S2 E24 Şcoală, surf, somn, REPETĂ! | Navigand cu Six

S2 E24 Şcoală, surf, somn, REPETĂ!  |  Navigand cu Six

În acest episod suntem în Bocas Del Toro, Panama. un loc pe care am ajuns să-l iubim mult! Intrăm într-o rutină cu școala și munca dimineața și ne jucăm după-amiaza, care în această locație a constat în surf, surf și mai mult surf! A fost un adevărat răsfăț să poți ancora într-un loc convenabil și să duci barca la surf în fiecare zi. Vă ofer și o scurtă perspectivă asupra modului în care școlim acasă la bord. Studiem botanica folosind https://gatherroundhomeschool.com/, care este un sistem atât de util, care îmi permite să-i învăț pe toți copiii împreună. Alăturați-vă nouă pentru câteva experimente. Ne ocupăm, de asemenea, de câteva slujbe aleatorii cu bărci mici între ele și facem o plimbare minunată prin Isla Carenero. Sperăm să vă bucurați de acest gust de viață la bord și să vă simțiți inspirați să vă schimbați și zilele. Comentați mai jos, apăsați abonați-vă și deveniți Patreon… Alăturați-vă familiei noastre Patreon https://www.patreon.com/sailingwithsix Urmărește-ne pe Instagram https://www.instagram.com/sailingwithsix/ Facebook https://web.facebook .com/sailingwithsix/ Site-ul web https://sailingwithsix.com/


19 thoughts on “S2 E24 Şcoală, surf, somn, REPETĂ! | Navigand cu Six

  1. Oops. So the ocean is NOT the toilet!? Now I'm angry at a whole lot of fish that have been in close proximity to me while diving. I need to write a letter to someone about this!😂😂😂

  2. Great insight into the daily routine. The perseverance with the halyard was commendable. Great surfing footage. Loved the botany classes. Great to see a bespoke fish print from @nathillwildlifeart .

  3. I have a nephew around Pip’s age and I wish his parents would watch you guys. You are giving you kids priceless lived life lessons. Watching even young pip surf, learn to kite surf and dive in that water is incredible. Whist here in Scotland my nephew needs iPads prised out his hands, refuses to learn to swim and I genuinely don’t think I’ve seen him play outside outwith school.

  4. I just love your family,I envy the quality time you get together……Priceless experiences for your kids……. and for the parents!

  5. No dull routine on a cruiser. Always new places to investigate, new circumstances to adapt to, new problems to solve. It's Science Day for the crew. Now off to the surf– great footage! Time to reconnoiter a tropical island. And mom may just about have that halyard fixed…

  6. The prop was the other owners! 😉 To bad about the halyard chaffing. Are you able to turn it end for end or just shorten it?

  7. Its been a while after the last posting…..about the knot you being tying together….could you put a plastic tube that you can shrink its using a heater…..just my thoughts….

  8. Great episode. You guys are such great parents. We homeschooled all the way through too and I loved every minute of it. I miss it now that they are all grown. Enjoy your beautiful kiddos!

  9. Always a groovy episode. Can never get enough of surfing shots. The coolest floating school house in town, but come on, buy an extra rope. However, good lashing practice. Stay stay and stay groovy. PS Fantastic island filming.

  10. This is unexpected. You have a prayer for the botany class (1:05) and Christian symbols on the boom (6:51). Didn't Jesus say that it's easier for a camel to go through a needle's eye than for a man with a Leopard 46 to enter the kingdom of heaven? 🙂

  11. Learning about how water moves up through plants reminds me learning about capillary action like water moving up your jeans when the bottoms get wet. Totally get your love of teaching.. I work a few days a week in a print museum and. along with teaching people about letterpress and how important it was to the world, I also love telling the younger children about things like collective nouns. A herd of cattle, a conspiracy of ravens, a murder of crows etc. I then tell them that the best thing about collective nouns is that they can make up their own ones. My one for children would be a giggle of children/ Btw, my favorite collective noun has to be a tower of giraffes. Would love to hear about collective nouns the kids might dream up. A fray of ropes perhaps?

  12. Really great episode. Loved hearing about how you homeschool. There’s a nationwide company in the US that provides educational assistance. One of the things they do is have a tutor, a high schooler, a middle schooler, and a primary schooler all sitting at a U-shaped table. The tutor helps the HS student, the HS student helps the MS student, and the MS student helps the youngest. It seems that the way you’re doing your homeschooling is very similar.

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