PREVEZA MARINA – Cel mai bun loc pentru BARCA ta cu vele în Grecia?

PREVEZA MARINA - Cel mai bun loc pentru BARCA ta cu vele în Grecia?

Găsirea unui MARINA grozav pentru a vă păstra barca cu vele este o decizie importantă pentru orice skipper/proprietar de ambarcațiune. Am decis să facem o vizită în Preveza Marina, Grecia și, prin urmare, am vrut să vă oferim turul nostru ghidat „Perspectiva marinarilor”. Portul de agrement Preveza este situat în inima Mării Ionice, care are cel mai bun teren de navigație din Marea Mediterană. Insulele grecești precum Corfu, Paxos, Lefkada, Kefalonia și Zakynthos sau frumoasa coastă de vest continentală și Golful Ambracian sunt TOATE la doar o zi distanță. Pentru mai multe informații despre PREVEZA MARINA, vizitați – Detaliile noastre: Patreon – Muzica este de aici: https :// #preveza #marina #sailing


31 thoughts on “PREVEZA MARINA – Cel mai bun loc pentru BARCA ta cu vele în Grecia?

  1. The Ionian is beautiful, a little busy at times but you will soon find the quiet areas which are amazing. We hope to see you and give a wave when we return in April. Sailing yacht “Alchemia”. Happy holiday season.

  2. thanks for update a question do you have a time restriction now for staying in Greece or do you have Greek residency??? P.S Merry Xmas to you all..!!! *( ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡° )*

  3. great video guys, looks like you've found yourselves a top spot 🙂 we've moored in Cleopatra marina a couple of times & I notice the chandlery is called Cleopatra, so are the marinas connected by ownership do you know? or is the chandlery in Cleopatra? thanks 🙂

  4. Love Preveza marina and his very serviceable crew, but also the lovely village , good restaurants and bars. Great place for overwintering.
    Been there two times on a friends sailboat , fine to sail there to. Wishing you great times there !

  5. Hello,
    Nice to have some news from you.
    Your video is a very good one and Preveza Marina seems to be a very nice place to stay in for winter. The staff is « très accueillant » as we say it in french with a lot of services…
    I guess Laura will appreciate…
    I hope to see you in next videos…
    I wish you all a merry christmas…


  7. Don't miss the opportunity to hire a car and travel around the mainland. Lots to see in Epirus region if you like snowy mountainscapes, gorges, rivers and remote villages and the Peloponnese is almost a stone's throw away. If you avoid the festive seasons of Christmas, New Year, Epiphany and Greek Orthodox Easter, it is not too expensive either.

  8. Wow , such a nice guide tour! I have had my eyes on that marina for wintering next winter and now I'm even more convinced that it's the right place! By the way guys, your videos are so professionals ⛵🤩❤

  9. Actually as a Greek I'm a bit surprised that these facilities exist in Preveza. I wish other places had this kind of amenities too. Greece has the potential to be a far better country but corruption,bad politicians and the fool mentality of people 'll always keep us back. Anyways hope you 're enjoying your adventure. Luckily for you this autumn and the beginning of winter has been the mildest for years. The West is always a bit warmer but very rainy. This year has been so far pretty damn dry and warm.

  10. Wow, that is some marina, take note all marinas. Chichester is my nearest and although not so fresh as this one, it is a great place and the people are friendly and helpful too. My first sail was from there, it was extraordinary and a life long memory, I'd like to tell you about it, if interested ? In the meantime, have a great time and a fantastic Christmas as a special family that you are.

  11. Love you guys! Great video. Great berth so close to everything. Laura … You are Stunning! Sharing a story I was told on a tour during a cruise tour while visiting a Greek Island. There are more churches in Greece per capita than anywhere. Some are very small (one person size) and larger ones. The reason there are so many churches is because when Greek Sailors got caught in severe weather, they would make promises to God…that if he got them home safely, they would build a church in his name. Of course, it is not a good idea to make a promise to God and not keep it… thus lots of Churches throughout the Greek countryside.

  12. 🙏🏻…

    Funny you guys mentioned bicycles in here, not only because almost anything bicycles are one of my favorites…🚴🏻‍♀🚴🏻‍♀

    And, here's something for Josh, about bicycles; Why does the bicycle fall over whenever it stops?

    God Bless Everyone🙏🏻⛵🦋

  13. Welcome to the marina denizens guys. Nice to have a few more folks around in the winter, We were 10 last winter!! The city is a good place. Explore the surrounding area whilst you’re here too. Full of history and full of life😁 Although technically not part of the Ionian, it is in Epirus, a very old Kingdom
    Enjoy, see you at the washing machines 😂

  14. love your channel ,Sailed around the North and South Ionian for many years .What happend between Kos and Preveza ? any footage? and what route you took (Corinth ? or is that only for patrons? keep sailing and giving us great times in a wonderfull part of the world .Yamas🍻

  15. Hi Guys, You have found the best Marina in the Ionian! When I need a hiding hole to escape a storm, Preveza marine every time. Have a great winter and I hope you will still be around in April it would be great to meet you again. I bet the boys will have grown quite a bit. Take care and best wishes for Christmas.

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