O problemă rezolvată cu puțin timp rămas | Episodul 23 Sailing Catalpa

O problemă rezolvată cu puțin timp rămas |  Episodul 23 Sailing Catalpa

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32 thoughts on “O problemă rezolvată cu puțin timp rămas | Episodul 23 Sailing Catalpa

  1. San Diego, I have traveled a lot. Been to so many cities. Not sure if believe in this or not but I have never experienced so many Paranormal Experiences as in San Diego. Out of all the cities and states and countries I have been to. Never have I ever been exposed to so much. Keep your eyes open there! There's a lot going on there!!!! 😔 But congrats on your solar! Can't wait to see the installation videos! Hilarious how she wanted to pull the plastic off so satisfying 🤣🤣 Great video❣️commented, liked, shared.

  2. Crazy idea for the leaking bimini top. There is a liquid rubber product you can buy at a plumbing supply place (Red skin I think) that you can paint on a wall to waterproof it, say before installing tile, maybe you could gamble a quart and paint the bimini?

  3. That floating stretcher ( or a non leaking replacement) makes it much easier to rescue someone injured or unconcious. To not replace it and then in the future have the misfortune to need it would be hard……

  4. Stupidity to remove a wind vane. As soon as you loose power, you will panic to replace it and probably mess it up! Unsubscribed from the begging channel, that affords a new yacht on the other side of the world and expects poor fools to pay for it! Another f*****g sponsorship 🙃 you are an embarrassment!

  5. Have a Merry Christmas ! For your bimini top there is a product called Scotchgard Outdoor Sun and Water Shield. It is made for fabric. It will help waterproof ypur bimini top . It is made by 3M and is only about $9.00 US. It comes in a spray can . Two cans will be plenty.

  6. I figured out the name of the square thing coming up from the hull that has water in it up to the water line. Its a SEA CHEST ! Another Sailor through out "water chest" but Chest was enough for me to find it !The OTher Sailor (In Sam Philipe, our weather man) was excited for me to find this for him, he said its been a while since he's seen one ! Its the place where you put the Sea Cocks to let water into the engine, and possibly even out . I'd sure like to hear more about it because they are a little Rare, almost as rare as Keel Coolers We give out weather forecasts every morning at 15:30z on 7.192 mhz lsb sideband.

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