Barcă liberă, prima navigare, probleme cu motorul pe râu! Ai lua barca asta??

Barcă liberă, prima navigare, probleme cu motorul pe râu!  Ai lua barca asta??

Ajutați-ne în această aventură sălbatică devenind un susținător Patreon: Ei bine, Simon, Hailly și cu mine am luat o barcă și acum facem o restaurare majoră a ei! Totul începe aici! Aceasta este povestea primelor 24 de ore cu ea și a aventurii sălbatice pe care am avut-o, ducând-o la șantierul de bărci pentru a-l scoate! Instagram: Instagram: Instagram: Instagram: Muzica Muzica: Solitude Muzician: Rook1e Muzician: Shoreline Muzician: Muzica Rook1e: Imaginatie pura Muzician: Rook1e Muzician: Sunrise Muzician: Ilya Marfin Site: Muzica: Evergreen Muzician: Gabriel Site: Muzica: Flying Musician: Carl Storm Muzica: V Muzician: Weary Eyes Site: Muzica: Looking In My Eyes Muzician: Ann Abel Site: Muzica: Denim Muzician: Site EnjoyMusic :


47 thoughts on “Barcă liberă, prima navigare, probleme cu motorul pe râu! Ai lua barca asta??

  1. Sounds like the beginning of an incredible adventure. The production company of Captain Ron actually bought 3 Formosa 51's. One was a wreck, another housed the film crew and the third was the one most of the scenes were shot in. Also, Youtube "Sailing Miss Lone Star" refurbed a Formosa 51

  2. 3-4 dedicated souls who arent afraid of work.
    And 12 months
    and that is an AMAZING Formosa again
    If you need any pointers or sourcing of parts contact Aubrey from Sailing Miss Lone Star.
    She is a Formosa GuRu

    Fair Winds – Good Luck !

  3. Oo Boy oo Boy! Congrats!?!?!
    Can't wait to see the her all fixed up. And from what I can see is she Needs a Ton of work. But those Boats once fixed are just fantastic Boats. So Good luck and I will be here on my lanai waiting for the next video.
    So until next time. Aloha from the Big Island of Hawaii!

  4. I bought a Erwin 40, in the same condition,😢😢, lots of work 2 years, had her in Rockport Texas, the year Hurricane Harvey hit and wiped Rockport Texas out along with my Rose Marie, I had insurance, but allll that work, I did myself😢😢😢😢😢😢

  5. You're extremely lucky to get this boat… It's beautiful… The more flaws you point out, the more I see it as character…. The one major thing that tells me you're way ahead of the game is that it floats… And has been floating for many many years… Anyone that thinks they're going to get a perfect boat for free is

  6. You should have siphoned the fuel out and let it sit for about 45 minutes and another container or a bowl or whatever and then just took the fuel off of the top I had to do that once

  7. I loved the aft cabin boats when I was looking at them when I was in my 20s. I could never commit, I ended up buying real estate, my dream of sailing is still a dream, at 70.

  8. I recently took on a sailboat made in France (Kire 50-33) and it's my project boat. So I know kind of what you are going thru… Looking forward to watching your progress

  9. Would never take a free boat again in my life. They are always trouble and they are free because they have massive issues. People just want them gone and know they are not worth much.

    The only free boat I would take is from an old sailor who retires from the sea, doesn't care about the money any more and just wants his boat in good hands.

  10. Looks like a Vagabond. Hey to all interested, nobody runs a long inactive boat on the old fuel in the tanks bc it has water from condensation collected as you found. You must flush and scrub the tanks and use only fresh, clean fuel from a new tank if you want to keep going. Im here in my boat with two 60 gallon tanks I filled twenty years ago and who knows how much algae and crap is in that fuel. It needs fully filtered before use and I use only from a new 12 gallon tank just installed. Glad this boat found a great new life!

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