Cumpărare și vânzare bărci, Sailing Nandji LIVE

Cumpărare și vânzare bărci, Sailing Nandji LIVE

Am decis să vindem barca noastră cu pânze nandji de 40 de picioare și să achiziționăm o navă mai mare, deoarece am dori să ne creștem familia și să avem echipajul să ni se alăture pentru călătorii lungi. Prin urmare, avem nevoie de un vas mai mare! Alăturați-vă nouă în timp ce discutăm despre cumpărarea și vânzarea unei bărci!


41 thoughts on “Cumpărare și vânzare bărci, Sailing Nandji LIVE

  1. Hi Guys. Very blurry and fuzzy but we can hear you as good as gold. About the blurriness. WE can still make out the likenesses but as I said, good sound. Merrry Xmas to the three of you, good luck on finding a new home and cheers from NZ.

  2. Great to hear what your looking for, take your time to find what's right for you & don't settle for what's not right because you're pressed for time! Good luck!!!

  3. Its good to hear what your looking at and looking for. Find someone to take you out on a ketch rigged boat. There is a lot of versitility in a ketch rig and in a boat over 40 feet the ketch rig has much more managable sails due to size. I have sailed many miles on all sorts of rigs and a ketch is right up there with the cutter. Whatever is yours is the best one! Love these live sessions with Tallula directing!

  4. I love our cc Roberts ketch, the motion in the centre is alot less then at the stern and it seems more roomy inside than my mates rear cockpit roberts.not to mention the access to the engine in a cc

  5. I know you're trying out new and feedback is crucial! The sound is perfect but the picture is not so good. Never completely focuses. Blurry. Some pickups but I'm still watching it. I think you need to keep looking

  6. Hey guys happy to see uz but u ask about quality in aus vic its fuzzy lagging but we get the idea learn as go its protje area
    Love tbe concept good luck with sail love autbethic aus fam

  7. Hey Yosh. With a 55 to 60 foot mono, you can have a constant crew that can be switched out occasionally. Plus with a project boat the crew can learn the ropes from a pro couple. I have watched from day one and amazed how awesome you three and your channel is. Hugs and smooth sailing.

  8. I can't believe I missed your stream. Better late than never. Thanks for keeping us in the loop. EVERYTHING WILL WORK OUT PERFECT.

    AWE, nooooo…. I just heard about some raffle that you had. I love the opportunity to be part of your life. I cherish the consideration and entertainment you provide to us.

    You will definitely find the right boat for your family. I miss Marley. What is the story with him?

  9. Are you thinking about Nandji providing a down payment towards a bigger boat 🚢 🤔
    Don't hesitate to ask for help with the upgrade. You have reach. Think about all those people that helped financially to buy your Yanmar.

  10. Great to see u both + Tallula even though video quality could have been better (out of your control?) Good luck with new boat exciting times! Merry Chrissie ❤️🎄🧑‍🎄🥂🇦🇺

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