Explorând frumosul PAROS și Antiparos! Trebuie să vizitați insula din GRECIA

Explorând frumosul PAROS și Antiparos!  Trebuie să vizitați insula din GRECIA

Bine ați venit în INSULELE GRECECI! Și SALUT de la PAROS! În prezent, navigăm timp de 7 zile în jurul Cicladelor cu Variety Cruises, prima oprire în această dimineață a fost Antiparos pentru o oprire superbă de înot înainte de a ne îndrepta spre insula Paros. Ne-am petrecut după-amiaza rătăcind pe străzi și admirând satul de pescari. Pentru apus ne-am întors pe Galileo, având o petrecere grecească! Scuze anticipate pentru dansul lui Molly! Rezervă-ți croaziera!: https://www.varietycruises.com Contactează-ne pe Katilena pentru ajutor în căutarea luxului: https://www.instagram.com/dkassociates/?hl=ro _____________________________________________ ➡️ URMEAZĂ-NE PE INSTAGRAM: https://www. .instagram.com/dabbleandtravel/ ➡️ Comunitatea noastră exclusivă! : https://www.patreon.com/dabbleandtravel ➡️ PENTRU BANI OFF AIR BnB: https://abnb.me/e/QMpFY67lUZ (fără costuri suplimentare pentru tine!) ➡️ PENTRU A CUMPĂRĂ RUCSACUL NOSTRU: https://www. .manfrotto.com/uk-en/pro-light-flexloader-backpack-l-mb-pl2-bp-fx-l/


27 thoughts on “Explorând frumosul PAROS și Antiparos! Trebuie să vizitați insula din GRECIA

  1. 7:19..oh no it's ok molly don't say that you're clumsy..you slip only with apparent reason but how about matt..as I've known matt slip for nothing and that's a true story as I've seen in your previous vlogs.. hilarious.. 😂😆✌️

  2. Seems like a great cruise. You can't see it all in detail. But I personally like Parikia even better than Naoussa. Old Town bigger and the history is amazing. There is a wall created out of classical ruins by the crusaders. They recycled what they found. The church in Parikia according to my own research is the oldest purpose built church still in service. Goes back to early 300s

  3. Hello Matt, and hello Molly. You both are so genuine. I love watching your videos. It is nice to know that there are some beautiful people in this world. I was the unfortunate one. Stay this way. Love one another and I can assure you, You both will be happy forever.

  4. I am so sorry to know that you slipped and fell, Molly. Do me a favour. Send your right hand to Perth. I will kiss it better and I promise I will send it back to you. That is what I did when my kids were small. How quickly they stopped crying, and the tears were dried up.

  5. Omg, Molly you need to man up, lol, Your face when you tried the cold sea hahaha & the way you screwed up your face at the glass of Ouzo, come on get with it girl , lol !! Love you 2, so much enthusiasm about every where you go & everything you do together !!

  6. I got news for you Matt and Molly. The best beaches are not even in the Cyclades. OK let’s not be so absolute Cyclades have a lot very decent and very good beaches but there are other islands like Crete the Ionians Western Greece South Peloponnese Halkidiki with even better waters and beach formations. My favourites lie in the Ionian islands where sea water is literally glowing from inside it. My all time favourite is on a tiny Island south of Corfu ( beach name Voutoumi) the island of Antipaxos. And I say it because it resembles with a very gentle slopped swimming pool. It’s the secret spot where many super yachts anchor just out of it and tons of rich and famous people visit it to swim to it. Many Arabs have gone there also Russian like Abramovich who secretly moved Russias President there and swimmed together even the famous American Actor Will Smith with his whole family went there and participated in cleaning of the islands 3 beaches ( https://www.keeptalkinggreece.com/2017/06/22/will-smith-willow-clean-beach-greece-vacation/)

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