PUMNAT în FATA de POLUARE…NU sunt toate plajele cu nisip alb | Sailing Zephyr – Ep. 184

PUMNAT în FATA de POLUARE...NU sunt toate plajele cu nisip alb |  Sailing Zephyr - Ep.  184

Navigarea în Exumas, Bahamas oferă oportunități nesfârșite, iar acest episod este plin de înalturi și coborâșuri. Privim faimoșii porci care înot, explorăm câteva peșteri grozave și prindem o regata de navigație. Acum astea sunt toate lucrurile bune. De fapt, experimentăm ceva ce nu credeam că este posibil în Bahamas și ne zguduie până la capăt. Ne întâlnim pe o plajă care ne arată o surpriză urâtă. Luați o bere, așezați-vă și bucurați-vă. Vă rugăm să ne ajutați aici: Patreon: https://patreon.com/sailingzephyr https://www.sailingzephyr.com Precision Sails https://precisionsails.com DAKOTA LITHIUM Baterii https://www.dakotalithium.com SHIPSDEK Custom Made Pardoseli maritime https://www.shipsdek.com SUN POWERED YACHTS – Panou solar http://affiliates.sunpoweredyachts.com/337935/17099 Dive Blu3 https://www.diveblu3.com/ Total Boat https://www. totalboat.com BRNKL https://www.brnkl.io/ Set Power Frigider/Freezer https://www.setpowerusa.com NOFORGEIGNLAND https://www.noforeignland.com/app ECHIPAMENTE FOLOSIM Camera principală: https:// amzn.to/36HGhvg Microfon pentru cameră: https://amzn.to/2RHi0Bw GoPro: https://amzn.to/2vrgeeT Dronă: https://amzn.to/3aX6MQD Trepied: https://amzn.to/2ObiGwx Editare microfon: https://amzn.to/2t9gZsg Alăturați-vă acestui canal pentru a avea acces la avantaje: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCth1kgfgzd3Us9T6ngAR78w/join SUPPORT SUA Lista de dorințe: https://www.amazon.com /hz/wishlist/ls/2IX929CTL0SB2?ref_=wl_share Apa sărată și electronicele se amestecă rar, iar oceanul nu este prietenos cu echipamentul nostru. Lucrurile se rup sau ruginesc în mod constant. Acestea sunt câteva dintre lucrurile pe care sperăm să le obținem pentru a continua să vă aducem Sailing Zephyr. Patreon: https://patreon.com/sailingzephyr Dacă vă place ceea ce facem și ce să vă alăturați familiei Zephyr în timp ce navigăm în jurul lumii, puteți susține călătoria noastră devenind un Patron. Veți obține acces anticipat la videoclipurile noastre, conținut exclusiv și bunătăți! Zephyr Shop: https://www.sailingzephyr.com/shop Mergeți la magazinul nostru de unde puteți ridica produsele Sailing Zephyr. Modele create de propria noastră Natalie pe cămăși, hanorace și genți. ABONAȚI-VĂ LA CANALUL NOSTRU Faceți clic pe clopoțel pentru a fi notificat când apare un nou videoclip. Pentru cele mai recente lucruri pe care le facem: dă Like pe Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/sailingzephyr Urmărește-ne pe Instagram! https://instagram.com/sailing.zephyr @sailing.zephyr Contactați-ne prin e-mail contact.sailingzephyr@gmail.com Lista de redare Spotify https://open.spotify.com/playlist/2tye7EgV2OcyfbLsWpqwYU?si=c3c58e879d744475 Muzică de mulțumire sunet epidemic tu pentru că ai urmărit PUNCHED in the FACE de POLLUTION…Nu sunt toate plajele cu nisip alb | Sailing Zephyr – Ep. 184 Love, James & Nats #sailing #sailinglife #sailingchannel #Beneteau #sailingcouple #sailboatrefit #sailboatrestoration


10 thoughts on “PUMNAT în FATA de POLUARE…NU sunt toate plajele cu nisip alb | Sailing Zephyr – Ep. 184

  1. I have no problem blaming SLOBS living somewhere else for this garbage. As disgusting as this beach is, luckily, not all beaches are like this. There are organisations (trying to impress you) that this is the "norm" for beaches around the world.

  2. It may come as a surprise, but the speed with which plastics break down, and disappear, in UV light is phenomenal. It's pretty much gone in 12 months, including "Micro Plastics" What do they revert to ? Water, which os why Glass Reinforced Polyester, has a serious Osmosis Water Blister breakdown problem, To delay it, below the waterline inside and outside the boat, you need to Barrier Coat them. Service Life of Underground PVC pipes, protected from UV ? 90 years, and given the amount of the stuff used in the 1960's and on, we are going to have a really serious Underground infrastructure replacement problem, really starting to pick up speed, by 2030. Never should have stopped using Salt Glazed Ceramic Pipes, in places difficult, exoensive, and large scale should we. All this was clearly understood in the early 1970's when I was studying Civil and Structural engineering. Plastics ? Such a precious feedstock for Plasma Gasification, it is so valuable, it shouldnt even be allowed to go into Landfill. In the 1960's, ae were told every each in the World would be 30ft deep in plastic, within 10 years. and there wasnt a micro plastic problem either, with any of the disappeared plastics either, it was just a criminal waste of stuff we had no way to make useful back then. I suslect, that at some point, there will be so much money to be made from used plastics, people will ve scouring beaches for it. Maybe start worrying about actual problems, such as the Nasty Shortage of CO2 in Our Atmosphere, thanks to about 140 times more CO2 eing locked away out of Reach in Our Oceans, such a rich feedstock Resource, the US Navy may already be making Ultra Clean Synthetic Jet Fuel out of what it is borrowing Short term from the Oceans ? 🤔

  3. There used to be signs that said Don't feed the pigs. When tourists feed them it makes them aggressive towards other tourists and several pigs have been put down due to injuring people, including children. Those pigs are a tourist attraction and because of that there are care takers who feed and water them daily. So if and when you go to visit the Bahamas, please, don't feed the pigs.

  4. Saw lots of trash on Grand Cayman, north side near Rum point…bottles, plastics etc…they can pick it up, lazy…even bottles of beer in the water….ridiculous

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