Cumpărând o barcă cu pânze la buget, REALITATEA DURPĂ

Cumpărând o barcă cu pânze la buget, REALITATEA DURPĂ

Cumpărând o barcă cu pânze, THE HARSH REALITY Alăturați-vă acestui canal pentru a avea acces la avantaje:–YP9YMRBV4Kaw/join Întrebări de afaceri Înscrieți-vă pentru buletinul informativ pentru a primi gratuit Ghid de cumpărare a bărcilor cu pânze Carte electronică Alăturați-vă patreon pentru beneficii extraordinare și acces la zona de membri Cashapp ChristopherCousteau Venmo @howtosailing Sfaturile PayPal sunt întotdeauna apreciate Reducere pentru membrii ASA Noua carte este lansată și disponibilă acum Site-ul meu și articole Bine ați venit la Chasing Latitudes! Ți-ai imaginat vreodată mirosul aerului oceanului în timp ce barca ta se prăbușește printre valuri? Libertatea care decurge din aruncarea de pe prora și pornirea în larg pentru a explora locuri noi la care nu poți ajunge cu mașina sau cu avionul? Atunci acest canal este pentru tine. Nu veți vedea aici plaje cu nisip alb, recenzii de restaurante, petreceri pe plajă, selfie-uri sau cuțite japoneze. Ceea ce veți găsi sunt informații concrete bazate pe zeci de ani de experiență în navigație. Canalul meu este destinat în mod special pentru un singur lucru, pentru a te ajuta să îți găsești noul iaht din visele tale și să mergi pe apă în cel mai rapid și eficient mod. Nu te lăsa prins să te uiți la bărci vechi! Mă concentrez în mare parte asupra navelor mai noi, construite în 2000 sau mai târziu, pentru că vreau să-ți petreci cât mai mult din timp navigând, nu exersându-ți abilitățile de restaurare pe o barcă veche care încearcă să o aduci la gloria de odinioară. Doriți să profitați de tehnologia mai nouă uimitoare și de design-ul modern de carenă atunci când vine vorba de navigație. Acest lucru va face ca nava dvs. să navigheze mult mai ușor solol sau cu mâna scurtă și o va face mult mai confortabilă și mai eficientă pentru a trăi la bord cu normă întreagă sau chiar doar pentru călătorii de weekend, fără a cumpăra mai multă barcă decât aveți nevoie. Ofer o mare varietate de servicii, inclusiv consultanță, unde vă voi ghida prin întregul proces al modului în care bugetați corespunzător, alegerea dimensiunii navei care va fi potrivită pentru nevoile dvs., ce tip de navă, vă voi ajuta să faceți cumpărături pentru nave, stabilirea prețurilor de ofertă , programați sondaje, discutați cu brokerii, vă învață cum să vă faceți propriul sondaj prealabil, vă ghidează prin angajarea inspectorului corect și vă ajută să evitați toate capcanele obișnuite pe care le veți găsi atunci când cumpărați nave cu pânze uzate. Consultanța nu se oprește aici, voi fi alături de tine la fiecare pas și mult timp după ce ai achiziționat nava, deoarece consultanța vine și cu acces pe viață în zona membrilor. Chasing Latitudes găzduiește o zonă privată mare și activă de membri, unde membrii sunt mai mult decât fericiți să-și ofere propria experiență pentru a rezolva problemele, găzduiesc videoclipuri private pentru chestionarele ASA Sailing (ASA 101, 103 și 104) și videoclipuri în flux live care prezintă orice de la croaziera membrilor la cumpărături cu barca, comparații cu barca și alt conținut live cu chat de la abonații la canalul meu YouTube și membrii canalului. E timpul ca TU să intri pe apă. Vino la bord!


19 thoughts on “Cumpărând o barcă cu pânze la buget, REALITATEA DURPĂ

  1. I would only take a 30 years old vessel if it is under 2k, I am helping the owner to get rid of the moneypit, so he should be thankful.

    If it is an old boat but equiped, that is another topic, but those usually sold in the marina in a day.

  2. How do you feel about the idea of buying a boat in some more tropical places vs colder places? With cars we worry about salt on the roads but the whole ocean is full of salt. Does location (aside from lakes) affect your decision at all?

  3. I love people that have watched a YouTube vid or read an article and think they know something. Yes people have crossed oceans on a Dana 24. Probably have done it on a Cape Dory 28 as well. Doesn't mean it was comfortable. Doesn't mean it was a good thing for their relationships as on those boats you are literally never apart. Most of my early sailing life was on my dad's Tartan 27. Solid boat. Could cross an ocean on it if you made the investment to add all the things it would need and got a deal on jerry cans. Would I do it? Hell NO!!! And it is a better boat than the Dana 24. A 2 week cruise was about the most we could do and still talk to each other. The nonsense pervayed by YT'rs who buy a dumpster and then start vlogging is bad for those who get the dream. It gives completely unrealistic expectations on what the life is like. If you think you don't have enough available space in your bedroom for all your clothes and crap now just wait until you try to shoe horn it all into a 24 foot sailboat. Good luck with that. Don't believe everything you see on YT. Don't even believe everything Chasing Latitudes says. Go to a boat show and get onto a bunch of boats to see what they are REALLY like. Then start costing out everything you think you will need and then add half again more for spares and miscelanious stuff you would need just to keep the boat running. You will realize that most YT'rs are feeding you a bag of goods trying to get clicks ans sponsers to help them pay for their lifestyle. Chasing Latitudes is right about all of this. But dare to prove it to yourself. Then start saving because you aren't sailing the world in a 24 foot boat. You will quit or buy a larger boat within a couple years and will have wasted all that money on the smaller one. You won't come close to getting it back when you try to sell the small one.

  4. A couple of small recommendations for your speadsheet. First get rid of the pre-populated $5 fields. Second stay consistent with your pricing for upgrades. It will make the boat to boat comparisons more equal. Love the channel.

  5. If you only want a weekender for a few years … go for it. If you picture yourself spending years, just costal cruising, get newer … if you wanna spend years coastal cruising and making a major ocean crossing, get newer

    If you’re young, foolish and find it easy to rebound from financial ruin… by all means, go ahead and buy that cheap fixer-upper that hasn’t been seaworthy for decades … just remember to recite “I did this to myself, I wanted this, I was warned against it, yet I did it, I have no one to blame but myself”

  6. Sorry to be the jerk you calls you out on something in your video, but on that 2010 Bavaria the cruising speed said 2.7 and max speed said 3.4. Do you still thing that is a good choice for a full time cruiser giving that you once said, in another video, that you really need a boat with a speed of 7knots of speed to ensure safety and lower the cost of cruiser cost?

  7. Youtubers do this stupid shit because let's face it, everything is content for a video. The boat in and of itself isn't terribly relevant. It doesn't have to make sense. It just has to get clicks, likes and comments. Those three things make money and then companies are willing to send you stuff if your channel is growing. Zingaros' boat sinking, conveniently close to shore, stunk to high heaven like an insurance job and a money grab from his followers/patreons.

  8. Probably the only insurance you could get on those older boats would be liability only. Which would make marinas happy, but NOT a bank. So if you're a cash buyer, you might could get some insurance. But if you're a cash buyer, you should be smarter than wasting your money on a beater boat, investing a ton of cash and time into it and at the end of the day, still have a beater boat that is NOT worth anything.

    This whole exercise reminds me of a comment where someone is buying a junker car for $2,000 and planning to travel the US with it. It's possible, but not comfortable. And when a car breaks down, it doesn't usually sink or drift into a reef on an island.

  9. Totally agree with you Chris. I wonder though, you would have to get the boat for free or $10,000 to make that work, even in the best situation. You might be a little cheaper but you are still going to end up with a lessor vessel. Everyone is looking to be that guy and a hot girl sailing the world on an electric sailboat they got for salvage.

  10. Great video, thank you for the slap of reality:-) I do like watching the sailing youtubers but for various reasons (I do like projects (as long as they don't control / take over life), and I do like to watch the cool places people go). I had not paid too much attention to their so-called boat prices, but do remember hearing. I had no idea on the gofundme stuff. I just went to look up and wow… I do really like the harder discussions on reality and the recent series on purchasing across the board. Thank you!!!

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