Croaziera Shakedown de 200 de mile pe coasta Floridei (Monday Never Sailing – EP 61)

Croaziera Shakedown de 200 de mile pe coasta Floridei (Monday Never Sailing - EP 61)

Sosise timpul să pornim în sfârșit și să începem al 4-lea sezon! Este timpul să părăsim Sfântul Augustin, să ne scuturăm praful de pe pânze și să ne întoarcem să ne trăim viața pe apă. Vino cu noi în croaziera shakedown în timp ce ne îndreptăm de la St. Augustine la West Palm Beach, Florida. În ciuda unui sughiț timpuriu cu o vela principală blocată, este o călătorie la fel de lină și relaxantă pe cât ne-am fi dorit. Am văzut delfini, am cântat cântece și chiar am asistat la cea mai magică lună apusă chiar lângă o rachetă aprinsă. Sperăm să vă bucurați! Spune-ne ce ai vrea să vezi mai mult sau mai puțin în videoclipurile noastre viitoare. Noroc și la mulți ani! Muzică folosită Cat, Will și Maddie + Probă lunară gratuită, sunet epidemic:


10 thoughts on “Croaziera Shakedown de 200 de mile pe coasta Floridei (Monday Never Sailing – EP 61)

  1. Thanks for confirming that I don't want an in-mast furling system. I had a previous bad experience on a charter boat. The main got stock trying to furl it as we were getting back to the marina. Lucky for us, It was not windy. I can only imagine what would happen if it get stock while we really need to reduce sail. Thanks for the video. Can wait to go back sailing.

  2. Been watching you guys since the beginning a few years back, including your Ural adventures. It's great seeing you back on the water and keeping it real. Thanks for taking the time to bring us along. I love the White Marlin Open shirt as that is in my home town of Ocean City, Md.

  3. I was taught that the way to clear an in-mast jam is to:
    1. Keep slight tension on the outhaul.
    2. Winch gently on the in-haul until you feel the jam clear.

    That process smooths out the wrinkle that caused the jam. Try that if/when it happens again.

  4. I would have loved to have seen a rocket launch from the ocean side, especially at night.
    Hang around for one day to see a night launch, think what your daughter would have remembered.

  5. I love watching your journey! I loved the rocket shot all lit up and I also loved when you baby girl asked if she could come out there with Cat… (her eyes <3) Cat says yes, Will says no…. it was beautiful how calm she was when she didn't get her way!

  6. Your journey reflects our own in 2022. We made it all the way to Georgetown before heading back. So many good memories and challenges. Thank you to the Monday Never Family!

  7. Guys, I’m soooo glad that you are back sailing🤩 ….you belong on the water, at least thats what I humbly think 🤗🤭 I was so sade when you started to do these ”wierd things”…. driving around in mc and things like🥸🤭 I love your laidback style, calm but with great enthusiasm. And then you also bring another princess of the seas, joining the royale court with Vera, Sierra the nugget, and Renata 💕(you know Ran, Delos, Soulianos) Big hug, from Sweden, and looking forword to see what you have in store for us. 🤗

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