Navigația trebuie să fie o abilitate în Oldschool Runescape? – Reacția @FlippingOldschool

Navigația trebuie să fie o abilitate în Oldschool Runescape?  - Reacția @FlippingOldschool

Reacțiile mele live la videoclipul lui FlippingOldSchool despre o nouă abilitate pentru OSRS. Personal cred că ideea de navigare funcționează, dar ar funcționa mai bine dacă nu ar fi o abilitate, ci propriul conținut clasificat. NOU MAGAZIN DE MARFĂ: Alimentați-vă BDE cu Gamersupps și utilizați codul: CONDOR pentru 10% reducere – Rules din Ciad: Join the Naughty Little Bois: Join the Discord – Socials – PO Box este deschis – Adresa: SUITE 8036 SHOP 28 206 WARNBRO SOUND AVENUE Warnbro WA 6169 #osrs #runescape #reaction ABONAȚI-VĂ ► . Facebook ► Twitter ► Instagram ► Snapchat ► milkman4eva


23 thoughts on “Navigația trebuie să fie o abilitate în Oldschool Runescape? – Reacția @FlippingOldschool

  1. If jagex was going to add all these cool Islands and things we would already be able to tele/charter to them. This does a lot of assuming that they will actually add a bunch of content to the game and it will work with a completely new play style, and I'm not sure if you've ever played this game but…

  2. Sailing just sounds like dungeoneering with extra steps, and dungeoneering is probably the worst skill in RS3.

    Unless they’re adamant they’re making a completely new skill they should just put divination into OSRS from RS3. Its easy to do and helps with other skills, especially at higher levels.

  3. Sailing is just a glorified teleport with skilling requirements…. Like, you can dress it up however you want but ultimately that's all it will ever be. All these ideas sound great, but not as a skill imo. If I thought we could get more than ONE more skill it would be interesting. But it's incredibly likely that we will only ever get this 1 more skill and I don't think sailing deserves to be it.

  4. We dont need a new skill when the ones we already have are fuckin' dogshit. Instead of clicking on a fishing/mining/woodcutting spot and waiting, what if there was some sort of interactive event with raids or inferno-level difficulty that rewarded you with either comparable rewards to raids, or an untradeable that made training way easier. Or maybe like the Rs2-3 fishing tournament where you actually have to use your brain to gain good xp rates and rewards

    1000ft deep pond > 1ft deep ocean

  5. One of ur subs made a better point ranching style skill get pets etc there own thing included into this plus ability to ride certain beasts etc fuck sailing go play skull n bones or sea of thieves a left click sailing game sounds pants to me😊

  6. it doesnt need to match tob or toa on terms of money making. thats a pretty unfair arguement. its supposed to be a skill, not a raid. tob and toa would be dead content if i could go train a skill at 125k xp/hr and make 6m/hr doing it. and agility sucks because its fuckin boring. if it was 350k xp/hr itd probably still be my last 99. hell even in leagues when it was hella boosted it was my last 99. if the skill is actually enjoyable to train and decently profitable for the effort, 125-160k xp/hr is more than cool

  7. It seems like everyone is forgetting that there is a working sailing concept in the game already which could be added to the concepts outlined in this video to make a fantastic skill. Remember the Bone Voyage quest?

  8. It feels like sailing has to be complementary to other skills and not only competition to the current content. Sailing as we talk rn seems a bit obsolete the moment folk unlock most teleport.

  9. Hey Jagex, here's a suggestion- why don't you let people play the game how they please? If people want to gamble outside of your microtransaction riddled store- so be it. You're just killing your game in the long run.

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