În spatele scenei: PRIVIRE EXCLUSIVĂ LA Navigația noastră de 1000 NM cu comentariu bonus

În spatele scenei: PRIVIRE EXCLUSIVĂ LA Navigația noastră de 1000 NM cu comentariu bonus

Suntem încântați să lansăm un comentariu unic al gândurilor noastre despre cum este cu adevărat să fii pe mare cu micuța noastră barcă cu pânze, doar noi doi timp de 14 zile și peste 1000 de mile marine. Sușurile, coborâșurile și lucrurile intermediare pe care nu le-ați auzit niciodată. La ce naiba ne gândeam și răspundeam la câteva dintre întrebările DVS. Un fel de podcast vizual. 💙 OBȚINEȚI EXTRA-ELE 💙 Pentru conținut exclusiv, în culise și chat-uri live! http://www.patreon.com/beauandbrandy 💙 MARFĂ 💙 https://sailingsaoirse.com/shop/ 💙 VREI SĂ SUSȚINIȚI PRODUCȚIA 💙 Donație o dată prin Paypal: http://bit.ly/one-time-donation -bb Asigurați-vă că sunteți abonat: https://www.youtube.com/c/sailingsaoirse Lista de dorințe Amazon: https://bit.ly/beauandbrandywishlist Simțiți-vă liber să vizionați fiecare videoclip fără comentarii aici: Partea 1/6: https ://youtu.be/ccQDlX0GX6g Partea 2/6: https://youtu.be/2dtcnbM8bo4 Partea 3/6: https://youtu.be/Ri6lcjSoSRM Partea 4/7: https://youtu.be/UM2 -qemmFcE Partea 5/6: https://youtu.be/4Jy9M9spMLc Partea 6/6: https://youtu.be/70O3N0PAMcI Playlist: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PLGqmTJB8P49JEpaCiGEFQStHu1K4XWvPh:0000 ZIUA 1 00:05:32 ZIUA 2 00:22:25 ZIUA 3 00:32:23 ZIUA 4 00:41:10 ZIUA 5 00:53:44 ZIUA 6 1:00:01 ZIUA 7 1:22:20 ZIUA 8 1:36:25 ZIUA 9 1:49:10 ZIUA 10 1:57:22 ZIUA 11 2:01:25 ZIUA 12 2:03:52 ZIUA 13 2:10:36 ZIUA 14


20 thoughts on “În spatele scenei: PRIVIRE EXCLUSIVĂ LA Navigația noastră de 1000 NM cu comentariu bonus

  1. Well done guys congrats , now is the time to fix that yacht properly spend the time get it done your home, get all those things you want ,look at sailing Uma they have stopped ! Safety first love the vid congrats again.

  2. This was so fun to watch and hear the back story. I think it might be one of my favorites. And yes, I got exhausted all over again watching you pull the dinghy and motor on board. Haha

  3. You need a t-shirt that says "I'm sorry for what I said while we were anchoring" Epic journey and I enjoyed the commentary. I remember seeing your dog on earlier videos. So sorry that she passed. What boat are you thinking for the Pacific? Going to the dark side (catamarans)? I'd love a cat, but darn, they are pricy.

  4. Hey guys, I have a new Avon 8’ inflatable with 5 horse Honda 4 stroke! Downgraded from 11’ rib & Yamaha 15 horse! No regrets at all! Not as comfy as the RIB in rough water but it rolls rite up & stows in the cockpit locker! And the Honda can b manhandled onto the motor mount without ropes!!! I’m 65 & no longer fight the dinghy onto the deck! Great video as usual! Like the new format! 👌👍❤️

  5. You guys need like a Hylas 56 2003 you can find one that needs work, or get any center cockpit yacht. Right now lots of great old monohulls which sail better than the new beam aft boats. On any trip like that you need a jack line. With out a motor it makes MOB events very challenging. You guys have been so lucky without Radar. Look into a Windvain they do not take any power and have their own rudder. You need at least a Hylas 49 for the South Pacific. Should call your type of sailing Guts sailing. You should still have charts, and a sextant, for a lighting strike, or CME solar storm which can take out the GPS Satellites and all radios during the solar storm. Remember most of your cruising life has been with minimal solar activity, vs now activity has increased max will be 2025. Been watching since the beginning, I looked at your Boat new, but decided on a Beneteau Oceanus 350 1989. Put 7200 nm on her up and down the East Coast of the USA from the Cape to Bangor Maine. Had one of those sails Sailing on the outside headed due south with a pod of Whales , sailed with them for 8 hours, or should I say they sailed with Me. It was 1995 majestic bigger than our 35 foot boat. The one starboard was over 40 feet with a tail like 15 feet, an eye the size of my head. I had a conversation with him all day wife thought I was crazy but I could feel him, I hope you guys have an encounter like that, was off the coast of Province Rhode Island about 150 miles sailing 180 all day. Bravo Zulu to your Channel. Fair Winds!

  6. Thank you for not adding music. I find that really annoying, almost always. Many creators don't realize that they all use the same royalty free stuff, and as viewers, we hear the same things over and over (even the commercials have the same music!). This is one of the things I love about your channel. The audio is very peaceful.

  7. p.p.s. The fish is called BONITO – Beau was right. Bonita means the feminine version of pretty in Spanish. Also, the word for Tuna in Spanish is Bonito. And the masculine version of pretty in Spanish is Bonito.

  8. Been with you guys for 2 years throughout all the ups and downs. I have always looked forward to the next adventure. Looking forward to watching more adventures!!

  9. For hanked on sails, a sail bag makes things way easier. You drop the sail into the bag and it just stays up there. No need to unhank the sail. Was a game changer on my sailboat.

  10. I love this behind the scenes! The commentary is fascinating! I am also glad that you have an agreement for safety about not leaving the cockpit when the other is not out there. So often people ignore safety rules, and sometimes that works out…but it the results are horrible when it doesn't.

  11. Hey Brandy and Beau!
    Just finished watching!
    It was nice to experience your trip a second time with listening to your thoughts. Kind of completes the experience.
    You asked for people to inform you on how long they have been following your channel. I don’t know when I first subscribed, but I think you should be able to access that information. I’ve heard other Youtubers reference how long a subscriber has been with them.
    At 1:00:12 that was a ocean sunfish! You didn’t mention anything about that. Did anybody else point that out?
    A rare sighting!
    Beau! Wear a hat! Too much sun!
    When the chain piles up in the locker on top of itself, it’s called castling. 👍
    Welcome home! 🇺🇸

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