CONSTRUCȚIA BARCĂ: Interiorul nostru de vis [E61]

CONSTRUCȚIA BARCĂ: Interiorul nostru de vis [E61]

În acest episod, putem vedea cum va arăta viitoarea noastră barcă! Mulțumim lui Markos, un arhitect naval din Grecia pentru realizarea acestor desene 3D. Noua afacere a lui Markos!! Canalul de YouTube al lui Danner!! *** Patron: *** Pentru donații simple, o singură dată Venmo: @theduracellproject *** Ai o idee? Trimite-ne un e-mail:


44 thoughts on “CONSTRUCȚIA BARCĂ: Interiorul nostru de vis [E61]

  1. I am generally impressed with this design, which is thoughtful and practical. The one thing I question is whether you really want a master bed with access on only one side. It means one of you is going to have to climb over the one to get in and out of bed. Having spent lots of time in a tight forecastle with very little space to crawl in and out, I suspect that will get old. Will you be taking turns switching sides?

  2. Just a thought. An extra head would come in handy and it’s a really big boat with lots of room. When having guests aboard they could use it, or when your main head becomes unserviceable,it’s good to have another.

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  4. Hi guys.
    I like the way your interior design is looking, especially the doghouse berths, very practical and going to be a really nice place to be on long passages.
    Just a thought; I was wondering whether it might not be a bad idea to get all of the new f’glass at the stern temporarily protected from UV until you’re ready to get the finish coatings applied, to prevent resin and core degradation? My limited experience is that you don’t really notice anything happening to it until it’s gone pretty far because it’s a slow but uniform constant change.
    Anyhow, it’s just a thought from an overly detail-obsessive sailing nerd. 😄
    Cheers! R.

  5. Hi. Im a big fan. Had been following your work for a while. Following watching the dedign video wanted to tell you that i recommend that you move the front bulket forward into the huge locker approx 1 meter for 2 reasons. 1. When you have a big locker lots of things seem to find their way over there making the bow lower and sinking deeper. 2. Of course moving 1 meter forwatd gives you the option to make the bed an island approachable from both sides. Important for prosperity in partnership this is from living on board experience 🙂 keep up the goid work. I hope to meet you one day on the water.

  6. One concern that I have, comes from the thought process that I had in renovating part of my home, including the kitchen. Think of the path of travel from when you come down the companionway and head to the bow. Are you creating an obstacle course that you will have to negotiate every single time you walk through the boat; twice if you are having to make a quick return trip. It might look nice on paper but that can get old really fast in reality. As an example, our architect placed an island in our kitchen which was what we wanted. But, we made one small change – we turned it 90 degrees which completely opened up the pathway past it. Far fewer bruised hips and far less cursing something we loved otherwise.

  7. Veryyyyyy nice. In my opinion, the kitchen island is a hindrance. It takes up space and hinders circulation. I would remove it and move the galley countertop aft. This way you get to enlarge the dinette aft, expanding the L-shaped settee to a U-shaped settee.

  8. 50% of the suggestions in the comments hold great value, the other 50% seems to be just personal preferences. However, suggestions like inside helm station, extending the master into the forward bulkhead, etc are excellent suggestions. The current interior plan, maintains too much of a race boat bare bones feel. If you're going to turn this length of boat into a cruiser, it seems like a crime to only live in half of the boat, when 2/3rds of it is easily accessible for living space.

  9. might be a bit late but seeing the render i just realized that the corner fo the head is to make place for the mast.
    If you put the mast inside the head/shower when it leaks you have all water in an already wet compartment, so you do not get water in the saloon and bilge, just directly to the shower drain! It is like this in my boat and its amazing , also done in J/120

  10. I’ve followed your channel for almost the beginning, also sailed, designed and built boats for 40years, as I go though the comments, other than people who just say how nice it is! However may never have sailed or been overnight on a yacht, most comments are moving the Navigation station up, and I know you say you will have a Plotter up, but it’s not the same as have everything up then you don’t have to go down stairs, no vision and if your wet no water below
    The other comments re the second head is valid as well, follower’s are just giving advice from years of sailing

  11. Medallia, currently at Carrington Boats, Hythe, UK for refit, is getting a new rigg after two Vandee Globes and a lot of miles. Don t Know if you have secured a mast for Duracel.

  12. The interior design looks great. I like the island in the saloon. We have a Pullman berth on our Saga 43. I like it until one of us must get out in the middle of the night. Could you look to put in a hand holed and a place to step without snagging a souses shin?
    Keep up the great videos.

  13. Looks great! The views of the boat using cad were enlightening. I like the suggestion that the main hearth be on the centerline, but since I’ve not slept on a boat in years, I’d defer to you guys.

  14. Master sleeping. Do a twin bed on each side. You’ll each have more space comfort / won’t get as hot or disturbed by other when sleeping / easy in and out for each of you to the center. Still a nice comfy space so can chit chat in the evening, etc.

  15. Love it. My only concern is the workbench. How far will it encroach into the saloon area or will it be hidden behind a door?
    Not sure I'd be wanting to sit in the living area looking at a half finished project or risk getting fumes, dust etc into the saloon. Keep up the great content.

  16. In my opinion, when designing the space in a sailyacht the 'Pareto rule' is not good enough. When you move on the boat it should fit like a glove. Imagine all the costs when your're done, at the cost for buying a berth and devide that over the squarefeeet of this boat. After two years of living on the boat it ist that big annymore. And than you Start thinking of these small 'undesigned' spaces to change and what unused space actually costs. Atleast I had that experiance, I lived on a 60ft flatbottemd sailing barge (from 1917) for 10 years. I Was always thinking, i wish the entrance were 30 centimeteres to the right and than this and that. And that applayed to many more things. I had a 300 liter watertank and when i lived on it i noticed i used about 400 liters a week my goal Was to be independant for a whole weekend so i bougt a 1000l tank. But it was not a small project. I had 100s of projects vew i did manny I didn't. All was a nice hobby when i didnt had a girlfrind and Kids jet. Now I sail on ships of friends.
    That all said, I think you do a great Job and just keep on Going.
    Maybe, when the outlines of the interrior are forming , you can take your of the boat and clean it, then live on it for ten days with a couple of friends. Maybe you find out that your workbence would sleep an extra friend when it was 20 cm longer( for exMple).

  17. Is it possible to put a work bench on one side or the other in the large engine room or rear area that's going to be the engine and utility room?? Even if it's a fold down nice piece of timber I think it would be great to have somewhere to work on greasy and oily things cause you don't want to drag dirty things clear up by the head. I don't know what headroom is like back there but you can always sit on the floor and still have a fold down table for said projects..I would like to see what you have planned for the layout of said area

  18. For a 60ft boat and a live aboard circumnavigating vessel I’d be having an island berth in the master stateroom accessible from both sides and I’d increase the size of the head, the shower space seems small I would almost go as far to make the work bench area a separate toilet area and keep the current head space for vanity and larger shower. Move the workspace to one of the aft cabins so the door can be closed mid project and your not sitting at the settee looking at a cluttered work bench. I would have the nav station up in the dog house the visibility up there is great. Loving following this build as a boat builder and yachtsman myself it’s great to see a project coming together and some quality craftsmanship with modern materials and techniques

  19. The only design issue that jumped out to me was the shape of the galley island… Have you considered a trapezoid design (with shorter aft side)? You would lose a bit of surface area, but flow by the galley is significantly enhanced. I'm picturing some quick ingress/egress situations that I wouldn't want to have navigate around it. Further, it could have some symmetry with the table located just fore of it…

  20. Consider a bunk above the salon dinette for youngster to hang out, read and sleep. We had a Pearson 35 in my junior high school years which we cruised for several month every summer and that was my bunk. Perhaps another window if you do this and move the storage?

    Also, I couldn't tell if you have a seat in the shower? We like our boat shower seat so much we add them to our house showers.Others have mentioned more room in your master forward and two having access to get out of bed as you get older. Three hatches also great at anchor for airflow when sleeping. PNW vessels need a wet locker as was mentioned. Very cool project. Matt, great to see all the progress onboard and engineers and architects stepping up to help.
    (53,000 views in three days!)

  21. The aft/centre portion of the head exterior wall (in the interior of the yacht) that looks kind of cut out…is that to accommodate the mast? I assume this is a keel-stepped mast. Speaking of the mast, any updates coming soon? Thanks from ST Miss Foxy in Singapore. Cheers!

  22. The toilet configuration is the exact type that throws you off with your pants around your ankles right as you……

    The toilet is best facing fore and aft (or at least 45 degrees) with provisions to wedge yourself in so you can't be thrown off the throne. One of the best interior layouts is that from the Adventure 40. It's a project that is a response to most modern production boats being designed more for entertaining guests in a marina than actually sailing across oceans in the worst conditions you can run into out there.

    It brings together the combined experience of the blue water liveaboard community to design the ultimate actual Blue Water Liveaboard sailing boat designed to sail the world rather than just being a floating condo.

    They couldn't find a reasonably priced boat that was fit for purpose, so they came together to make their own web search for Morgans Cloud adventure 40 and you should find more info on it that might give you some ideas.

    In fact, Attainable adventures cruising is the best source of sailboat and sailing information on the web and is much more reliable than just the forums.

    It combines the forum and curated blog posts with comment sections. If you're interested in sailing, it's a must-visit.

  23. Love to see the interior renderings! Just curious: is there good access to the oven? Island seems a little close there. The doghouse is a thing of beauty! Hanging out up there is going to be ideal.

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