SALVAȚI-VĂ BANII! Probleme de căutat la un Catamaran UZAT

SALVAȚI-VĂ BANII!  Probleme de căutat la un Catamaran UZAT

Există probleme mari și probleme nu atât de mari pe ORICE barcă. Pentru a ști dacă o barcă merită să fii serios, durează doar aproximativ 5 minute dacă te uiți în zone cheie ale ambarcațiunii. ⛵️ SUSȚINEȚI PRODUCȚIILE NOASTRE – ALĂTURAȚI-VĂ ECHIPULUI NOSTRU DE „FĂCĂTORI” ⚓️ EȘTI CURIOS DE CONSULTAREA 1:1? 🎙 PODCAST SĂPTĂMÂNAR – SUB PĂSĂRILE CU THE O’KELLYS 📭 GRUP PRIVAT FACEBOOK – GRUPUL O’KELLY’S S/V CLARITY 👕 NOU O’KELLY STYLE SHWAG ❤️ PRODUSE PE CARE LE IUBIM Nick și Megan au # navigat și trăiesc #OffTheGrid în ultimii 20 de ani. Ne place să #călătorim și să petrecem timp în #natură și sperăm să ne vedem aici! Cărțile și cărțile audio ale lui Nick: GET HER ON BOARD este despre a-l convinge pe acea persoană semnificativă să-l cumpere în această prostie de croazieră. Oamenilor par să le placă. Carte audio: Carte: MARGIN este despre a face bani din mers, tranzacționând acțiuni și opțiuni. Am scris-o împreună cu Pat Schulte de la Bumfuzzle. Oamenilor par să le placă și asta. Toate veniturile au fost donate pentru barca noastră. Audiobook: Book: Audiobooks: BUMFUZZLE – Tocmai ieșit în căutarea piratilor. Îi cunoști pe acești tipi și acum mă cunoști pe mine, așa că ascultă. BOUND FOR DISTANT SEAS, de James Baldwin și James, aceasta este o mică poveste a lui James Baldwin și o aventură simplă. barcă. #BoatLife #Catamaran #Catamaran #Catamaran #Catamaran #Catamaran #TravelNokellyOff #Digital #TravelNokellyOff #Digital #TravelNokellyOn #velă #barcă #ocean #theokellys #multihull


35 thoughts on “SALVAȚI-VĂ BANII! Probleme de căutat la un Catamaran UZAT

  1. Now I'm waiting for Nick to promote his New, Improved Popiel Pocket Catamaran Selection Scanner, as seen on TV!!! 😅
    Great video, as always, especially on a dreary and damp day here in Portland.
    Enjoy your journey!!!

  2. Just doing the mental checklist of all the boats you have looked at since selling Clarity. I think I know what you're looking at next ! (or going back to…)

  3. Mold is my top priority of smell. Especially due the unhealthy medical conditions it can cause in both shorter and longer run.

    Larger patches of mold in different state is warning sign. Example if it’s black mold, then it’s a no go.

    Even if it can be sanitized, it raises awareness of poor maintenance.

  4. Megan best of luck caring for yourself protecting from cancer ,my wife is a
    survivor, medical advancement is amazing! Note: Peter Harken wife has a
    great solar shield cream for Sailors, and yesvshe is a c Doctor!
    I still want you to do a revised discussion on the 3 traditional underwater appendages compared V to the new 4th catagory ,that being SCABBOARDS

  5. You have $300,000 or less to spend and want a catamaran today? Move on to hallucinate drugs to keep the dream alive.

    Allot of Boomers and their brothers have figured out an older catamaran, besides being more affordable, might sail just as well as a new one. Plenty of catamaran owners out there at the end of the journey and wish to upgrade. The Bad News is most of them are insane, or refuse to take the pain killers required to sell. They see gold in them their twin hulls, but you don't.

    The current trend to supersize the newer generations of multihulls at the expense of sailing performance. But but but the main reason you wanted to upgrade was because of performance. Been there done that. My dog has always had the best outlook and is smarter than me. "Hit the road Jack" until it's time to head home.

  6. Been enjoying your videos for sometime. Have commented before. Coming from an Engineering Development background, I view a sailboat as a waterproof Shell with a Superstructure. Engine(s), Electricals and ancillaries are extra issues. Superstructures are designed to withstand forces dealt with as mentioned in the video. Appears Production Boats have skimped on the Superstructure design to save costs. Unfortunately this has surfaced with some experiencing loss. Luckily video communication such as YouTube, Rumble and others offers a voice. Informing others also teaches what to look for.
    The Boat Shell as I’ve said earlier is made of different materials as the shell and skin. The composites fuel fires. Metals don’t. Salt water electrically reacts and requires another layer of protection. Softer materials such as aluminum will erode developing holes then forcing replacement of larger areas. Hence a protective layer is vital and any kind of paint layer is temporary. One scratch exposes virgin material for corrosion and to spot it requires frequent inspections.
    There’s something about stress cracks that need to be said. Always, square corners set up for stress cracks. Smooth Rounded corners minimize stress. The larger the corner rounding the least stress cracks. As an example, turbine engine blades and medical Implants made out of Titanium are machined with EDM systems. (Electrical Discharge Machine – this process melts or de-plates the Target material and produces least Stress Clean Parts). When the superstructure is not strong enough, cracks appear most everywhere. Hence, finding cracks around the skin near high force carrying load (Mast areas) speaks loudly about marginally strong Bulkheads. Hence, User over tightening should be less of a problem but expose other serious problems. I’d rather have real strong bulkheads any day even if it adds a little weight. Barefoot Doctors Chanel latest video hits on this issue.
    Besides using paints for adding protection layers, I’ve used in Industry Single and Double layered Teflon coatings. They aren’t applied as a large rolled skin sheet but sprayed on and using heat or Infrared light to bond to the Virgin material surface. Potential high abrasion areas require multiple coatings and will result in a smooth surface resistant to abrasion. Still requires inspecting but would be far better then using any kind of Paint. This would work best for removable items ie, rudders, props, and others.
    Lightening is a disastrous energy to deal with. Although there are proven devices that help minimize attractiveness for lightening, they are costly. But even though we may have it, lightening can still do damage. Why not add an old style type pullout disconnect blade to separate the electricity path? Hence when in an area where lightening is expected, remove the pullout disconnect and run without electrical systems until it’s over? Just my thoughts but boats have been used without electrical conveniences.
    Marty Didier

  7. Interestingly I was at a boat show locally and curiously took a gander at a Fountain Pajot 42. Man it was tiny and the quality of the build was surprisingly low quality in my opinion. The predominant internal materials gave me the impression I was standing in a boat separated by kitchen joinery used to make rooms. Blatantly obvious mastic seals where panels met the hull…. How hard is it to hide these? The boat was overwhelmed with the smell of fibreglass and spaces were so narrow it was difficult to move about. I’d say some budget airlines designed the layout it was so jammed. Same thing with a bunch of monohulls. And they were all new!

  8. Years ago we were looking for a specific boat that was imported from Europe. I was on a business trip and got a call one had come up for sale in Florida ! So we flew from the pacific NW to West palm Beach, drove to the storage marina where we met the broker. Within 10 minutes I whispered to my wife “this is not it “. So off we went to KeyWest and salvaged the trip !

  9. Yeah I'm the same with women….If I see any silicon I avoid them, same with a jar of vaseline on her bedside table and most of all…if I think she needs a big mast and not a short one like mine I definitely avoid her…I have some great rigging but my mast…it's short and stout and can play the piano too but most women think size does matter.

  10. Hey kids…! Never a waste of m'time! Good stuff all the time presented by really good / cool people! This was informative, but always…, it's just good sense to look@ things w/ common sense & never be afraid to bring up questionable plain sight, (or not) concerns…

  11. From Megan's hint at the end, it sounds like you've finally come to your senses and are planning to do a cross-country road trip in my bus! It's ready to roll, see you soon?

  12. I had never thought about the biological vulnerability of a balsa core. They even use it in the floor of one of the years of Corvette. The thought of a little "oops" going unnoticed but then becoming a growing weak spot definitely cancels the concept of balsa boats for me.

    I also never knew that single-skin FRP boats existed. I thought they ALL used a foam core.

    PS I realized that a foam core (using, among other products, the super-rigid core mat. I've felt that stuff, it's like wood) would be something I wanted for many reasons, including thermal insulation. With modern solar and hyper-SEER air conditioners available, one can have whatever "weather" one wants below decks, most especially with a very well-insulated boat.

    (Thurston Howell III voice) Imagine the pleasure of having an army of climate servants at work 24/7 to ensure your sailing and living comfort, lovey!

    Now there are a few more things I will be watching Nick and Megan pore over when they are choosing a purchase candidate!

    I think the the O'Kelly's may find a boat in what are considered the worst market conditions and worst season to do so. Diligence trumps trends every day!

  13. Being a non-sailor, I only wish I could find such an enjoyable and insightful discussion on how to evaluate a home when buying. I love that your channel is about education and honesty rather than drama and "whatever it takes" to get clicks. Top notch viewing whether on land or sea!

  14. Great Video, great advice… the smell is our number 1 key to the life of a boat.
    Megan, just wanted to say keep up the skin checks. Saved my life.. I’m 48, sailed since I was 5yo and recently diagnosed with a melanoma. I’m ok now and just lucky to have picked it up early. (Small pink spot behind ear.)
    Recently sold our cat and upgrading shortly. Hopefully see you guys in your new boat soon.
    Adrian / Sunshine Coast QLD

  15. Love your show and insights into what to look out for. BTW I'm glad you love OZ unlike another catamaran U.S. based family. Keep up the great work!

  16. Very informative about "Taco-ing" a sail boat. I had never heard anything like that. I watched a video of "Travel Sketch" where their boat is breaking at the exact places you mentioned on the front cross bar and was wondering about your thoughts on it. Do you think they are pulling their sails to tight and causing the boat to "Taco" or just bad construction?

  17. I look to see if the boat has been kept clean…is the bilge dirty? Is the upholstery dirty, torn or missing? Those are the first signs of an abused boat then the scratches, dings, mismatched gelcoat and dirty running rigging.

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