Deci vrei să mergi în jurul lumii? UITA-TE LA ASTA!

Deci vrei să mergi în jurul lumii?  UITA-TE LA ASTA!

Dacă doriți să vă îndepliniți visele de navigație, înscrieți-vă la Mulțumim echipei @BrightTripTravel, care a făcut toate eforturile pentru a produce acest curs uimitor, și editorului nostru Nathan, care a ieșit din normal videoclipuri pentru o lună întreagă pentru a lucra la el. Suntem atât de încântați să auzim ce părere aveți despre asta!!!


21 thoughts on “Deci vrei să mergi în jurul lumii? UITA-TE LA ASTA!

  1. First of all that I want to say I've been following you guys from your beginnings. Now my thought is that even SV vagabond want to characterize themselves as experts and want to publish and tell everybody how to do it. When the fact of the matter is they're just babies at doing this they're still in their adolescent phase of sailing. If you take SV delos who has done one complete lap they are at a level of B+ sailing skills. I'm not going to tell you how many miles I've sailed but sometimes I find it offensive, and I love you guys that people that have only been sailing for you few years think that they know it all and want to tell everybody on how it's done when in the reality of you've never sailed the Indian Ocean you've never sailed in the southern Seas you've never sailed above the polar ice caps you've never sailed in so many different places on this planet, yet you want to be our tutorial. I hate to be harsh, it's only because of your audacity of knowing it all. I have forgotten more in my 60 years of sailing and over 100,000 miles then you guys know. I do enjoy your channel I love you guys I think you guys were on the right track working your way through dealing with it. I've been following you guys and understanding you guys. But don't write a dissertation that you know it all, when you are just finding out that they're a little Clues I think there's a comment the Socrates made in his statements about you really ignorant until you start to learn something and then you realize just how ignorant you are.. good luck you guys I do love you guys I do enjoy your Channel. It's interesting that someone can't transfer us the Atlantic without spending the first 10 days sick

  2. I followed your channel since the beginning as it was authentic. Like a lot of other sailling channels, your main target is now to make business with everything …. I do not want to be part of that so I have to quit. Thank you

  3. Amazing…
    How different the worlds are, we living on.
    Golden rule and reality check:
    NOTHING in boating is cheap or free.
    Don't let others tell you different.
    You need at least 120.000 to 200.000 Euros/dollars for a decant vessel to call home.
    The maintenance and slip fees are super expensive. Not even to mention insurance, customs, fuel, repairs, yearly dry parking and of course a place to rent for the off season.
    If you don't have at least 2500 a month in your pocket, don't even think about getting on a boat. Your health insurance must be secured already.
    For normal people in short:
    Work your a$$ off at least for 38 years.
    Hope you're health doesn't go in to the ditch. Make your "captains" licence
    get a vessel and start cruising.
    Watch those nice easy breezy videos from people who are always happy, no worries and some how have it all.
    On top have the fundings to buy all kinds of crap and simple wonder how in the world they "advice" others of reality.
    Me, those videos make me Nauseous and sometimes even angry.
    The truth will shine. At least for those poor people who watch those videos and take them serios.
    If you are looking to get in to sailing the world, there are a handful video makers on YouTube, who show the REALITY without all that nonsense.
    Just my two cent.

  4. Yeah having the systems in the back up systems understanding the power necessary and the provisioning .sailing itself does take time and experience constantly being thrown a new scenario Learning your own boat before you take off spending time sailing in different weather conditions anchoring docking there’s definitely time involved but it’s it’s very nice to have a template to create the skills to leave your backyard , I’m sure there’s very much valuable information to get someone started on building their miles and visiting multiple countries if not the world.❤

  5. Ryan and Sophie videos and blogs have been my gateway into any of the other channels so props to them introducing me to YouTube sailing and van life and other things cabin life lol

  6. Nice episode! After watching many of your previous technical and how-to episodes, I KNOW this is going to be a great series. I would highly recommend it – sight unseen.

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