Traversând cel mai periculos bar fluvial din lume

Traversând cel mai periculos bar fluvial din lume

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39 thoughts on “Traversând cel mai periculos bar fluvial din lume

  1. Thank you for watching everyone. We've hit 100 000 subscribers too, so this is a bit of a special episode! 🥳 What did you think, was it too long or are you one of those that like longer videos? I don't necessarily plan on releasing many such long videos in the future (so much work to edit 😬), but for this one I felt like I needed to cover a larger span of time to make the story complete…

  2. Hi, great to watch, esp the drone views. Thank you for doing these. loving them. All of them, sailing and boat refit. Yes liked the longer one also. Best wishes from New Zealand.

  3. I cant beleieve you said that you look up conditions rather than monitor VHF. Honestly as a PNW native Racer, please check in at the yacht club and say hi. on your way through PNW/BC, please take advantage of the yacht clubs for information and navigation. please. the internet is not as good. plus, connections for dockage and local transportation. It was great to see you enter my home sailing ground. You are the first of the folks I follow that has made the treck to the Salish Sea, oddly, also a snowboarder. If you ski here, vs B.C., consider Mt Baker. its a quick ride inland from Bellingham, and the best snow in washington (deep). freeaking expensive. Fair Winds! You should probably come down South to Seattle and stay over at Shillshole Marina. I'd be suprised if you dont already have invites?!

  4. Hello, I'll be ski touring/sailing in prince William sound in mid to late march on then heading south. Would be fun to meet up and I can tell you about the NWP, if you're tempted of going that way.

  5. with the right flow time disappears. really enjoyed the sailing. I hope you get a chance to explore the gulf islands(Lasqueti). Good health to you Both& Yacht. Nice work.🍀Onnellinen ajat! Sometimes if the story is shined up the good parts are Lost. IMO

  6. I lived in that area (Astoria and Chinook) for many years. Listened to local marine band radio all the time, whenever vessels got into trouble is was usually because they either ignored the local weather report, ignored channel markers or a combination of other things that they ignored. All those warnings are there for a reason, to help people survive and its a real bummer when people think they are above this type of management. I witnessed a few rescues or attempted rescues of vessels by either the coastguard helicopter or boat. The worse part of that is people such as yourself who ignore warnings are putting the lives of coastguard at risk all because of your attitude. You think the hell with their warnings but when you are headed for the rocks or upside down you will be praying they save your ass.

  7. As everyone else has said, length was about right and very interesting. Is that shaft seal still leaking? I think you shimmed the shaft to centralise it rather than relying on the seal to centralise ? ( I made that mistake), so it shouldn't leak at all?

  8. I have sailed that. You had great weather! I’m still trapped on the Columbia. Hope to get going north in April. Working for some freedom chips$$$ right now. Thanks for sharing your adventures.

  9. Why would you buy a sea going sailboat, with a center board? I wouldn't! A lot of time and money went into that boat! I think I would have left it where it was!
    Safe travels!

  10. It was a great video! Are you planning on sailing the NW passage in the winter or pulling out and going back home? Love your videos I have been watching since the beginning! Hope you both safe travels! Always keep a eye on the weather. It can be your friend or enemy ,but I know you know that!! Take care from the east coast of Canada 🇨🇦

  11. Thanks for the lovely video. I got a feel for what it's like out on the Pacific coast. And learned about the Columbia Bar. I didn't know it was so dangerous before this. Good luck from Iowa.

  12. You mentioned that some people follow boat builders/refitting channels and others follow sailing channels. Although I often prefer the former, I LOVE how you present the latter! Fantastic pace and content… from my cosy home in Southwestern Ontario, Canada.

  13. While in the USN, my ship was stationed in Portland. I've been over that bar about 40+ times… Sometimes the swells were over 35ft; very rough. No matter what the weather was doing, we always had a pilot with us… Good luck !

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