Ne reconstruim cabana din față și viața în curtea bărcilor – Episodul 98

Ne reconstruim cabana din față și viața în curtea bărcilor - Episodul 98

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26 thoughts on “Ne reconstruim cabana din față și viața în curtea bărcilor – Episodul 98

  1. Put it together and take it apart, over and over. It's sure to be right. You both are going to be so happy sailing and looking so great when it all is finally done. Keep up the hard work and keep your eyes on the prize. Love the show, good job!

  2. I can't believe how much you two have gotten done. You are so very talented in and out of the water. Stay safe and stay groovy.

  3. Love your channel. Way underrated and relatable. Can't wait for you guys to get on the water and point southwest. Please show a metric ton of Gary's fishing stuff, gear used, lines, leaders, knots, patterns, distances how to, catch/clean/cook… would love his take on it, even my wife loves the fishing stuff; probably has a lot more appeal than people realize as it is so iconic of the vitality of the ocean…*doesn't have to be catching* …just fishing. We have a catamaran in Rio Dulce we are getting ready to move on to and your videos are wonderful to watch, don't have clickbait and have solid content. Well done and thanks. SV Flying Tigress

  4. Hey guys! I am really enjoying this series of boat repair (probably because i am the one who gets to watch, not the one working😂) But i am sure you guys are ready for life to move on. Lots a Love!

  5. Boats looking good will be Great once completed. Loads of hours and lots of sweat and lack of sleep.. The END is NEAR !!!!

  6. Great to see all the hard work in MX, it will pay dividends!!! Good luck with your passage if you are not already heading west. BTW, I noticed many fishing poles going back onto the boat. On our passages from Panama to NZ we used hand reels and it made fishing really easy and as a bonus, they are easy to store (29 fish caught on passages last year)

  7. There is always chaos when doing major boat repairs, order will return in time. You two are doing such good quality work. Well, before you know it, your life will be life on liquid.

  8. As for gluing against gravity who not use epoxy at the ends and middle but use a heat glue gun to put in a couple of strips across it to hold it whilst the epoxy goes off

  9. Y'all are doing amazing! I know that work is almost killing yall, but watching you push through and keep going is inspirational, and yall are much loved! Keep going, can't wait to see yall back out on big blue!

  10. Kicking it. The clubbing music for the drive in fast forward was funny. I get the pace you were on and I am sure you are fully decompressed by now. Hopefully the lack of sleep isn't too bad and you are in a rhythm now.

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