Întâlnesc doi dintre cei mai mari YouTuber din Sailing și aproape că ajung pe zidul rușinii…

Întâlnesc doi dintre cei mai mari YouTuber din Sailing și aproape că ajung pe zidul rușinii...

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31 thoughts on “Întâlnesc doi dintre cei mai mari YouTuber din Sailing și aproape că ajung pe zidul rușinii…

  1. One of this winter's project i'm helping with on my daughter's boat is stripping, grinding, chiseling, maybe soon to be blasting (jk) the ancient adhesive and foam backing residue left behind after the previous owner tore out all of the cabin/hull liner. I'd recommend avoiding that job at all costs! It's not just the physical aspect, but the solvents are atrocious! 🤢 There's got to be a work around without going to that extreme. I'm not a expert but wouldn't the bolts attaching the wood rail to the hull be causing corrosion presently if they weren't aluminum? You'd think they'd be aluminum. If so, corrosion wouldn't really be an issue if you decided to saw through them and they dropped into Karl's neither regions. 😅 Just a thought…i could be totally off base.

  2. wow, I cannot even imagine you would have ever associated your honest channel, good channel, a channel wanting to better the world with plastic recycle organization you created. etc.
    With delos!?
    I think after all these years, I might have to un-subscribe.
    I had you as one of the best and most honest yt channel for years..
    Thankfully we are getting other platforms like rumble where posters do not have to prostitute themselves.

  3. Aah girl as far as utube channels pretty sure you are far ahead of those other utubers you ve done pretty much everything yourself and what you didn’t know how to do you learned how to do it ,,,as always cheers girl

  4. I would encourage consideration of a separate video about eliminating the external wood on Karl's aluminum hull because it is a technical problem so the more specific descriptions and measurements provided the higher the potential quality of the answers may be. Might also describe tools and labor skills available to encourage cook book like instructions on how to get it done. You figure things out so those in the know might find helping you to be a pleasure.

  5. Hello Nike
    Following your trip since some years, now. Waiting for news, new vidéos, new good Times I'll Never have.
    Some of my friends are following you too, we often speak about you.
    We all just have a constatation: It's harder and harder to understand what you say! And vocal fry is catastrophic!
    Listen to your first videos, you'll see something like a "difference"!
    Thank you for this moments.

  6. chuck a bit of string round the bolts, cut them down as much as you can without dropping it back into the hull then weld it into the hole. Rail off and holes plugged in 1 task. Cover the ugly by capping it all with half a pipe like you suggested.

  7. Love your videos, and by the way Delos is the one🏋🏻‍♀️🤟🏋🏻‍♀️, The Vaga…. is only about money, not sailing…

  8. Hi Nika. I think I already read some splendid advice on your wooden rubrail issue. Well, it is no longer wood from the looks of it. More like pulp. My last boat was a Waarschip 1010. Hull was mahogany, deck was teak and some freaking idiot put a aluminium toerail on top of the teak and screwed it thru the teak and also into the mahogany with RVS screws. Little did I know this was doomed to go wrong. Which it did. Always, since then, wonder about using different materials in one boat. Longterm fix will be: take it all away and replace by aluminium (same grade as Karl's hull). Shortterm: Take wood off, clean and expoxy the bolts where they are to prevent leaks. And then decorate with recycled plastic as someone else suggested. Succes. And…..Boga behaves like a superdog. Wonderfull. Dogs always behave like their owner. You may take this as a well meant compliment.

  9. What marina are y’all at in Costa Rico
    Love your videos Nike I will be down soon hopefully sailing out of California down the coast hopefully getting to Ecuador
    Cheers from Texas
    S/V oceancowboy 🤠⛵️

  10. Hi Nike, a simple option for the running strip is to use a hole saw in a drill over each bolt from the outside. Cut right through the rubbing strip and also the hull, the bolts and nut come out through the hole and you then repair the hole.

  11. Woohoo! I got a mention 😂 Mariposa is still such a great solid boat and she’ll make a great boat for someone. I was a bit out of my depth at the time, but hope she’ll fall into the right hands. Great channel. All the best!

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