Navigați prin cel mai incredibil oraș din lume! EP-76

Navigați prin cel mai incredibil oraș din lume!  EP-76

CHECKING OUT DIN SLOVENIA ȘI EXPORTAȚI licitația noastră pentru scutire de TVA, VELOCIZAȚI DIN SLOVENIA, PRIN MAREA ADRIATICĂ PENTRU ORAȘUL IUBIRII – VENEȚIA ITALIA! EXPLORAREA ORAȘULUI VENEȚIA ȘI A CANALELOR DE LA VENEȚA ȘI EXPLOATARE PENTRU INSULELE MURANO ȘI BURANO Săptămâna aceasta plecăm din Slovenia și îndeplinim cu succes formalitățile de scutire de TVA pentru noul nostru licitație și motorul exterior. Navigam din Slovenia peste Marea Adriatică către cel mai incredibil oraș din lume – Veneția! Nu pot să-mi cred ochilor, acest loc este incredibil și un loc pe care vrem să-l bifăm de pe lista noastră de câțiva ani și trebuie să o facem cu propria noastră barca cu pânze! Ne cazăm 2 nopți într-un port chiar vizavi de partea principală a Veneției, cu cele mai incredibile vederi. Explorăm orașul și canalele Veneției înainte de a ne îndrepta către alte insule populare din apropiere, Murano și Burano. Una dintre aceste mici insule cool fiind renumită pentru casele sale colorate. Ce două zile speciale explorând acest oraș incredibil cu barca! IUBIRE CONTINUTUL NOSTRU?? ❤️️ Sprijină creațiile noastre și obține avantaje exclusive devenind un Patron: ☞ 📱Conectează-te cu noi pe rețelele sociale: ☞Instagram: escapade/ ☞Facebook: 🛍 Cumpărați produsele noastre oficiale LTE aici: ☞ 🍻 Cumpărați-ne o bere sau faceți o donație la PayPal nostru: ☞ 🐱 Donați la Fondul nostru pentru animalele străzii: ☞ -the-street-animals-of-world?utm_source=messenger&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=p_cf+share-flow-1 Vă mulțumim, sunteți foarte apreciat! 💱 Acesta este cardul Multi-Currency pe care îl folosim pe măsură ce ne deplasăm prin lume: ☞ ☑Trimiteți sau convertiți bani la cursul de schimb REAL! ☑53 de valute diferite ☑Doar o taxă mică de transferat sau convertit (și știți dinainte) ☑Adăugați bani în contul dvs. Wise gratuit din contul dvs. bancar obișnuit INstantaneu cu payID ☑Carte de debit virtuale separate pentru achiziții online (mai ales la îndemână dacă faceți cumpărături online, în străinătate) ☑Carte de debit VISA cu detalii ascunse ale cardului (excelent pentru securitate/confidențialitate) ☑Ferențial pentru AFACEREA dvs., în special pentru cei cu clienți din străinătate!


45 thoughts on “Navigați prin cel mai incredibil oraș din lume! EP-76

  1. I am not a big fan of cities, really prefer my hometown of Whangamata NZ or my second home of Port Douglas. (An Aussie who lives in NZ) However it is cool to see you guys excited and really enjoying the experience. Nice one guys!

  2. I wonder, if you ever get to visit the Netherlands, how many people are gonna ask for pictures and autographs because youre almost a body double for Elise Schaap 😅

  3. That place looks sooooooo beautiful!! I want to go there so bad someday and all those little canals are just soooooo cool to me! I don’t know why but they are lmao! I think you guys did an amazing job on explaining the prices of everything cause that is what the majority of people are probably going to ask about, now that being I said that, was it pretty expensive there?! I still can’t believe they charged you to sit down and eat or at least I think that’s how I took that, I’m referring to the first night that you guys ate that pizza that costed an arm and a leg and possibly the foot as well lol!! I wish all your guys videos were always this long 😂 cause I couldn’t get enough of it!!! Fantastic fantastic job you two on this longer episode!!! It was such a badass episode, AWESOME AWESOME job you two and keep up the amazing work!!! You two are absolutely KILLING IT!!!!

  4. Venice is just costly at any time. The last time we were there we bought tickets for the water bus to head back to our hotel and then found out 20 minutes later there was a strike during the day that day and no buses running even though we had seen them earlier in the morning. When we got home we emailed the transit company and got no sympathy and just told no refunds in the event of strikes. Typical Venice treatment of tourists. Burano was a highlight. Neat to see it from your water view.

  5. Your trip through Venice was great. Last I was there, it was any less expensive. Trying to buy wine was ridiculous. My wife loved it, it wasn't my favorite city in Italy. Youre doing my bucket list trip. Enjoy.

  6. Look into the lens not the lcd screen/viewfinder.. makes you look kinda blind otherwise.. Besides you're supposed to be talking to your viewers not yourself, right? 😉🙂

  7. Hello. Is there a rule on drones flying there? I love it when you send it up but can you show more time with it or is there a limit ?

  8. Yeah I thought it would be expensive over there Janaye. May I suggest you do as I noticed Colin (Parlay Revival) did to his outboard and pain the cover with a cheap pain to make it look old and not new. 😅Again It’s extremely beautiful ❤ at night “romantic” even.
    Beers 🍻 are nearly that much here in Australia now, good thing I don’t drink beers 🍺. Oh yeah I like your new intro! Well Janaye, to the best of my knowledge after Fifteen hours and 4.5 thousand views thus far on this video your doing well.

    Not as a comparison or anything yet, I was watching Sailing La Vagabonde that other YouTube channel run by everyone’s favourite Oka Australian’s and no it’s not an Oka as in the (OKA Motor all terrain Vehicle 😉 Nevertheless, my other favourite Vloggers Karstan and Maxine are purchasing an Oka to continue travelling around the country side YouTubing.

    So anyway I just happened to be watching this morning and hey check out Elayna Carausu Bikinis for me 😮 what do you think Janaye? Honestly Elaynas 👙 literally leaves nothing to the imagination 💭 wearing or rather (only just wearing)👙 in this episode. This is seemingly the secret to a successful Sailing Channel, what do you think??? 😊. Also Riley getting attacked by a monkey is good value !😂 Venice is absolutely gorgeous with you in it! Enjoy 😉

  9. After your late-night pizza, how did you get back to the little island where your boat was? I was in that same marina, but stuck in town after the water buses quit for the night. We paid a fortune to some private guy for a quick lift over to the marina.

  10. When you guys were talking about the price of food, I’m not sure how long you have been out of Australia, but seriously during covid, everything started getting expensive, and it’s seriously not got better. A decent pizza here now is about $30 auds , Everything is super expensive.. i think they thought anyone is used to paying that amount now, so lets keep it expensive.. a takeaway fish and chips for one person is about $15 dollars now.. Coles is actually advertising “we haven’t put the price up in 3 years “. Not chit, but you haven’t brought them down either.. you maybe in for a rude shock!
    Any Aussies agree?

  11. Loved it, thanks! Need to go there as well, just worried about fitting a 56' yacht in those marinas!
    Looking forward to your next episode, thanks for sharing!

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