Am cumpărat un SUPERYACHT nou!

Am cumpărat un SUPERYACHT nou!

Bun venit la bordul noului Motor Yacht Loon. Tocmai am finalizat achiziția săptămâna aceasta a unui iaht Icon de 221 inchi (67,5 m) și suntem super entuziasmați să vă arătăm călătoria noastră. În acest videoclip, o luăm de pe doc pentru prima dată în La Ciotat, unde am finalizat tranzacția de cumpărare și am plecat spre Marsilia. Aici ne vom baza în următoarele câteva săptămâni, în timp ce ne pregătim pentru sezonul charter de vară care urmează. 🌏 Consultați pagina noastră web reîmprospătată cu imagini și link-uri către noul iaht Pentru actualizări zilnice, urmăriți-ne pe: Instagram TikTok @motoryachtloon


49 thoughts on “Am cumpărat un SUPERYACHT nou!

  1. This is very cool. I saw Loon obviously when Denison had her for sale and I think you had Deermeatfordinner of Bluegabe, one of the Arrington guys. The old Christensen was nice. Are you going to go back to the old font script for the name and add the Loon? My father-in-law had wanted a T-shirt from you guys because he was from Minnesota and specifically Virginia, Minnesota which holds the annual Loon festival. He had tons of Loon memorabilia and thought a T-shirt from the yacht would be the coolest, but he didn't ever ask for one and he always said he was going to go on a charter, just to get a T-shirt. He's too sick now so he could never go so I hope you guys might sell merch because I'd love to get him one some day. He thought you all dropped out of the charter business when the old boat sold. I'll have to tell him you are back and on YouTube.

  2. looking forward to your content, no idea what this was just popped up thank you for making it good content and not a dragged out talk fest!!!

  3. WOW, for being 16 years old this one looks GREAT! I love it and wish I had the money to charter it. Congrats on your super yacht I know you will have years of enjoyment with it

  4. First time subscriber, smaller yacht captain coming from larger center consoles, so if you feel so inclined, a lot of us always appreciate any tips from captain, engineer etc showing us how everything is done! Great vessel congrats!

  5. I found this channel recently and I love the production quality; it's awesome seeing BTS of such a gorgeous vessel.

  6. Hi!

    These journeys on such magnificent yachts have been fascinating me for a long time. What is the best way to get into the business?

    Love the video!


  7. Love it!
    As a tall guy.. I think I would find ducking to look out of the windows on the bridge annoying.. but then that’s a tall guy, and not a captain 😂

  8. Since you’re new and probably looking for tips and suggestions, I would say to focus on what your goal is. The captain says the goal is to show a behind-the-scenes look but the video is really nothing but beauty shots and Time-lapse not really giving any behind-the-scenes information. So I don’t know if it’s more of a marketing video to gain clients. I don’t wanna see beauty shots in slow motion of somebody pulling on a rope. The entire video just seems like the role and there’s no real content when you guys were shopping off I would’ve loved to of seen an easy 5 to 10 minutes of the whole process of actually shoving off and backing out instead of beauty shots of all the yachts in the yard, so in other words either make a marketing video that’s just filled with beauty shots or cut out all the overall, and let’s get more talking and more in depth with people doing their job and showing a real behind the scenes and the nitty-gritty

  9. Wow, this content is absolutely incredible! I'm truly amazed by the quality and effort put into each video. The only thing I hope is that the time between posts won't be too long because I'm already eagerly looking forward to the next one. Keep up the amazing work!

  10. Guys i have to tell you, the first soundtrack matches the yacht so well! And the way how you set the yacht with the soundtrack in scene couldn't be better! It evokes the feeling of a life, how it should be 🙂 Also the crew seems very spirited! Excited for future content

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