Navigare pe vreme grea

Navigare pe vreme grea

În acest videoclip mă uit la clipuri și vorbesc despre alergarea înaintea vântului și a valurilor. Aceasta este doar părerea mea și strategia pentru a face față vremii grele la bordul meu Westsail 32, Mighty Sparrow. Cunoașteți-vă întotdeauna propria barcă, deoarece nicio barcă cu pânze nu va face față vremii grele în același mod. Fii în siguranță acolo!!! Susține canalul pe Patreon; Donații unice prin Paypal Venmo Vă mulțumim pentru sprijin!


20 thoughts on “Navigare pe vreme grea

  1. it was very simply put. The visuals were a great compliment to point out these strategies. Very helpful having showed different levels of wind velocity and how you adjusted accordingly , you make it look easy and it made sense. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Do you think there's a purpose to having a drogue as a 2nd to" last ditch effort"? Maybe for less experienced sailors? I appreciate you input greatly. I suspect your channel will grow fast. Happy new years!

  3. Hi Mr M Sparrow. I have a very similar boat but nowhere near your experience. You say why you can get away with only reefed mainsail in heavy downwind conditions i.e. long keel and mast fairly forward but could you comment on why you fin that sail plan better than just using the staysail alone? Love your vids.

  4. Happy New Year to you. I LIKE this method of you speaking over your video footage
    A big improvement!!! Keep this up!
    As you know , I am a fan of your boat and channel. I get your personality, however some recent “first timers” my get scared off by some of your antics. I am not trying to offend you but rather hoping to give you an insight and just my opinion because I want you and your channel improve and continue to get more viewers. Best of luck
    Ps: I am 76 years old and still solo sailing my Westsail 32.

  5. I hate those kind of seas. Boat can't decide port or starboard tack and wind vane gets lost in the wash of the breaking seas. Maybe your bro can stitch you up a trysail so those gybes don't stress the boom. Great footage and thanks for sharing

  6. Man, I really enjoy your video's. This one was awesome!!!
    I learned much more about boat handling in this video than in any other Ive watch… I have watch a few channels.
    I have never sailed in my life, but have always admired the looks of a sail boat. The more I watch these sailing channels the more interested in learning and doing i become. This one video has motivated me so much more.
    So, thank you very much.
    Happy New Year! 🍻

  7. I just discovered your channel. I’m a YT sailor 😂 On a positive note, I’m learning especially from a master sailor like yourself. I learned of the Golden Globe Race 2022. I can certainly see you undertaking the next GGR. If so, I’m on board to help sponsor you. Cheers 🍻 Skipper ! I’ll be following you.

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