. Stay safe.

  9. For some reason — I was near — Cadillac Moutain — and thought of Wind Hippie ! I wish I had a sailboat ! Maybe one day !!! If i could – with high power energy – visit you in Maine ! ( weird and creepy ? Yes ! But, how else can I reach a beautiful women – when I don’t use social media ? ) wind sailing hippie your heart is very outgoing ! Your very sincere 😅through your YouTube videos ! If I had to choose lobsta or you ? I would choose you !

  10. Always amazing! For real, brave and stunning. As a person that takes real courage and moxie. But, I myself use to wear glasses before getting my eyes fixed. I would be terrified wearing them on a such a remarkable trip. I wonder if its the most coveted item?

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