Acum suntem fără casă! // LAHAKAI Ep14

Acum suntem fără casă!  // LAHAKAI Ep14

Acum că am ajuns navigând în noua noastră locație, trebuie să găsim o casă pentru noi și pentru ca barca noastră cu pânze să continue restaurarea ambarcațiunii. Și în timp ce încercam să găsim un loc pentru noi, cel mai surprinzător lucru s-a întâmplat pe măsură ce familia noastră devine puțin mai mare! ============================= Urmează multe altele, așa că nu uitați să vă abonați la Lahakai! ➡️ VIDEO SĂPTĂMÂNALE ÎN FIECARE DUMINICĂ LA ORA 11 AM (BRT) ÎNTREBĂRI? Aveți întrebări despre proiectul nostru, construcția noastră sau despre noi? Postează în secțiunea de comentarii a acestui videoclip! CINE SUNTEM NOI? Suntem Luke, Lori și Leon 🙂 Ne place ideea de libertate a mării deschise, orizonturi nesfârșite și casa noastră oricând doriți. Așa că construim Lahakai – o barcă cu pânze de 34 de picioare, complet electrică, pe care o vom naviga în jurul lumii! Sau cel puțin acesta este scopul și puteți vedea progresul nostru pe parcurs. Sperăm să ni te alături în călătoria noastră în apă și în jurul lumii! ============================= SPRIJINUL DVS. ESTE APRECIAT! 🌎 Like, Abonați-vă și comentați! Este gratuit și face o mare diferență 🙂 🌏 Alătură-te PATREON CREW Patronii ne fac posibile videoclipurile! Membrii echipajului primesc actualizări în timp real și conținut exclusiv. 🌍 Ajută donând pe PayPal ==================== ======== Aflați mai multe despre noi pe acele locuri sociale 😁 Instagram: Facebook: ⛵Site web și blog: https :// ============================== Toată muzica noastră este licențiată de la ARTLIST. Obțineți 2 luni GRATUITE folosind acest link : Abonați-vă la animație de Datele hărților din OpenStreetMap ============= =================


41 thoughts on “Acum suntem fără casă! // LAHAKAI Ep14

  1. I do not really know but would it not be cheaper or as cheap to buy used sand blasting kit? it is only an air compressor and a few other bits. Then we get to watch you do it yourself 😉

  2. Great place to "drop anchor" while looking for a temporary home! You've got Yaba as a good resource, wheels, and a furry companion who needed you to arrive just as fate decreed. I am loving following your sailboat revival, but am equally following your new 1 year old (whose name I can't recall or spell or pronounce) pup. You have good hearts and, like Yaba's captain Caillo, Lahakai now has a new crewmember. Thanks for this sharing with us.

  3. Wouldn't it be cheaper to find someone on the edge of town that has a extra yard and will rent it to you while you're finishing up your rebuild.. it would be nice to give your money to a family that needs it more than a business

  4. Moment I saw you guys have a true heart for that little 'Castaway' I knew I'll be watching every single episode of your videos, you're good people.
    💖 from South Africa.

    Ps. My profile picture is of my little castaway 'Moppy' that brought so much love in my life but sadly went to doggy heaven five years ago, still on my mind and in my heart.

  5. When you are in the right place everything you need will come to you when you need it. Just like drifting downstream in a river current that steers you around all the trouble. Not too fast or slow.. just stay in the current. (nature is so full of life lessons) Live every day, enjoy the ride and I'll gladly agree with you for a bright happy future.

  6. Our Cat's are cousins, apparently the Egyptians imported cats colored that way from S Africa eons ago. Our dogs are all adopted street dogs, they make be best pets. Hope you get a repair spot set up soon.

  7. No longer is this a channel about a boat but now its also one about a dog and his people. So enjoy your channel along with Yaba and the Odd Life one. All are so entertaining. May you soon find a home for yourselves and your soon to be floating home.

  8. Happy new year to o you all. Wow how lucky is that little dog. Well I think he just landed on his feet. Best of luck finding somewhere to complete your boat project. If you could find a yard & workmanship like Yaba you will be doing ok. All the best & give man's best friend snuggles for me. SV Kiwi Lady Opua Bay of islands New Zealand 👍

  9. Happy new year. I wish your hard work will be successful and you will eventually have a great boat.
    Cute puppy by the way. He found a great family to be part of. You probably saved his life and that's great 👍

  10. Of course, there will be tests and challenges for the cosmic-loving sailors at the beginning, but it looks to me like you are right on track in The Divine Plan. What better way to find what you need then to furnish it for a deserving soul. Highest Blessings

  11. Many here greets the quality and narration of the Lahakai videos. Guess an additional explanation why ppl love the videos (and more and more) is Lory's extremely pleasant personality and actor-like performances, with Luke not that far behind either. And she's damn hot too.

  12. This episode brought tears to my eyes. It reminded me of the adoption of our dog, a miniature golden doodle named Darby. My wife and I live in Vancouver Washington, USA, retired, with time to seek out and enjoy the creative endeavors of people like yourselves. I follow Ben and MP, YABA and all the crew and am delighted that you found them and are working with them to realize your dream. I look forward to your future episodes and the stories you will write as a delightful couple with a neat dog and a cat and many followers to come. Happy New Year!

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