Am călătorit 5000 de mile pentru a vedea barca visurilor mele (Wharram Tiki 46) | Sălbatic Sailing

Am călătorit 5000 de mile pentru a vedea barca visurilor mele (Wharram Tiki 46) |  Sălbatic Sailing

Există un Wharram Tiki 46 disponibil în bugetul meu, dar există o captură mare. Acesta este în Costa Rica, nu este locul ideal pentru a reconstrui o barcă de proiect. Dar îmi voi asum riscul? Instagram-ul meu: @boat.fella Facebook:… Întrebări de afaceri: Bărci frumoase, trimiteți aici: Vă mulțumesc foarte mult celor incredibil de oameni generoși care folosesc linkurile de mai jos PayPal: Ko-fi:


33 thoughts on “Am călătorit 5000 de mile pentru a vedea barca visurilor mele (Wharram Tiki 46) | Sălbatic Sailing

  1. I did the same for a monohull that was not what the listing said it was. Travelled to an island , that part was nice but the boat was not
    My boss is a sailor and was in the Navy. He heard about the deficiencies and told me not to move forward with the purchase . My gut needed those wise words and I took the advice. The dream can wait 😊
    Now getting the deposit back to try again with another , but it’s Christmas holidays so offices are closed 🎉

  2. Wow, so many negative comments… yes it is a lot of work, probably an ongoing project for years… but what an adventure mate! Get it afloat, seaworthy enough to get it outta there and rebuild it in Mexico! I'll come and help you do it 😀 also looking for a T46 already for a couple of years and this is a beauty!

  3. I would think a thousand times before handing over money and leaving the boat. So many things could go wrong. Live within your means and don’t put all your eggs in one basket (and all the other cliches) apply here. Huge projects turn into money pits really fast. Another boat will come along. Maybe much closer to home😊

  4. Too big. Too much renovation costs. Too much maintenance costs Too far away. Put your energies into a smaller cat or a monohull …but definitely buy a yacht of some description this lifestyle is for you and you have got what it takes.

  5. Even without looking at your own time and effort. Couple of things stand out. He said, "Get a dry place". A small remark but with very big implications. Annual rail fall there is a whopping 220 inches, 5,59 meters!! Mainly dumped there from may-oct/nov if lucky, but could be easy to dec. Sunshine to dry it out is just 40% yearly. "Just Building a tent ", as you commented is a No-Go for this project which contains a lot of woodworking, epoxy and paint.
    Next is your budget. Good woodwork require tools for wood. Sounds stupid but are a complete other (sharp) toolset (and experience) then work on GPR boats. Different hand and machine saws, routers and bits, hand and electric planers, wood drills, chisels, hammers, many clamps etc and something to keep it all razor sharp. Since wet wood can not be worked on again you have to find a dry place close to the boat. Or the boat has to go some place where they have all these tools or you have buy it. Which sets you back many K's. Ones done, most of these tools become obsolete. Epoxy glasfiber, primers and paint for a boat this size, again a couple of K's. Electronics, again some K's, Rigging a K, 2x Engine overhaul a K, Transport all these is a real problem. In short you would have to move the boat to and with a dry almost free place where all this is available and even then, since the budget is mostly gone the amount of progress would be totally dependent on monthly income. At least it means for us a least a year of DIY boat refit video's! :))
    Well it goes without saying that all of us, like what you do, watch your video's, feel the difficult discissions to make, an all wish you the best of luck with this one!!!

  6. If anyone could take this on and stick with it to see it thru I believe it's you young man. You're looking at it from all angles and as you've said the main problem is where she's located right now. I don't know that I could throw that type of money at it and then leave it sit there. The gentleman who's watching over her may be alright but he's only one man and she's definitely not in a truly safe location. Not just when it comes to storms but well you know. If she is what you want and after you've went truly over and under her with a fine tooth comb, as they say. Then if you believe you're up to the task, I'd have to ask why not?, (Which in the asking would hopefully force you to really think about taking this on, I mean really think about it as it's already broken one man). The location is truly terrible even if she was ready to sail today. The government there will rob you blind and fight you at every turn and the mark up on parts/materials is truly ludicrous. I originally didn't have the last two sentences in this comment because you tend to read things like that and take on this crazy young man's stance of "I'll show them". I truly hope that isn't the case again but I guess we'll see. I will watch and support your work in the small way I can and whatever you decide that will not change. I wish you nothing but the very best and all the luck in the world…
    Fair winds, following seas, safe travels and God Bless.

  7. A boat is a void that fills the emptiness in a persons heart, a searching for expanse and freedom to call home, the Ocean is the optimum place we call home when our dreams are taken away from us…

    I’m a multi skilled tradesman who converts huge wooden boats into passive Non Sea going homes, stay close to your family bro and find the freedom in your heart…

    Take it from a man who has sailed the seas in his heart, overcome mental health issues, lost his family, regained his focus and emerged the other side of his world….

    Would love to help anyone who’s searching for a way out of the harbour of their younger years.

    Now I’m a fully trained Psychotherapist and Trauma Councillor 💙💙💙

  8. RUN..🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️👩‍🦽👨‍🦽👩‍🦼👨‍🦼🏃‍♀️🏃‍♂️

  9. I totally agree with every one on here, It's going to cost you much more time and money than what you think it will cost you. Go home to the family and take you time to find the right boat nearby. You will do yourself, your mind and your body a favor. And don't loose Yoshi!

  10. My dad and stepmother built a 42 ft Narai Wharram cat, along with some paid help from myself and my sisters, among others, when I was a teenager. We all lived on it for a few months. One sister and her boyfriend lasted a month or two. My other sister stayed another month or two. I lasted the planned time period, which was almost a year. We built it in Toronto, Ontario and sailed across Lake Ontario, then down to the Intercoastal Waterway to Florida. I had a blast. This was in 1984-1985. He sold it several years later and found out recently it was still being sailed.

  11. You would spend all your savings and go broke fixing a wooden boat. 🙁 All the wood you scratched is water damage possibly was under water and salvaged. 🙁 Everything with wood rot would need to be replaced including behind the wood rot. 🙁 If you are going to go broke then spend your money on something in excellent condition that will not break or does not need fixing. 🙂

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