E mai rău decât credeam | Pasul 347

E mai rău decât credeam |  Pasul 347

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24 thoughts on “E mai rău decât credeam | Pasul 347

  1. Shocked at the lack of any horizontal stringers on the hull and the general lack of decent bulkheads. So pleased to see you do this work and that you survived all those miles at sea. Keep up the good work.

  2. Watching this episode makes me question how the boat made it this far without SERIOUS problems… like that bow bulkhead is yikes.

  3. So….if you knew then what you know now, would you have crossed the Atlantic or done this project first?

  4. 1-Remove all the rest of the original garbage interior including the primary bulkheads that are probably undersized.
    2- Grind all the interior surface to clean, raw fiberglass.
    3- Completely re-engineer the chainplates, floor timbers, and keel structure.
    4- Infuse an entire new boat into the bare hull that is (finally!) structurally adequate.
    5- Use balsa core. When infused every block is completely encased in resin and will never rot. Cheaper, stiffer (and heavier) than foam core, but never will de laminate.
    6 – Use vinylester resin. For this application there is no benefit in paying for epoxy.
    7- Build the interior back to fit your rather different interior that you have developed out of many years of experience.

    (once the vacuum bag is in place, infusing the entire hull is only a couple hours job) Believe me, building an entire new boat from a bare hull is less work than building one from band aids over garbage no matter how you try to reinforce it.

    Yes, you should have sold her and done another project on a boat worthy of the effort!

  5. I have enjoyed watching your adventures. You both have so many abilities and ingenuity. Without bursting any bubbles of all the love you've put into Uma, I'm wondering if you would prefer to hop over to Turkey and buy a boat there? Just a thought. However, you will be the only people who have completely taken a production boat and turned it into a custom home-built boat-twice. Hats off!! Be kind to yourselves. We'll keep watching as we sail our Neverland (Allied Princess ketch around). Joys to you.

  6. A
    Thank you guys for sharing, keep up the great work you guys are doing. Can't wait to see the finished project UMA Strong and Beautiful. Team UMA!

  7. Did you take into effect the ballast issue with the water tanks and thier placement?

  8. Wonder at what point the marina will regret letting you do all this without paying their "workers". Uma is a lucky hull to have you two! I used to joke that she was barely a Pearson anymore after the galley rebuild, but now…definitely won't be!

  9. i went with 3 and 6 mm G10 sheets for my interior cabinetry and integrated water and diesel tanks. what are you using as your rebuild material?

  10. I knew that I liked and admired you two guys. The answer is you just do it and do it well and right. ,Enjoy the ride.

  11. Seeing you use the multi tool to remove the tank reminded me of when I was drilling holes for a seat in my speedboat while she was in the water. Curiously the drill went through the floor suddenly and a little fountain of water appeared… chewing gum solved it for the week or so that I had her on the water.

  12. You have been lucky going to the north, the boat was not designed as an expedition vessel it was a production overnighter and a bit of a shoddy chopper gun effort at that. Its a landfill project. Redoing your hull deck joint will put you back into an empty 50 year old early fiberglass shell that was basically more resin than roving. Rethink your project.

  13. Given that the factory built structure in its present state was able to get Uma this far, just imagine what Uma will be capable of once the v-berth is rebuilt properly and the bulkheads are properly attached to the hull and proper keels are in place to support the rig. With ribs and stringers, Uma's gonna be amazing!

  14. With the mileage, sea states, and locations you've traveled, don't you feel ridiculously lucky looking at those bulkheads?

  15. AMAZING WORK!! You two are doing a job most of us would be scared of even thinking about (the shuddering is not UMA, it's us thinking of the work you have done and will be doing)lol. You are doing all this work and filming it all for us in our comfy armchairs and you are are laughing at some of the nightmarish 'work' done by others. You are amazing people!! I'm curious as to some of the tougher pieces you were removing, was that what you two worked on earlier, if so UMA's going to be one tough little ocean going tank when you are done!! She's probably cheering you both on…'YEAH!! Rip that crap out, I never was happy with it!'lol. Yes she's feeling like she's on a well thought out diet. GREAT video and great work you two.😘😘😘😘

  16. I'm impressed that you sailed Uma in such challenging waters for an extended period of time with the lack of structural integrity and had no problems. Just amazing.

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