AN NOU, ECHIPĂ NOU, Călătoria începe ACUM!

AN NOU, ECHIPĂ NOU, Călătoria începe ACUM!

Vrei actualizări în timp real?! Susține canalul nostru! Ați dori să ne cumpărați o bere sau un cadou o singură dată Verificați fața magazinului nostru Amazon pentru a vedea produsele de la refit, echipamentul foto pe care îl folosim, și echipamentul preferat de barcă. Merch! Susține canalul nostru și primești ceva extraordinar în schimb! Încărcăm un videoclip nou în fiecare săptămână! Nu uitați să vă abonați și să distribuiți videoclipul. De asemenea, ne puteți găsi și contacta aici -Instagram @Kristen.r.davis @Neptunes_reaper /Neptunes_reaper -Facebook -Tiktok Iată un cod de recomandare pentru a obține un credit de 20 USD când te înscrii în GOOGLE FI UTILIZAȚI CODUL K18F80 *Acesta este planul nostru telefonic internațional* SAILMAKER-ul nostru Precision Sails Pentru întrebări de afaceri svdeaddolphin Muzică pentru videoclipurile noastre -Epidemic Sound merită… -ARTLIST


37 thoughts on “AN NOU, ECHIPĂ NOU, Călătoria începe ACUM!

  1. I lived in Clearwater for 30 years. I think I know your dad from Cuso's on Indian Rocks Beach or the Driftwood on Sunset Beach, I dont know, 10 years ago maybe more. Pretty cool guy. So awesome you got to share the experience with him.

  2. Careful on mooring mind got loose and got now to haul out to fix. Right now in tampa returning until i get the marina call to be back to haul. Beside that got 3 agm dead battery. What a week

  3. you're comment about the tiller and pushing opposite to the way you want to go is interesting because when they originally started using wheel steering on ships (the tillers just got too big), that was a discussion on just how the wheel was to be rigged, a little historical factoid.

  4. Lol.. Matt represents every dude everywhere when their partner is talking about their new hair cut… so funny. Bro be like, u lucky u got hair to cut that ain’t in your chin, balls, or back… just sayin’

  5. Too bloody funny, 1st two seconds I thought, gez how on earth did Kristen let you wear the butter stained shirt on camera lol……long live stains brother!

  6. WOW and OUCH !! I’ve watched you guys for years it seems but this one hurt! I also live in Fl. And I’m homeless now, living in my car and so hurt by the thought of my daughter worrying about me instead of being a role model in taking on the world. The best advice I can give you is keep cheering your Dad on and helping him with ideas of a future. When your at the bottom there’s a lot of mud in the brain and it’s so hard to focus at times to find your way out!

  7. Hey Matt please tell me about your dinghy motor. Who makes it, horsepower, 2 or 4 stroke? The Good, bad and ugly of it! Please!! I’m looking to buy an inflatable to cruise the canals with my grandkids. Thank You in advance bud……..

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