Navigare către Malaezia: Prima traversare a ecuatorului cu barca cu pânze Ep 195

Navigare către Malaezia: Prima traversare a ecuatorului cu barca cu pânze Ep 195

Navigarea către Malaezia: Prima traversare a ecuatorului cu barca cu pânze Ep 195 Navigarea dintr-o țară în alta cu barca cu pânze nu este niciodată lipsită de un element de dramă. Acest pasaj îl bifam trecând ecuatorul cu barca în timp ce ne rezolvăm problemele cu motorul. Una dintre bucuriile navigației sunt oamenii pe care îi întâlnim. În Belitung ne-am izbit de barca soră, „Cenuşăreasa” şi de echipajul ei din Austria, cu care am împărţit şantiere şi ancoraje în trei ţări diferite, acum patru! Când am descoperit că se confruntă și cu probleme cu motorul, i-am ținut aproape, negociând împreună cele mai aglomerate căi maritime din lume, Strâmtoarea Malacca, pe navigarea noastră din Indonezia în Malaezia. Muzică Vă mulțumim pentru că ne ajutați să ne menținem pe linia de plutire și susțineți procesul creativ. Puteți face parte din echipaj pentru mai puțin decât prețul unei cafele. Unii dintre susținătorii noștri preferă să aducă o contribuție directă prin Paypal: Avem și portofele cripto, dacă doriți to contribute to our maintenance fund that way: BITCOIN bc1qds53n9tqepxvauqn9dygtczltyu6genkfp9a8a ETHEREUM 0xB4Cb9e1Aa9c000055DAde5E077809B904EE34CDD CARDANO addr1q9xw6hjjqlad7av2k6facn0277u3q4tylrpyev9x9zs54vjva409ypl6ma6c4d5nm3x74aaezp2kf7xzfjc2v29pf2eqrf7zaz Dash Xh5xLgH4oQ4pwM6V3d9r96A52R6ckereTz DOGE DQGxY6Cak3AuuihR8R7iQHNcBp25z9WnMa WEB SITE SOCIAL MEDIA Follow us on: Instagram: Facebook: http:/ / Multă dragoste pentru toți, Rob, Rachel, Finn, Declan, Ivan POVESTE ÎN SPATE În 1997, după ce a vâslit la Jocurile Olimpice de la Atlanta, Rob a vâslit un mic Barcă din placaj de 7 m (22 picioare) la 2.500 de mile de la Tenerife (Insulele Canare) până la Barbados (Caraibe). Rob și partenerul de canotaj, Phil Stubbs, au avut nevoie de șase săptămâni pentru a câștiga cursa inaugurală Atlantic Rowing Race. Treci în 2014 și, căsătoriți cu trei copii, Rob și soția sa Rachel au achiziționat Javelot, un catamaran Fountaine Pajot de 43 ft. Înarmați doar cu cei 3 ani de curse de iahturi de clasa P ai lui Rob, cu vârsta cuprinsă între 11 și 13 ani, și cunoștințele inexistente ale Rachel, am pornit să învățăm frânghiile navigației pe ocean. Am spart lucruri, le-am înlocuit și am cunoscut barca lor înainte de a pleca în larg cu copiii, Finn (atunci 13), Declan (atunci 11) și Ivan (atunci 8), în remorche. Prin încercare și eroare am devenit călători încrezători, într-un fel. Planul? Să navighez în jurul lumii. O parte a călătoriei va fi reluarea călătoriilor pe mare ale fratelui mai mare al lui Rob, Kerry. Folosind scrisorile originale ale lui Kerry din anii 1970, sperăm să reluăm mișcările sale din Australia prin Indonezia și Asia de Sud-Est până în Cambodgia, unde viața lui Kerry a fost întreruptă după ce s-a rătăcit în apele cambodgiene în 1978. Kerry și doi prieteni au fost atacați de o barcă cu armă Khmer Rouge, capturat, torturat și executat. ***** Urmărește-ne în timp real pe Instagram și Facebook @thecruisingkiwis @finn_hamill @declan_hamill @ivanhamill #TheCruisingKiwis


45 thoughts on “Navigare către Malaezia: Prima traversare a ecuatorului cu barca cu pânze Ep 195

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  2. Be happy that Ivan refused even a sip of "champagne". Personally not my choice to this day but I have made other "substitutes" over the years and years and years.

  3. 2:50 oh Ivan what are you doing? Neptune isn’t going to recognise you as an official shellback now! Your still a tadpole, in his eyes! He can release the kraken on your butt! 😂

  4. 7:41 i would love a limited edition cruising Kiwis, ginger beer. Very cool! The bottle of sweat? Not so much, I wonder what got into the “house water tank?” Somebody drop some metal in there?

  5. 14:30, What came first the chick or egg, that looks like classic “no water damage”. Maybe if the chick came first the bearing in the pump locked up, which burned the belt, (thats why it was loose) and the lack of spinning even with a new impeller, no water killed it.. if a new pump fixes it, 99.9% sure it was the stupid bearing.. almost worth re-building a few and swap the entire pump every 12 months, And rebuild it, and put it back in stock as a new spare..

  6. Diggin' it, crew!!! And the subplot driving this adventure is not lost on me. It has to be tough to edit – and keep it light when it so very heavy. Rachel, your editing has like, gone up the scale – –

  7. As u may know by now, as far as dropping the hook in the exact place; this PROVES we are all part of the same energetic soup!
    Loved watching your channel, it’s was your brother’s story that got me hooked on youse when I stumbled upon it during stupid lockdown…
    Sending youse SO MUCH AROHA ❤

  8. its not coincident…its Kerry's spirit guiding the catamaran to drop anchor exactly where he did 40 + yrs ago. When one is in sync with the spiritual realm – many things which seemed improbable will become possible…crossing Equator and the Tropics one must take a tiny itsy sip just to mark the occasion… the youngest need to learn to be more flexible and not a hold out because he will discover in the adult real world is very different from teenage environment…Let experiences be his teacher…. velkom to Malaysia albeit a couple of months late however it is still good to follow the sailing….while you guys are sailing the world has change with the ongoing financial crisis, Ukraine war, peace between Iran and Saudi arranged by peacemaker China….Cannot wait for the Cambodia clip….

  9. How spooky is that. Quite unintentionally sailing the same route as Kerry, and even anchoring in the same spot. Must be a Hamill thing. I'm picking next episode will be an emotional one.

  10. you guys are incredible storytellers, loved watching your journey, and sharing Kerry's story with us all makes your journey that much more meaningful. Respect 🙏

  11. Bravo Rachel and Rob,
    Your journeying is just so impressive.

    Kerry’s suffering and torture by the Khmer Rouge at S21 is unphememable.
    It’s crucial that as many humans as possible hear Kerry’s story and also what the Khmer Rouge did to their own citizens. Atrocities! Beyond words!
    Looking at Kerry’s photo in S21 chambers … A gobsmacking story.
    Thank you for telling his story.
    The Hamill family genetics are striking and Kerry’s strength in the suffering he endured is beyond admirable.
    Wow! Thank you! All strength to you all in telling, advocating, representing and teaching us about your brothers and uncles story. Shocking. Ghastly. Fact. Evidence-based truth and family love.

  12. Welcome to Malaysia…..👍💚…its ok to wear any kind of cloth in malaysia except wearing a bikini in town or kampong ….😊….this fisherman did not used any cordinate or anything except compass…they just used their nature knowledge…..

  13. So we heard "I don't like it" from Ivan. Which begs the question, how many times has he tasted Indonesian champagne? But Ginger Beer isn't an issue we saw.

    I'm totally with ya Rachel…"Hang The Mic Back Up!" We know it's the most difficult thing on the boat to do, but at least give it a try Rob.

    Isn't Declan becoming a proper on camera personality!?!? The quick quipse coming in from the rain and with tasting the potato meal! Might have to write another Maze Runner and fit him into a solid role.

    Looking forward to this next vlog! Finn being with you all is so proper.

    Until then….

  14. What a fantastic passage and so well filmed and edited. Great crossing of the Equator celebrations. Ivan + Champagne don't mix obviously. lol. Loved the mechanics as usual. Glad you fixed it Rob. Things often break for no reason. Still following on from Kerry, this will be difficult for the whole family and you have my upmost respect for doing this. Keep well and safe. James.

  15. Great episode, can’t wait till next weeks, Rob’s storytelling of Kerry’s story is heartbreaking, but you guys retracing his voyage is inspirational

  16. Bravo !! standing by your guns and not participating in the "traditional stupidity" of drinking champagne (sparkling wine) in crossing the Equator. It is just as silly as having to drink green beer and eat green coloured eggs on St. Patrick's Day. Just another reason to indulge!

  17. Ivan, good on you for resisting all that peer pressure. Just be happy you didn't have to kiss a large Neptunes greasy belly button.

  18. Had me laughing at the start of your lovely vblog
    Great way to start my entertainment vblog that we all enjoy here in NZ
    Bloody good storm and rain like we have had recently with our cyclone .
    Lucky you were all awake to sort the sails
    Incredible how you anchored in exactly the same spot as your brother Kerry I personally believe the spirits of our loved ones travel with us continuously 😊
    Loved that you celebrated the equatorial crossing with a drop of champagne 🍾 👌
    Looking forward to the next episode but feel I may need my tissue 😢 could be a sad and moving episode.
    Loving all your hard work
    Thanks for sharing
    Cheers from the Tron team 👍 👏 🙌 👌 😎 😀 👍

  19. Rachel’s story-telling skills continue to impress. Declan’s dry wit makes me feel a figurative kinship with him. By his behavior, Ivan has been exposed as an Equator Denier. Note to Rob about engine parts: cut-rate parts are cheaper for a reason – you get what you pay for.

  20. Well now there’s no doubt about Riley and Alayna they’ve done it again! Sailing LaVagabonds Monkey style 🙈🙉🙊 while being viciously attacked and it’s made the news (With Updates) on the hour now warnings Aussies to tread carefully and “Watch the Monkey’s in Thailand and A current Affairs Today Extra Channel Nine in Australia 🇦🇺 everyone is talking about their brutal clash with monkeys on a Tai beach.🤣😂🤣 check it out my Kiwis friends. Here’s an oldie yet a goodie….

    This is a song about jealousy
    It's called, "Shock the Monkey"
    Cover me when I run
    Cover me through the fire
    Something knocked me out the trees
    Now I'm on my knees
    Cover me, don't you monkey with the monkey
    Monkey, monkey, monkey
    Don't you know you're going to shock the monkey
    Fox the fox
    Rat on the rat
    You can ape the ape
    I know about that
    There is one thing you must be sure of
    I can't take anymore
    Darling, don't you monkey with the monkey
    Monkey, monkey, monkey
    Don't you know you're going to shock the monkey
    Wheels keep turning
    Something's burning
    Don't like it but I guess I'm learning
    Watch the monkey get hurt, monkey
    Watch the monkey get hurt, monkey
    Cover me, when I sleep
    Cover me, when I breathe
    You throw your pearls before the swine
    Make the monkey blind
    Cover me, don't you monkey with the monkey
    Monkey, monkey, monkey
    Don't you know you're going to shock the monkey
    Too much at stake
    Ground beneath me shake
    And the news is breaking
    Shock! Yeah, Yeah!!!!
    Name the song 😊

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