Lăsând barca în Whangarei – Sailing Greatcircle (ep.285)

Lăsând barca în Whangarei - Sailing Greatcircle (ep.285)

Înainte de a merge în emisfera nordică pentru o vacanță de vară foarte rece, pregătim Greatcircle la casa ei temporară din bazinul orașului.


26 thoughts on “Lăsând barca în Whangarei – Sailing Greatcircle (ep.285)

  1. I can't believe you're at the halfway point already. Seems like you started just a couple months ago. While back home be sure to get those maintenance checks on yourselves. Get a complete physical done, visit all the *ologists so you'll be good for the rest of the trip when you continue in March. How are your friends who had to leave the tour for medical reasons? I hope you get to see them back home. How is the chef doing at her new job? (I'm sorry, I have a bad memory for names.)

  2. Thank you for sharing, we really appreciate it. That is what dreams are made of. From your fans here in the central Florida swamps 🐊. Stay safe, and have some happy holidays.👍🏻💕🐾

  3. Thank you for making these videos! They are very inspiring and informative. Great watching while we are waiting for our O52 to be ready!

    Now that you have sailed half way around the world, how do you like your sail selections?
    If you now needed to choose only 1 sail between downwind gennaker (on furler) and A2, which one would you take (assuming you still have your other sails as well)?

  4. A holiday from your holiday 🤣 how lovely – you'll be swapping the beautiful summer months down under for the cold winter of Europe, hhhmmm I'd do it the other way around 🤔 Anyway have a good break.

  5. You should lookup Noel and Litara Barrott on their hand build boat Sina. They live onboard in the town basin.
    Have two circumnavigations under their belts via the capes both times.

  6. What am I going to do without the regular updates :O 😀 It must be great though to get away for a bit and spend time with family and friends. Can't wait to see you back out on the water again, enjoy the festive season and new year. Cheers as always for the vids.

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