Sailing: Discord Stages Modcast – 3 mai

Sailing: Discord Stages Modcast - 3 mai

Pe 3 mai, am discutat rezultatele sondajului din sondajul nostru de lansare cu comunitatea noastră pe Discord! Ia o ceașcă și ascultă 🎧 Nu în Discord? Alatura-te aici! 00:00:00 – Introducere 00:02:34 – Rezumatul rezultatelor sondajului 00:05:03 – Profilul respondentului sondajului 00:08:50 – Sistem de bază și bucle de joc – Tipul metodelor de antrenament 00:17:02 – Există planuri de a face parte din buclele de joc să nu fie sigure pentru hardcore? 00:21:18 – Sistem de bază și bucle de joc – Activități de intensitate scăzută 00:21:46 – De ce au fost cele mai puțin plăcute misiunile de curierat între porturi? 00:29:36 – Sistem de bază și bucle de joc – Activități de înaltă intensitate 00:32:25 – Intenționați să faceți ceva dincolo de Sălbăticie în lumea navigației? Vreun PvP cu navigație? 00:38:38 – Conținut dens în unele zone ale mării, cu spații libere în alte zone de explorat 00:42:25 – Mecanica navigației și scara mării/hărții 00:48:10 – Va exista testare beta pentru navigare în mod specific ? 00:53:08 – Spațiu de recompense 01:00:04 – Navigația va afecta întreaga economie sau va fi autonomă? 01:10:50 – Outro Old School RuneScape este o versiune de joc retro a RuneScape din 2007 pe care am returnat-o la cererea comunității. Comunitatea controlează direcția de dezvoltare a Old School RuneScape votând ce actualizări ar dori să primească. Cel mai mare și mai popular MMORPG din lume, Old School RuneScape a fost jucat de peste 260 de milioane de jucători de la lansarea RuneScape în 2001. Old School RuneScape unește mecanica complicată a MMO-urilor moderne cu jocul nostalgic de tip „point-and-click” al jocurilor de rol timpurii. #OSRSSailing #OSRSMobile #OldSchoolRS #OldSchoolRuneScape #OSRS #RuneScape


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  1. Hey!

    If you're listening in, you'll notice that Mod Husky is cut off at various points due to technical issues, which aren't obvious in the recorded version uploaded here on YouTube. Please note, the audio was an issue on the live version of the call (in Discord) but it is not present in the playback version. This is because we used a Discord Bot to record the session and that seems to have picked up Mod Husky's voice just fine. Nevertheless, we hope you enjoy. This is our second time trialing out Discord Stages!

    Would you like to see more of these types of discussions? Let us know!

  2. Navigation is solved by limitation, rather than providing player freedom.

    On a rowboat, sure, allow point and click and make the player be the boat.

    On a ship, you should need to pre chart your expedition based on your knowledge and skill of the sea. Making it basically auto pilot, minus any in the moment maneuvers to avoid collision or engage in combat.

  3. my hope would be that there are passanger ships, which have a crew of multiple people on it, however that ends up looking, and then also maybe soloable sailships.
    it feels like that's the most OSRS design – easy in groups difficult but doable solo

  4. Hey Mods! How about for pvp areas are storms that move around . You could avoid them if not wanting to PVP wit evasive maneuvers.

  5. Fix and reinvigorate old content before adding new content, you are all biting off more than you can chew

  6. Playing Runescape since 2008 I realized two important things, I've never felt so immersed in another MMORPG, I've never felt so alone either. People who play OSRS are lonely, a giant universe of emptiness, people pass by each other without communicating, nobody does group missions, no group content, I was even surprised when there was hype for group ironman, why only then discovered that there is a group system in the game. Make this game more social, old players hate new players and always sabotage polls to never have new players in the game.

    There are only two options left, making mandatory changes to the game's health, such as modifying the contents so that everyone can be done in a group and that this is beneficial in the same proportion for those who don't. Or will I have to wait for the old guard seniors to die, hoping the game doesn't die before or along with them, OSRS is the best game I can't play anymore, real life is enough alone.

    When I heard about the new skills I was extremely excited about the 3 skills, especially with shamanism and taming that remind me a lot of Guthix, I was very sad to know that people hate so much the fact that there are pets in the game, I always think like that, they don't like it ? It doesn't use it, but as I said, former players who only play to earn money and sell it on illegal sites are the ones who most dictate the rules around here.

  7. Just from the scope of work it seems like sailing will be more of an expansion to the game and will completely change the dynamics of the game rather than a new skill 🙁
    I still don’t see how it will be a useful addition to the current game.

  8. dont ruin the game again with this nab skill let us play runescape like we did back in the day when we where kids

  9. I think it’d be cool if high level sailors in a bigger stronger ship could bring other players with a slower sailing level to more dangerous areas they wouldn’t be able to get to by themselves unless they leveled their sailing more. Maybe they could even level their sailing a bit while on board another player’s ship somehow.

  10. I like the idea of having the ability to use a skill that has already been trained to assist with the sailing skill.
    For example you could have mounted crossbows on a dingy but at a higher range level along with a higher sailing level/better ship you could have mounted dwarf cannons.
    Using your smithing level, create a better anchor for your ship to prevent drifting or for more stability in storms

  11. maybe make the navigation similar to pirates of the caribbean online, you can freely walk around the boat, man cannons, fix holes in the boat ect, but when you grab the wheel it changes to a 3d version and you control the speed and navigation all from the same gui, very fun gameplay and was popular in its time. dont copy it but just look at how it was for similar ideas.

  12. Slayer is more of a mini game….. 🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️🤦🏼‍♂️ where the hell are your heads at guys 🥱🥱🥱

  13. Can we bring back the monthly recaps please? I want to return to OSRS again for a bit but I haven’t kept up since dragon slayer 2 ish times. The monthly recaps were a nice way to not fall behind on what’s happening, even when you’re not playing :/

  14. Ahhh its gonna be a beautiful shit-show trying to please everyone at once. I hope you guys manage to make something incredible! Very sad that there will be literally no mystery like there was for skill releases on rs3/rs2

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