Împingând marinarii la maximum | Etapa 4 03/05 | Spectacolul Ocean Race

Împingând marinarii la maximum |  Etapa 4 03/05 |  Spectacolul Ocean Race

Vremea turbulentă și cursele foarte strânse continuă să împingă echipele la maximum în timp ce părăsesc Doldrums, în timp ce Team Holcim-PRB reușește cu planul lor de a reintra în cursă. Nu uitați să vă abonați pentru mai multe The Ocean Race: https://goo.gl/BzBCwU Consultați catalogul nostru video complet: https://goo.gl/nrB9ay Like The Ocean Race pe Facebook: https://www. facebook.com/theoceanrace/ Urmărește pe Twitter: https://twitter.com/theoceanrace/ Urmărește pe Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/theoceanrace/ Citește mai mult: http://www.theoceanrace.com


26 thoughts on “Împingând marinarii la maximum | Etapa 4 03/05 | Spectacolul Ocean Race

  1. Well done, Niall and team. This is the best coverage of sail racing ever, and I hope the others study your presentation of this sport. (I'm lookin' at you AC! 😉
    Cheers to you and your crew.

  2. Nialls, such a lovely presentation. We thank Francesca for explaining the various adjustment buttons on the computer. Soooooo INTENSE, sooooo dramatic, such a thrill you allow us with these hour by hour updates. Viewing the crew showering in the rain, the extreme temperatures below decks discouraging sleep as they steam towards Newport, Fabulous, extra-ordinary, marvelous, may each team know we are cheering them towards the finish. May each one arrive safe!

  3. as much I love watching it …please , don’t talk about environment and pollution…. none of you have the right to criticize. the ship goes onto a heavy oil slingshot and the mast also comes this way. "Environment, action now…" yep!

  4. Thank you for your coverage of "The Whitbread-Volvo-Ocean Race". Over the years this land-locked Coloradoian has enjoyed every moment of watching how the technology has changed open water ocean sailing. Looking forward to what the future might bring us.
    🍺 CHEERS 🍺…. ✌🙏🖖

  5. Very nice always to see the summaries and explanations! Good job!
    One question: in some of the boats someone is always holding a rope being ready for something, but not in all boats. What are they being prepared for with the rope? Let the boom/sail loose in case of a hard gust?

  6. As much as I love following the race i really have difficulties with the handling of mishappenings such as team Holcim PRB did face. They turned the race and the leg from a sailing event to a trip with the boat on a cargo vessel driven by crude oil… really??? How much of sailing and "Racing With Purpose" is this any more? I know this is an "elite" sport event but this is the mother of Greenwashing…

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