Construcție de bărci DIY – Cadrele temporare ale cocii sunt finalizate! – Ep. 330 RAN Sailing

Construcție de bărci DIY - Cadrele temporare ale cocii sunt finalizate!  - Ep.  330 RAN Sailing

Alăturați-vă echipajului RAN Sailing ~ pentru streamuri live, conținut exclusiv și multe altele Suntem o familie suedeză care a navigat prin lume din 2016 în timp ce împărtășim aventurile aici pe YouTube. În timp ce încă navigăm, obiectivul nostru principal acum este construirea RAN III, o barcă cu pânze de 50 de picioare pe care o construim singuri. Postăm un episod nou în fiecare vineri, așa că asigurați-vă că vă abonați și apăsați clopoțelul pentru a fi primul care află când există un nou episod! CONECTAȚI-VĂ CU NOI – Site: – Instagram: – Facebook: PRODUSE ȘI CAMERA: https:// Am colectat unele dintre produsele pe care le folosim în viața noastră de croazieră și realizarea de videoclipuri în magazinul nostru Amazon. Dacă cumpărați oricare dintre articolele din magazinul nostru, primim un mic „ka-ching” în pisicuța noastră de croazieră (fără costuri suplimentare pentru dvs.). Mulțumesc mult și mulțumesc programului Amazon Influencer. Credite muzicale: Love, Malin, Johan & Vera


22 thoughts on “Construcție de bărci DIY – Cadrele temporare ale cocii sunt finalizate! – Ep. 330 RAN Sailing

  1. 2:35 Rather than put a step in there which will be in the way of everything, I would suggest either a foot 'hole' in the bulkhead to step up or a cut-away half way up.
    This would mean you won't take away any lower floor space.

  2. Might I suggest you add something such as CAT 5 cabling and ports across various parts of the boat to easily plug in things like infra-red alarm sensors when at anchor in some not-so-safe anchorages.

  3. Hey guys , awesome progress! .. my 2 cent on the cockpit design. Make sure the seating is titled into the backrest.
    This is so much more comfortable. Cushions don’t slide off and so you. Just a couple of degree up with nice round edge.

  4. lookin good. will the 3 front facing windows open for breeze. they make super strong glass now, opening outwards of course and breakage isnt an issue. fishing trawlers have had them for years.

  5. Looking good ! If you want to get a even more realistic perspective on how your interior will look and feel you could mock up sections out of cardboard. Later on when you done with it Vera can use it for playing house/boat. Cheers !!

  6. Both a sailor and an engineer, I am sooo full of curiosity as to how the strongback will come together and anchor all those pristinely made frames without shifting on that smooth floor during assembly? The bow frame is obviously not the bow edge, so I'm wondering also: How will the keel center run up and forward when making the bow? Thinking ahead, as the hull comes together it will become really heavy. Is the plan to roll it out of the barn when done, then flip it over using a lift crane? Sooo many questions – but so far, so very good.

    Blessings, S/V Windwalker

  7. How about raising the floor a bit in the saloon since it's quite high on both sides of the aisle? And by that gain a bit more headroom in the cabin below. Can you do that without compromising on the headroom when walking there? Then you have a small step up to the sofas and interior and a small step down to the head, if I see correctly on the 3D model. Are you not planning for another cabin for a possible sibling to Vera? 😉

  8. I get that johan wants to work with wood,he is a former carpenter. But what about all the maintenance ,upkeep with a wooden boat compared to Grp. Just dont get ,why they chose wood really. To use wood today,just seems ,so old fashion ed ,unless you are building a old looking schooner like Redaviva. Please can you explain more about the wood decision, good and bad with it.

  9. Enjoy your postings. I was thinking about the “temporary frames” this wood and the labour could be reused as “temporary frames” for another hull. Can these be reused? Potential cost recovery. Great project.

  10. Lovely work guys. The current layout has a lot of cubic footage above the kitchen in deck salon unused. Kitchen is down six steps from cockpit(pretty far and limits ventilation). The access to the front windows is limited as well. Have you tried modeling a U shaped settee facing aft. Split in middle with access forward? Slide the nav station aft and place kitchen to port and aft in deck salon. Sacrifice day head(no poo in deck saloon). Keep living area above and sleeping quarters and personal facilities below. Just some random thoughts. I enjoy your channel immensely!

  11. I may just be me but this design is definitely function over form as I personally do not appreciate the look with so many vertical lines above deck. So many hard edges, kinda of an ugly duckling. It may just be a result of the cad drawings.

  12. Hi nice project. But why a vertical surface in front of the deck saloon instead of a slanted one? I think an inclined surface will give a more harmonic appearance and not a diy projekt👍😊

  13. That's a brilliant job on the temporary frames, well done. Oh wow! That is great news about the timber, so happy for you. Your boat design is absolutely beautiful. It's going to be gorgeous. Love the vlog 🙂

  14. I just had this video pop up under recommendations, and I really liked your style right away. I’m now your newest subscriber. Mike from Colorado, USA.

    And just some words of affirmation: your use of professional advisors, such as your naval architect, speaks volumes about your integrity and intelligent approach to this rather large effort. Kudos to you!

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