Trimiterea potrivită pentru navigație Ep 89

Trimiterea potrivită pentru navigație Ep 89

Navigați cu barca cu pânze în 2023 cu un cadou de la prietenii noștri de apă! Urmărește-ne aici: Vă mulțumim pentru sprijin!


20 thoughts on “Trimiterea potrivită pentru navigație Ep 89

  1. Happy new year.
    Thats an great positive start to the year and your crusing season. Have you got an spinaker because that will be an big asset to your sailing and it will enhance
    your crusing range.

  2. Dolphins are by nature playful creatures and one of their favorite things to do is ride the pressure wave created by the force your boat makes pushing the water in front of it up and away from the sides

  3. I grew up sailing in the Manatee River and Tampa Bay back in the '80's, and the last NYE I was there- '92- I remember it snowing just a little bit. Funny, 30 years later to the day here we are and after half a lifetime of snow in the North East and out West, I do pine for FL sailing again. Thanks for letting me enjoy my old stomping grounds through your videos.

  4. Very cool – thanks for sharing. Looks like you had fun. Here's wishing you a happy and safe new year with lots of successful boat projects, sailing days, and videos that take us along.

  5. The Dolphins are attracted to the motor because they think you are a shrimping boat. The shrimp boats, throw back small feeder fish caught in the nets. Great video happy new year.

  6. Love the Dolphin footage! One of my dreams is to sail the gulf someday and see the dolphins swimming by the bow. My O'day 25 is under a tarp sitting on a trailer for the winter here near Chicago. Only 77 days until spring….! Thanks for sharing your sailing cruise : )

  7. Those weather apps are just graphics. Based on models made by reports and put into the forecast. Just because it looks perdy and fancy, doesn't mean it's right. Technology is no substitute for self briefing and good old fashioned weather know how, so to speak.

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